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Podcast: Thrills and Chills

January 22, 2018

Who doesn’t love a bit of a thrill in their lives? Over the past year, we’ve noticed how you have just gobbled up any and all crime and thriller fiction, and especially Australian thrillers. And who can blame you? 2017 saw some of the best thrillers yet come out of our country. Looking back over the past year, we’ve picked out three of our favourite chats with Australian thriller and crime authors for you to reminiscence on. The podcasts aren’t that scary, but you might want to read their books with the light on…

Thrills and Chills

Anna Snoekstra

Cheryl Akle talks to Anna Snoekstra. They discuss Anna’s youth, growing up with difficulties hearing, having her thriller Only Daughter picked up by Universal Studios in the US, and her most recent novel, Little Secrets. 

Kylie Ladd

Cheryl Akle is joined by author and neuropsychologist Kylie Ladd for a conversation about writing, dementia, and the origins of her recent book, The Way Back.

Michael Robotham

Cheryl Akle and Michael Robotham talk about ghostwriting, crime fiction and Michael’s new book, The Secrets She Keeps.


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