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Q&A with Emily Brewin on the Australian Reading Hour

September 11, 2017

Thursday 14th September 2017: pick up a book and read for an hour.
Find out more about the Australian Reading Hour here.

What is Australian Reading Hour?

It is the perfect opportunity, or excuse, to pick up and read an Australian book for at least an hour. It happens on Thursday the 14th of September.

What are some of the benefits of reading?

For me, the benefit of reading is to escape the real world for a while to walk in another person’s shoes. Reading provides me with new perspectives. It also helps me relax, and to bond with my children when I read to them.

When and where is your favourite place to read? 

I’ll read just about anywhere. If I have a spare moment on the tram or while waiting for an appointment, I pull a book out of my bag and disappear for a bit. My ultimate reading spot though, would be on a warm beach under the shade of an umbrella.

Where will you be reading on Thursday, 14 September?

Possibly at a café over a strong coffee, or in bed. Unfortunately, there are no warm beaches in Melbourne during September, or any other time of the year for that matter …

Why are Australian stories and Australian books important?

They are mirrors in which we see ourselves and our culture reflected, allowing us to learn and grow as individuals and as a society. They also show case the things that are unique about us – the good, the bad and the ugly.

What is your favourite Australian book?  

There are so many, but for the purposes of this questionnaire, I’m going to say Miles Franklin’s My Brilliant Career. I have very fond memories of reading it as a young teenager on a family camping trip and relating completely to the protagonist, Sybylla.

What will you be reading on 14 September?

Enemy by Ruth Clare.

Why are bookshops and shopping centres such important community hubs?

Bookshops bring people together to discuss, buy and celebrate literature. Hopefully this translates into new ideas, hopes and dreams.

Emily Brewin’s debut novel, Hello, Goodbye, is published by Allen & Unwin.



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