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Podcast: Literary Scandals and Hoaxes

February 19, 2019

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As the scandal surrounding the less than truthful A.J. Finn grows, author and journalist Caroline Overington talks to Cheryl Akle about the impact on the bestselling author and his reputation – and they remember another literary hoax, much closer to home.

Podcast Guest: Caroline Overington

Caroline Overington is the Associate Editor of the iconic magazine, The Australian Women’s Weekly.

Caroline has won the Walkley Award for Excellence in Journalism twice, and she’s a former winner of the Sir Keith Murdoch prize for journalism, and of the Blake Dawson prize.

She is the author of five bestselling novels: Ghost Child, I Came to Say Goodbye, Matilda is Missing, Sisters of Mercy and No Place Like Home.

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  1. Kerry Stewart

    A fascinating conversation, Cheryl and Caroline. You have unpicked complex issues in an entertaining and stimulating way.
    I was a bookseller at the time of Norma Khoury’s book. I loved the book and took my mother to a literary lunch with Norma and – like you – was completely taken in by her. How I wished she had published that book as fiction.

    Tiger Woods is another charismatic person who comes to
    mind – completely living a double life. Perhaps people with such gifts and charisma find life too easy, they need a challenge, need the intrigue …. but I wonder how they put themselves back together when they have been caught out so publicly? Now, that would be an interesting novel in the hands of one of our great crime writers like Michael Rowbotham or Dervla McTiernan !

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