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Q&A with Graeme Simsion on the Australian Reading Hour

September 11, 2017

Thursday 14th September 2017: pick up a book and read for an hour.
Find out more about the Australian Reading Hour here.

What is Australian Reading Hour?

It’s an opportunity for everyone in the book community from writers to readers and all the people who connect them to come together for one event – and an event that encourages reading. (I’m hoping particularly of fiction).

What are some of the benefits of reading?

I’ve learned a good proportion of what I know from reading – and not just from non-fiction. It’s a window on things we can’t experience first-hand, in detail, right now.

When and where is your favourite place to read? 

In bed. I do a lot of reading ‘for work’ – editing, reviewing, learning, but reading in bed is largely reserved for books I want to read.

Where will you be reading on Thursday, 14 September?

In bed.

Why are Australian stories and Australian books important?

Short answer: because there are aspects of our experiences, history, lives that are unique or specific. They’re worth preserving, sharing, learning from.

What is your favourite Australian book?

The Rosie Project. Changed my life.

What will you be reading on 14 September?

There’s a piece in Review of Australian Fiction by Patrick Allington called ‘Bob Dylan’s Last Interview.’ The title’s got me.

Why are bookshops and shopping centres such important community hubs?

Bookshops, because they bring together people who read – and that’s the basis of a connection. Shopping Centres – protection from the weather, availability of food and drink.

Graeme Simsion’s latest book, The Best of Adam Sharp, is published by Text Publishing.



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