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Superstar Lottie: Review Lottie Perkins Series

May 22, 2018

Seven-year-old Charlotte Perkins has lots of personality and a huge imagination. Ready to try anything and everything she sometimes finds herself in a spot of bother. However, that doesn’t stop her as she continues to daydream about being in the spotlight.

Joined by her best friend Sam, who helps her follow all her dreams and arch enemy Harper Dark who tries to squash them, Lottie Perkins will find her way into your little one’s heart!



Lottie Perkins: Movie Star

Not short of special skills such as nibbling toast into interesting shapes, dressing her rabbits to look like famous people and fogging up windows, Charlotte (Lottie) is an exceptional child. Spending most of her time day dreaming she has decided that her destiny is to be an actress on the big screen. But does she have what it takes to be a movie star?

Harper Dark – a bully and her arch-enemy isn’t convinced but her best friend Sam is on board and ready to jump behind the camera.

Lottie Perkins: Ballerina

Lottie Perkins Ballerina will be released at the same time to kick off this fantastic series for young girls. In this book – you guessed it her dreams have turned from the screen to the stage where she aspires to be nothing less than a world-famous ballerina.

Unfortunately, when Lottie gets to the audition Harper Dark casts a shadow on her dreams and sweeps in to steal the show. What Lottie thought was going to be a lot of fun and her entry into the world of star studded dance isn’t going as planned.

When Lottie is relegated to a minor part in the show she pushes aside her embarrassment and jumps at the chance to take part in the performance.  However, there is a surprise in store for Lottie and her commitment and persistence pays off in the end.

Aimed at the 5+ age group, Lottie Perkins is a very sweet series for emerging readers. The text is large and easily read with wonderful illustrations throughout. Each book comes with a set of stickers and the first in the series Lottie Perkins: Movie Star comes with a fold out theatre and wardrobe, so children can create scenes from the book after reading it.

Award winning Australian author Katrina Nannestad will spark little imaginations with this new series and your budding movie stars and ballerinas are going to love it! The good news is that there will be two more in the series released later in the year.

Purchase a copy of Lottie Perkins: Movie Star

Purchase a copy of Lottie Perkins: Ballerina

Katrina Nannestad is an award-winning Australian author. Her books include The Girl Who Brought MischiefThe Girl, the Dog and the Writer in Rome, the Olive of Groves series, the Red Dirt Diaries series, the Lottie Perkins series and Bungaloo Creek

Katrina grew up in country New South Wales in a neighbourhood stuffed full of happy children. Her adult years have been spent teaching, raising boys, perfecting her recipe for chocolate-chip bickies and pursuing her love of stories. She now lives near Bendigo with her family and an exuberant black whippet called Olive. 


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