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Silly Lily by Jedda Robaard

July 11, 2017

silly-lily-and-the-flower-girl-adventureEarlier this year we were lucky enough to meet Monsieur Chat, as Jedda Robaard introduced us to him. Now, we’re just as thrilled to be meeting our new favourite character, Silly Lily!

Silly Lily is lots of things. She’s creative and resourceful, smart and adventurous, cheeky and sometimes a little bit naughty, but most of all – she isn’t scared of anything! She has a best friend, who’s a dog called Westley, and together they get into all sorts of fun. The only thing, is sometimes she doesn’t always understand new situations. Following rules can be hard, especially when there’s all these new fun things to try and see and do!

Jedda Robaard has released two new picture books with Silly Lily. Silly Lily and the Flower Girl Adventure sees Lily and her family going to the beach, where friends are getting married. Lily’s been given a very special job – she’s to be a flower girl. But with all the fun things to do, like play on the beach with Westley, getting dressed up, and snapping away at pictures, she forgets for a moment about her very special job – and nearly misses out on being a flower girl!

silly-lily-and-the-first-day-of-kindergartenIn Silly Lily and the First Day of Kindergarten, we follow Lily as she starts her first day at school. She’s excited, but is saddened to hear that dogs can’t go to kindergarten, too, so the day starts off pretty hard! Along with making friends, following rules that don’t make sense, and learning how to play with the other kids, Lily is finding kindergarten a little bit of an adjustment. But she gets there in the end, and ends up loving this new place of learning and fun.

Silly Lily is a great read for children aged 4+. The words can be a little hard sometimes, but reading them aloud to kids will help with both their vocabulary and start essential discussions with your kids – like why you need to listen to your teacher at school. The illustrations are, as always for Robaard, quirky and beautiful, and Lily is such a funny character you’ll be laughing at her antics.

These books are good lessons in learning to accept yourself and responsibilities, as well as learning about rules (in a fun way!). You don’t need to read them in any particular order, and kids will love getting to know Silly Lily and Westley on all their adventures together.

Grab your copy of The Flower Girl Adventure and The First Day of Kindergarten!


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