A Teenage Dilemma: Read an Extract from The PM’s Daughter by Meredith Costain

A Teenage Dilemma: Read an Extract from The PM’s Daughter by Meredith Costain

Chapter One

This is a story about me: Cat Parkes Pérez. My mum just moved me and my great-aunty Jacinta from Perth to Canberra, our national capital and the ‘political beating heart of Australia’. Or so they say on the news. I left behind my friends, my school, my home – even my favourite taco place – to come here.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my mum. Every­body loves her. Well, maybe not everyone. There’s a group of people here – teenagers like me – called Action Uprising. I can see them outside my window right now, standing in the street, waving their signs and chanting their slogans. They’re protesting against the government’s climate policy, which totally stinks, by the way.

I should be out there with them. Instead, I’m sitting in a shiny government car, part of a convoy of other shiny government cars on their way to Parliament House. We pull up at a fancy set of gates, protected by a uniformed police officer. Moments later, the gates are open and we have arrived at The Lodge, the official residence of the Prime Minister of Australia.

And my new home. That’s because the Prime Minister just happens to be my mum.

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Publisher details

The PM's Daughter
Meredith Costain
Children’s Fiction
01 March, 2022


Cat is like any other teenager who wants to fight the powers that be. There’s just one complication . . . her mother is the Prime Minister of Australia.

Catalina Parkes Pérez is used to living a pretty normal life. But when her mum is thrust into the role of Prime Minister, Cat’s life becomes anything but.

Life at The Lodge means having every moment scheduled and every outfit pre-approved. But it’s not just the dinner parties and daggy dresses – Cat and her mum disagree on practically everything, especially the government’s climate policy.

Now someone is trying to sabotage the new Prime Minister – putting Cat, and everything she loves, in danger. Will she, with the help of some new friends, be able to make things right, for her family and the country?

Inspired by the original program created by Tristram Baumber and Matthew Allred, as seen on ABC TV.
Meredith Costain
About the author

Meredith Costain

Meredith Costain lives in Melbourne with her partner, fellow children's author Paul Collins, six chooks, a cat, a kelpie and a red heeler. Her work ranges from picture books through to popular fiction and non-fiction for older readers. She is the literary editor of national children's magazines, Comet, Explore and Challenge.Meredith has won several awards for her writing, including the Mary Grant Bruce Story Award and the Aurealis Convenor's Award. Her picture book Doodledum Dancing, illustrated by Pamela Allen, was an Honour Book in the Early Childhood section of the 2007 CBC Book of the Year awards.Meredith regularly presents writing workshops for kids and adults in libraries and schools.

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