Desire Lines by Felicity Volk: Your Preview Verdict

Desire Lines by Felicity Volk: Your Preview Verdict

Set against the uneasy relationship society has with its own truth-telling in history, war and politics, Desire Lines is an epic story of love and the lies we tell ourselves to survive – and a reminder that even truths which seem lost forever can find their way home.

Our Preview readers loved this epic story of love and the lies we tell ourselves. Read their reviews below:


Desire Lines is the second book by Felicity Volk. I found it a little slow to get into-it is an unconventional love story, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The history is interesting, and the way that the love story is enveloped in it is fantastic-would highly recommend! – Stacy, NSW, 5 stars

Felicity Volk’s Desire Lines is one to savour. The storyline follows two different characters on their life trajectories set against a stunning Australian backdrop. The alternating narratives are beautifully written and evoke lots of emotions on behalf of the reader. The images portrayed by Volk’s skilful use literary devices are nothing short of brilliant. Complex and compelling, Desire Lines is a wonderfully crafted delight to read. Thanks again Better Reading Preview for the advanced copy, and a new author to keep an eye on! – Sarah, VIC, 5 Stars

“In the end, the heart knows what it wants and won’t be stopped.” This line from Desire Lines perfectly sums up the unforgettable love story of Evie and Paddy. Evie and Paddy have polar opposite childhood experiences and are inextricably drawn together in a complicated love that spans 50 years. A beautiful read that tugged at my heartstrings. – Kelly, QLD, 5 Stars

What a beautiful love story this was. It had the feel of a Fiona Macintosh book. I love story that spanned the ages. It didn’t go down the cliched road of most chick lit books. I absolutely loved it. – Kay, QLD, 5 Stars

Felicity Volk’s Desire Lines is a novel of grand scale and great love. Evie and Paddy are fabulously well-crafted and complex characters (I especially loved Evie’s relationship with her grandmother) who we follow for over 50 years of their intertwined lives. It is in part an exploration of the human spirit as well as the meaning of truth and lies. I learnt a lot about the horrific historical treatment of orphans from the UK and the Australian farm ‘schools’, and the use of native Australian flora leant a weight of authenticity to the story. Overall, a fabulous epic tale I would highly recommend! Thanks so much to Better Reading for this wonderful preview! – Imogen, VIC, 5 Stars

“Desire Lines” by Felicity Volk. Wow what can I say. Such a wonderful story, at times filled with sadness but also with Joy and hope. I could not get enough of this book finding it very hard to put down. The Author developed the characters and their ability to survive so beautifully. The descriptions of Early London and the harsh times experienced by the children who arrived in an unfamiliar Australia was at times hard to fathom, but to watch how the story of friendship and loved devolved to a beautiful story of survival was outstanding. I loved every page of this book, which at times was filled with sadness but also joy and strength. I loved the style of writing, the way the characters came to life. – Christine, QLD, 5 Stars

This beautifully written book had me entranced by the first page. I loved the characters despite and because of their flaws. I felt disappointment along with anticipation but never stopped caring about Evie and Paddy. The diverse settings were vividly described. I particularly enjoyed the positive depictions of locations, icons and events in my home city of Canberra. It is a captivating love story but also an insightful commentary on gender, class and cultural inequities and the risks and benefits of both the truth and lies in relationships. Highly recommended! – Fiona, ACT, 5 Stars

Felicity Volk, an Australian author with a background in foreign policy, presents Desire Lines, her second novel, following the release of Lightning in 2013. Desire Lines is a story of two individuals, Paddy and Evie, who we follow from childhood to adulthood. Each has troubled lives, Paddy’s story is particularly bleak, truthful and utterly heartbreaking. The leads seem to spin around each other, but they also manage to come together for a time, only to be pulled apart again. The love between the leads traverses place, time, circumstance, position and life’s punishing setbacks. This union left a stain on my heart. Desire Lines is punctuated by poetic prose, which is tempered by strong imagery. I was able to absorb each perfectly formed word supplied by Volk, who is a true literary scholar. Desire Lines issues the reader with insightful references to botany, architecture, government policy, history and world events. I was visibly moved by the themes presented in Volk’s book, from family violence, poverty, parentage, forced migration, abuse, trauma, infidelity, lust, longing, trust, belief and most importantly, the keynote motif of desire. A few sleepless nights went with my experience of reading Desire Lines, it was haunting, yet deeply profound. – Amanda, WA, 5 Stars

What a read. Desire Lines is a sweeping story of love and lies that can’t help but sweep you away. The book’s beauty is haunting. I predict many will fall in love with Felicity’s epic work. Kirsten, WA, 5 Stars

I was captivated by this beautifully written story. The lyrical prose and vivid details were immersive and such a delight. I thought the characters were fantastic and well developed, I loved seeing their intertwined lives laid out before me over decades as the author explored the concept of choice, the effects of secrets & lies and of course love. Thanks to Better Reading & Hachette for providing a copy for review. – M Manalo, NSW, 5 Stars

I found myself loving this novel in the end. It was a bit tedious at the start but I persevered with it and I am glad I did. A tale of epic love and tragedy that makes you feel strong emotions for the characters involved. It was one of those novels which stays with you for a long time after you have finished reading. – Aleisha, QLD, 5 Stars

This is a brilliant book. I loved it. The descriptions are excellent, and the reading experience is beautiful and real. The story of Evie and Paddy’s relationship over decades, as well as the necessary background to explain choices, is intricate. The detail shows a great deal of research and I enjoyed the revisit to historical events such as the handing down of the Mabo decision by the High Court. I highly recommend this book. It is one of the best I have read. – Sandra, ACT, 5 Stars

This book in equal parts broke my heart and put it back together as I followed the characters well written story arcs. I enjoyed ignoring everything else on my to do list to read this beautifully written book. – Jessie, VIC, 5 Stars

Volk handles her pencil like an artist, painting rich, textured images as she tells a story traversing a number of decades. The characters are child-like, fallible and forgivable. Her use of metaphor is magical, her botanical references are beautiful and her empathy is enduring. ‘Desire Lines’ is a masterpiece. – Kirralee, SA, 5 Stars

This book was a beautifully told love story that spanned decades. From the very first chapter I felt like I was in the Arctic Circle with Evie. This was a story that wove fiction with history, nature, agriculture with a never-ending love. I found myself getting quite emotional, particularly when Paddy was young, it even brought me to tears at one point. Further through the story I was getting quite frustrated and angry on Evie’s behalf. The characters were very strong and had their own stories to tell which I loved. I did find myself referring back to previous chapters to see how many years had passed. This was a thoroughly enjoyable read, so easy to immerse myself into, I loved it. – Tracey, NSW, 5 Stars

I absolutely loved this book from beginning to end. Having grown up and gone to school in Molong I felt a real emotional attachment to this love story, in particular the parts relating to Fairbridge Farm. A beautiful and classy piece of literature. – Justine, NSW, 5 Stars

Desire Lines by Felicity Volk starts with five words, the question are you still a liar? The first chapter is set in 2012 in the Arctic Circle with landscape architect Evie Waddell. Evie is in the Arctic Circle to plant seeds in a vault which is in a mountain in freezing conditions. Then another character is introduced and the story is set in 1953. Paddy O’Connor. He is sent by ship from London to a farm school in Australia. From his time at the farm school he has many painful memories. It seems Evie and Paddy were meant to meet. In 1962 at a country market in the Blue Mountains they finally do meet. They have a compulsive love that will span decades. Desire Lines is a story of love and lies. It also is a story of a man who is trying to overcome a deeply disturbing traumatic childhood. Even though the characters have a very different upbringing they have a special bond. While Paddy had an upbringing nobody would want Evie had a quite idyllic childhood. They seem to be bound together from the first time they set eyes on each other. I loved the way the characters were written as I could feel so much empathy for Paddy. The novel also shows us a bit about our past, and how children were treated. I highly recommend Desire Lines and look forward to reading more of her books in the future. – Freda, QLD, 5 Stars

What a beautiful story! I was absolutely in awe of this book from page one right until the very end. My immediate thoughts after reading the first couple of pages were that it is amazing how some people choose such very different occupations that then leads them through an interesting, enjoyable journey through life. The manner in which this book has been written takes you on a magical, wistful journey through the unpredictable lives of these people. Along the way the author delves deep into the history surrounding this journey thus making the story even more enjoyable. To survive and uncertain upbringing is a feat in itself. We often weave a tangled web as we proceed through life but this story does show that ‘there is no “right” life’. Words of wisdom contained in the book state: “Make it a good truth. Make it a truth that nourishes the people around you”. (Page 296). Spoken by a wise, nurturing lady in the story. This book is a joy to read and one that makes you wish chores didn’t exist because it is very hard to put down. Excellent read! – Laurel, NSW, 5 Stars

From the first page I realised that Desire Lines was a novel that deserves a slow and careful read. I took my time, allowing myself to be captured by the words and the story itself. In 1962 two teenagers meet. For the next fifty odd years, their lives converge and entwine, full of love and desire, and lies. To a backdrop of Canberra’s growth, architectural and landscape, Paddy and Evie live their lives, both together and apart. The writing is rich, the characters complex. I was thoroughly absorbed from start to finish. A novel I would recommend. – Daniella, QLD, 5 Stars

Found myself totally immersed in this lengthy book. The love affair of the main characters feels real and fresh despite being set in 2012, 1953 and 1962. It opened my eyes to new subjects such as architecture, landscape architecture, history, law, politics and war. It is an epic, tender, passionate read about unconventional love and “lost truths can find it’s way home”, it’s a huge read like Fiona McIntosh’s Fields of Gold, an eye opener and you will learn lots of amazing information. – Penny, NSW, 5 Stars

Desire Lines packs a huge emotional punch…and I absolutely adored it! It is an epic story, spanning several decades and continents, following the lives of Evie Waddell and Paddy O’Connor. Despite being a large book, this is an absolute page-turner and I was so invested in the journeys of the two main characters that I could not put this book down. There are elements of the story that are gut-wrenching – particularly relating to Paddy’s upbringing – but the book is also uplifting. I absolutely loved the theme of lies and how they are viewed differently depending on the context and content of the lie. It was very thought-provoking, touching, and beautifully written, I highly recommend it. Amanda, QLD, 5 Stars

Desire Lines is the first book by Felicity Volk that I have read and it certainly won’t be the last. Thanks to Better Reading for my ARC. I loved the way the story intertwined the lives of Evie and Paddy in a truly believable way, transporting the reader into the story. The story cleverly covers a range of topics – love, betrayal, lies, infidelity and spans over 50 years. A very enjoyable read. – Karyn, SA, 5 Stars

What an incredibly beautiful story! Felicity Volk is a gifted writer, she made me really feel along with the characters. This book was a bit different to what I usually read, but I really enjoyed it. Heartbreaking, moving, secrets and lies, love and loss, this book has everything. At points it was tough, but definitely worth it. Highly recommend! Thanks to Better reading for the ARC 🙂 – Jess, NSW, 5 stars,

DESIRE LINES –  had me hooked from “Are You Still A Liar” – Simply beautiful I loved this book.  Paddy and Evie are introduced in an intriguing way and I loved them both.  A heartbreaking beautiful book, do not miss this one, there is something in here for us all. – Debbie, VIC, 5 stars

It starts in the poorest parts of mid-twentieth-century London, with the son of a sadistic, vicious, controlling father and a helpless mother; and in the suburbs of the fledgling national capital, with a botanist’s granddaughter; fifty years on, a spite-filled annual text unsent from an arctic ice cave: “Are you still a liar?” The distance between these two extremes, traversing orphans transplanted, the polar seed vault, and the architecture of buildings and landscapes, is one filled with love and lust, cruelty and kindness, history and heartache, and, yes, many lies. Beautifully written, this is a moving and thought-provoking read. – Marianne, NSW, 5 stars

“Are you Still a Liar”. Such a great first sentence to a very enjoyable read. I loved how Evie and Paddy met as Teenagers, and throughout the years they still wanted each other. Different chapters explain their lives before they meet. And how their life experience form them. A great book to read – Bridget, VIC, 5 stars

Desire Lines is a well crafted masterpiece rich in the workings of humanity and steeped in Australia’s history. Volk has written a moving story that not only covers the history of Paddy & Evie’s relationship but the history of our nation. She has expertly intertwined the two and shown the effect one has had on the other while also showing how the same events are seen differently by the different parties involved. There are not many issues from Australia’s history in the past 50 years that have not been touched on in this novel. Volk has produced characters who are as human as all of us and as the novel progresses and Paddy & Evie’s lives both together and apart are laid bare in front of us, we see the frailty of humanity, the compulsions that can overcome us and that the words we tell ourselves to survive are quite often the lies that maim us. Volk has delivered an epic saga that spans 50 years yet leaves you wanting to know what happens next. It captivates the reader and will be talked about for years to come. – Mel, NSW, 5 stars

An enchanting read. It had me from the beginning with interesting characters and a flicking back between past and current times. The characters were relatable and I found myself rooting for Paddy and Evie right to the end. It was hard not to reach through the book and tell them what to do! Really well written. I’ll be on the look out for this author again. – Stacie, NSW, 5 stars

‘Desire Lines’ by Felicity Volk is by far my pick for one of the greatest reads of 2020. A story told across several decades by a group of generational people, this is a page turner from the beginning. This novel was beautifully told, and had me both crying and laughing throughout. A captivating story. Well done Felicity, and thank you Better Reading for the opportunity to review. – Bec, TAS, 5 stars

Thank you Better Reading for an advanced copy of Desire Lines for my honest review. Felicity Volk has written an Australian masterpiece from the first line “Are you still a liar”?, this novel has it all, domestic violence, poverty, love, betrayal, the lies we tell ourselves, the lies we tell others & the happiness & trauma that results all at once. This beautifully written novel follows Evie & Paddy and the decades that they come together and fall apart, it’s an unconventional love story of marriages, children, infidelity but written with a deep understanding of the human spirit. The book is written highlighting native fauna & the architecture of the time in a way that has you smelling the eucalyptus & feeling like you have actually seen some of the architecture purely from the description. I found it really hard to put this one down, a great read that had me smiling & made me sad all at once. Thoroughly recommend if you love Australian stories #BRPreview – Penne, NSW, 5 stars

I will not follow where the path may lead, But I will go where there is no path, and I will leave a trail Muriel Storde ‘Desire Lines’ is a powerful and beautifully crafted love story that explores the human condition, the lies we tell and how the truth lasts forever, written by the very talented Felicity Volk. The book looks at the family dynamics in an ever-changing world, a love story that spans over 50 years, the heartbreak, heart warmth and the ability to just survive. Paddy and Evie have an unconventional love story that started at 16 and through different partners, marriages and children, they seem to always find a way back to each other. – Amy, NSW, 5 stars

What an emotional roller coaster! I loved this book and was genuinely sad to finish it. I think Evie and Paddy will stay with me for quite some time. – Stevie, NSW, 5 stars

Felicity Volk’s Desire Lines is a magnificent journey about life! It takes us from the far reaches of Norway, to England in the 1950s and Australia over a period of 60 years. As it does Volk’s beautiful use of language allows us to see the snow and ice, the old and new houses and their surrounds, and the plants and the people as though we were watching it unfold before our eyes! Volk has also given us two credible but flawed main characters in Evie and Paddy, with an interesting support cast, that draws you in yet frustrates as those people keep making poor decisions with long term consequences. It’s a love story without being a romance, as it reveals the lives of the central characters who, apart from extraordinary circumstances, should never have met, yet are inextricably tied to one another! it’s also a tale of Australia’s modern history, without ever falling into the trap of being dry or irrelevant! The author also holds a mirror up to our own lives and challenges us to examine our decisions and question whether we could have chosen the desire lines that would have made our lives more fulfilling. One of 2020’s must-read books! – Chris, QLD, 5 stars

Wow, what an amazing book. “Desire Lines” took my breath away – the seemingly disparate lives of Evie and Paddy, worlds apart, yet destined to collide – I was captivated as each page held me and insisted I read the next. “Desire Lines” is a work of art, the words on each page creating such strong visualisations that you felt a part of it. It is a book to savour, not to rush through, yet you can’t wait to find out what comes next – with each new chapter in turn you will laugh and cry, you will be amazed and bewildered. Evie and Paddy, born on opposite sides of the world, growing up and eventually meeting, yet destiny has something else planned for them. Their paths continue to collide and then separate – seemingly each with their own individual destinies. You hold your breath and hope that love will win in the end. I loved this book, there is so much in it I will have to read it again, just in case I missed anything! I am now looking forward to reading Felicity Volk’s previous book – hope it’s as good! I wish I could give “Desire Lines” more than 5 stars! – Jane, NSW, 5 stars

I probably won’t have picked this book from the bookshelves but once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. The characters are interesting and engaging (I particularly love the side-story of Grandma Margie and her Monty). Paddy and Evie have a complex relationship which still manages to be lonely. Volk draws you into the scene enabling the reader to picture the exact setting. The author manages to interweave aspects of modern Australian history without it becoming a History lesson. Loved the book, loved the ending, will now have to read Volk’s previous book – Lightning’! – Liz, WA, 5 stars

Evie learns from an early age about honesty and a search for a “good truth” but Paddy, at the same early age but on a different continent, has been taught about secrets and lies. When they meet, so begins a love affair that spans five decades, and which is told from each of their point of view in alternating chapters, set against a backdrop of various milestones in Australia’s social and political history. During the course of this ime they each marry other people but this does not stop them from pursuing their hearts’ desire, despite the inevitable hurt and pain caused not only to others, but to themselves. Throughout this extremely well written, almost poetic, book there is a highly evocative sense of various starkly contrasting and sometime evolving places, but a thread of compassion and forgiveness also weaves its way through. Thanks to Better Reading for giving me the opportunity to be introduced to this wonderfully articulate writer via a book which I think would make a fabulous film. – Pamela, VIC, 5 stars

A thoroughly enjoyable, satisfying book. The two main characters, Paddy and Evie both have very different beginnings to life, one heartbreaking, the other more privileged. However this novel shows life happens to us, no matter how we start out. Sometimes heart rending, sometimes joyous, funny, poignant, sad. All emotions are encompassed in this book. A great read. – Ros, ACT, 5 stars

Desire Lines is a wonderful but heartbreaking story set over many decades. The two main characters, Evie and Paddy come from completely different backgrounds but their lives become entwined. The secrets and lies that follow change both their lives forever. I thought this was a beautiful book and especially enjoyed the parts about native flora and architecture and found our brutal history regarding orphans very shocking. Overall Felicity Volk’s book was very enjoyable. – Sharah, QLD, 5 stars

In Desire Lines, Felicity Volk has created a unique work of fiction that chronicles the lives, loves and lies of Paddy O’Connor and Evie Waddell for over half a century. I found the story absorbing and beautifully written. The characters were well drawn and the descriptions of place were evocative and poetic. At times the subject matter was distressing and dealt with difficult issues such as domestic violence and the institutional sexual abuse of children. Society has been telling lies throughout and about history and sometimes individuals such as Paddy need to lie to themselves and others in order to survive. Desire Lines provokes an emotional response and at times I found myself tearing up or angry at the life that was dealt to the young Paddy. Evie and Paddy’s stories are told in separate chapters and are interwoven against a background of interesting times in Australia’s recent history and a variety of places such as London, Laura, Canberra and Moloney. Ultimately the story of star crossed lovers, Desire Lines is a fascinating read that has many facets and will strike a chord promoting individual responses with readers. – Janelle, NSW, 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The two main characters, Paddy and Evie, were both likeable and believable. I could feel for them as they went through life’s ups and downs. Paddy had a tough beginning to life, and grew up the hard way, while Evie had a much happier upbringing, but fate brought them together. The intertwining of their lives is very realistic, as we watch them grapple with competing obligations and needs. I could identify every step of the way. This book is a breath of fresh air. It encompasses elements of recent history and an insight into life and human failings to produce a story to which anyone could relate. – Karen, VIC, 5 stars

This was a really intense story that was hard to put down. A true love story, with many twists and turns, some of their own making and some forced upon them, this story really pulls at the heart strings. Tracing the main characters lives from the early years and beyond, the effects on their relationships helped the story move. I found the opening chapter a little confusing at the start, but as the story ebbed and flowed, it’s true importance became obvious. The would make a beautiful film, one that you’d have to pack the tissues for. – Jodie, WA, 5 stars

There are two characters in this story, Paddy and Evie. The author wrote that each chapter is belong to one of them. A pretty slow story as these two characters are finally meet each other not until by half of the book. Before that, i keep wondering where this story is going??? I was abit annoyed at first. Once these two characters met, it starts becoming an addictive reading. Felicity, you developed Paddy and Evie characters amazingly, until you let me fall in between love and hate for each of them. It is a must read!! – Vivi, NSW, 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Desire Lines’. This beautifully crafted novel explores the effects of childhood trauma, the lies – and truths – we tell ourselves and others, and the many facets of love. Volk’s prose is lyrical, and her characters are complex and believable, suggesting a writer that has a true appreciation of the human condition. I particularly liked the way Volk linked the names and attributes of various plants and trees to the history of the land and the emotions of her characters, so that they become characters in their own right. An original idea for a story, beautifully told. – Dominique, SA, 5 stars

This book was expansive containing characters across generations and countries. Whilst I found the first few pages of the story harder to get involved with the rest of the book flowed beautifully. I got caught up in the characters stories which involved childhood scars that forged their life paths but ultimately as their lives and stories unfolded they settled into themselves. A standout quote for me was “There was no right life and there was no wrong one either. There was just life. You made the best decisions with what you knew at the time.” A lovely book reminding us that we all try our best with what life sends us. Readers of Liane Moriaty will enjoy this author. – Danielle, VIC, 5 stars

“Are you still a liar?” I was hooked from the very first sentence of this new novel by Felicity Volk and couldn’t put it down. Desire Lines is a love story spanning 50 years, following the lives of two people from very different backgrounds and the growth of a nation that they help to build. Paddy O’Connor is a successful architect and Evie Waddell’s work as a landscape architect takes her to the Arctic Circle to bury Australian seeds in a frozen mountain vault. Evie grew up in Canberra with a loving family. Paddy is one of many English “orphans of the living” sent to Australia for a better life. They meet as teenagers in the Blue Mountains, sharing his love of building and hers of plants. Although their lives will take them in different directions, their bond is unbreakable. Evie is honest and frank and learnt the difference between good and bad lying at an early age. Paddy’s lies hide the truth. Evie and Paddy show great strength of character and resilience through good times and bad. Together and apart they prove that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I highly recommend this beautifully written and fascinating story. – Sarah, NSW, 5 stars

Absolutely wonderful book from the 1st chapter to the last, A love story that is so different it will have readers hooked, the chapters are easy to read with places and dates, Paddy and Evie’s love story spans decades ( no spoilers ) loved this book – Deborah, NSW, 5 stars

Have you ever followed a well-worn pathway through the grass instead of the concrete path that you’re supposed to be on? That’s what a desire line is, it’s the pathway people take instead of the trail designed to be followed. Sometimes people take a shortcut because of instinct, sometimes because it’s following others before them. That’s the premise of this beautiful story of two people whose lives seem destined to be intertwined by the choices they make and the circumstances they have no control over. Set across a broad timeline and various locations across Australia and the world. I really enjoyed this book and I couldn’t put it down. There are some wonderful passages that I loved and read over and over. Thank you Better Reading for the advance copy of this book. – Angelynn, NSW, 5 stars

The only problem with reading for review is the tendency to over analyse and find faults when thinking what to write. Given that most people read for the pure enjoyment, i’m just going to go with my first reaction. I’m generally not a love story type of person but i was hooked from the very first chapter. The prose is exquisite, the early years’ of the two main characters Paddy and Evie are so beautifully written i found myself wanting to ration my reading rather than gulp it down. Drawn together as teenagers with vastly different backgrounds, their story spans decades.Far from being a poolside romance read (no disrepect, these definitely have a place) it is a rich character driven novel, “…it makes no difference. In the end, the heart knows what it wants- Juanita, NSW, 5 stars



A Letter to You, From Felicity Volk, Just Checking In

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14 May 2020

A Letter to You, From Felicity Volk, Just Checking In

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    10 March 2020

    Preview Reviews: Desire Lines by Felicity Volk

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      Desire Lines
      Felicity Volk
      25 February, 2020


      An epic story of love and the lies we tell ourselves, from an extraordinary Australian literary talentAre you still a liar? The crafting of those five words, even without dispatch, left her chilled.Arctic Circle, 2012. On a lightless day at the end of the polar winter, landscape architect Evie Waddell finds herself exhuming the past as she buries Australian seeds in a frozen mountain vault - insurance against catastrophe.Molong, 1953. Catastrophe is all seven-year-old Paddy O'Connor has known. Shipped from institutional care in London to an Australian farm school, his world is a shadowy place where lies scaffold fragile truths and painful memories. To Paddy's south in Canberra, young Evie is safe in her family's embrace, yet soon learns there are some paths from which you can't turn back; impulses and threats that she only half understands but seems to have known forever.Blue Mountains, 1962. From their first meeting as teenagers at a country market, Paddy and Evie grow a compulsive, unconventional love that spans decades, taking them in directions neither could have foreseen.Set against the uneasy relationship society has with its own truth-telling in history, war and politics, DESIRE LINES is an epic story of love and the lies we tell ourselves to survive - and a reminder that even truths which seem lost forever can find their way home.
      Felicity Volk
      About the author

      Felicity Volk

      Felicity Volk studied English literature and law at the University of Queensland before joining Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). After diplomatic postings in Bangladesh and Laos, and following the birth of her two daughters, she began writing for publication while continuing to work at DFAT. An award-winning writer of short stories, her first novel, Lightning, was described as 'astonishing ... a propensity of storytelling talent, a bolt of brilliance'. Felicity lives in Canberra, dividing her time between the world of foreign policy, writing, painting murals, tending the family menagerie and a forbearing garden and the gentle contemplations offered by a soothing pot of tea.

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