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The Woman Who Has Seen It All: Listen to our podcast with court reporter Jamelle Wells

March 5, 2018

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Over 10 years, Jamelle Wells has covered some of Australia’s highest profile cases as a court reporter, including murders, terrorist plots, and impersonations. In this capacity she has seen all manner of criminals – crafty, foolish, cruel, and even unlucky. She’s just released a memoir called The Court Reporter, which collects many of her most shocking, moving, and unforgettable cases. She has sat next to criminals and their families, been chased, spat on, stalked, and carted off by ambulance for emergency surgery after an accident outside

Some of her notable cases include: Martin Place Siege, or the Lindt Cafe Siege; former Sydney athlete Keli Lane being charged with murdering her baby 15 years after its disappearance; the case of Matthew Milat, Ivan’s great nephew, who was jailed for at least 30 years for the axe murder of a friend in Belanglo State Forest, the same place where Ivan buried seven victims in the 90s; the allegations of corruption made against Eddie Obeid, and the subsequent ICAC investigation; and the sensational case of Gordon Wood, who was convicted for murdering his girlfriend Caroline Byrne, and then won his appeal and walked free from Goulburn jail – he then sued the NSW Government for false imprisonment.

Jamelle Wills - photo by Gino Nalini-minThis is Part 1 out of 2 for the Jamelle Wells podcast interview. Part 2 will be released in mid-April.

Duration: 34 Mins

Podcast Guest: Jamelle Wells 

Jamelle Wells is an ABC television and radio presenter and the Senior Court Reporter for New South Wales. She works across television, radio, and online. Jamelle has covered some of Australia’s highest profile cases. Before Jamelle joined the ABC she was a presenter for commercial stations including 2GB and 2CH, a magazine editor, and a theatre review and columnist.

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