Preview Reviews: Blue Moon by Lee Child

Preview Reviews: Blue Moon by Lee Child

Once in a blue moon, things turn out just right: the new Jack Reacher, the thriller hero we can’t get enough of. Our Preview readers  included many Jack Reacher fans, and many brand new to Reacher.

Read their thoughts here:

Thank you for the opportunity to read and review Blue Moon, by Lee Child. I am embarrassed to admit that I had never read a novel by Lee Child before, however I am now keen to devour many more and to learn more about Jack Reacher, the central character of Blue Moon. In a city at the mercy of rival Ukrainian and Albanian crime gangs, Reacher fights to protect an elderly man and his family. Reading this novel, it is evident that it was written by a master of the crime genre, a genre that I enjoy. Child’s writing style expertly builds suspense and not a single word is wasted. Not only could I visualise every scene perfectly, but I felt as though I were living Reacher’s experiences. I empathised deeply with the plight of the elderly couple and warmed immediately to the character of Abby, a waitress who becomes central to the action. Blue Moon is an absolute “must read” and I don’t have to think twice in awarding it five stars. It was a privilege to receive an advance copy of this novel. – Alison, QLD, 5 stars

Loved it from start to finish. A classic action packed Jack Reacher read. Blue Moon is number #24 in the Jack Reacher series. Very easy to read but hard to put down until the very end. Lots of bags under my eyes reading this one. While reading, I felt like I was watching a great 80s action movie starring Arnie who is there to save the day playing a modern day Robin Hood with lots of action and of course a massive body count and don’t forget the gorgeous girl (Abby) that happens to come along. Blue Moon starts with Jack Reacher travelling on a bus to nowhere, minding his own business. He notices an elderly gentleman (Aaron Shevick) fast asleep with an envelope sticking out of his pocket. It’s like the envelope that Jack sometimes has that usually is full of money. Reacher notices a young lad eyeing off the envelope. ***Redacted due to potential spoilers*** So the adventure beings, and what an adventure, full of twists and turns, explosions, guns ….. lots of guns, body counts etc… well you get the gist of what I’m saying. Along the way we met the gorgeous Abby who friends Jack. They both take on the world, ok, ok they take on the pear shaped town. I still haven’t seen a Jack Reacher movie but might after reading Blue Moon. – Maria, SA, 4 stars

This is the first Jack Reacher book that I have read and think that anyone will be able to pick up any book in the series and read them in any order without getting too confused about who Jack is and what he does. I like how the author does not spend endless pages covering Jack’s history and past events. He only covers what the reader needs to know without going into too much detail when meeting Jack but just enough to know who he is and what he is about. The book provides an interesting insight into organized crimes and the rival gangs and the lengths they go to keep a level playing field. Jack does a good deed that sets off a serious of events that causes someone to blame someone else ***redacted due to potential spoilers***. I recommend this book as a good starter to get to know about Jack Reacher’s world. Although I did imagine Jack to be more of a Liam Neeson than Tom Cruise. – Sandra, NSW, 5 stars

I wasn’t sure about this novel to start with. It seemed very different to other Jack Reacher novels I’ve read in the past. However I persevered and it turned out to be an enjoyable, if not completely unbelievable read. We have two rival gangs in town and Jack manages to cause immense chaos within the ranks of both. Along the way he picks up some accomplices who have no issue with taking people down. There’s plenty of shooting, plenty of chaos and plenty of times it seems Jack and his friends can’t escape. But all this is going down for the right reasons, two old people that Jack gets involved in. At least right is on their side. – Claire Louisa, WA, 4 stars

This fast-paced novel (literally – the story is concluded within a week) starts off in a relatively sad manner as our ex-military-cop-turned-drifter-avenger-hero, Jack Reacher, observes something of interest to himself and one other person on a Greyhound bus. Reacher soon realises that he has stepped off the bus into an anonymous American city which is in the grip of two organised rival crime gangs, one Albanian, the other Ukrainian. Quickly, he assembles around him a somewhat unlikely small group of combatants, including a new-found female partner who he asks to join him in his nomadic life, who take on the gangs in order to right some moral wrongs … and the bodies literally start to pile up in messy, bloody heaps. Think “Taken” crossed with “The Equaliser” and you have a picture of logical, analytical, strategic ruthless Reacher at work. I have downgraded this from 5 to 4 stars due to the gratuitous violence and some credibility issues. My husband is a great fan of Lee Child and hugely enjoyed this rather violent book and I had to wait for him to finish it before I could read it, so many thanks to Better Reading for double the reading pleasure! – Pamela, VIC, 4 stars

Blue Moon is set in a city teeming with organised crime: the Ukrainian gang controls the city’s West side and the Albanian gang controls its East side. In the opening scene, the Ukrainian boss meets with his Albanian counterpart, ostensibly seeking a ceasefire prior to the arrival of a new police commissioner. Enter Jack Reacher. Reacher saves a man from being mugged by an opportunistic thief. It turns out the man – Aaron Shevick – and his family have much bigger problems, and Reacher commits to helping them by standing up to the gangsters. This Robin Hood theme is dominant throughout the book, and provides some balance to the frequent violent encounters that occur. Blue Moon is a page turner; it is full of action and I was very engaged in finding out how things would turn out. The book is light on character development, but I felt this actually helped ensure the story moved along at a fast pace. I would definitely recommend this book, although certain violent scenes may be triggering for some people. Despite it being part of a series, you can definitely pick this one up and enjoy it with no prior knowledge of the franchise. – Amanda, QLD, 4 stars

The Jack Reacher series is one I’ve enjoyed in the past. I’ve not read all the previous books in the series but I don’t think that’s necessary to grasp the character and the general gist of the Blue Moon. There’s plenty of the action and adventure synonymous with this series and the novel is well paced with a solid plot. One of the things I liked most about Blue Moon is you get what you expect. There’s guns and car chases, bad guys and Reacher just doing his thing. His one liners made me laugh although I’m not entirely sure they were meant as humourous. The side characters were a little underdeveloped (I wanted to know more about them beyond just being there to further Reacher’s journey) and unremarkable. But Reacher was in his element throughout it all. Overall Blue Moon is a fun read for anyone who has enjoyed Jack Reacher’s previous adventures. – Kate, QLD, 3 stars

I have never had the pleasure of reading a Lee Child novel before. I have certainly been missing out. Blue Moon is a page turner. Having never read the Jack Reacher series before I thought it would be difficult to follow. It wasn’t. It had me on the edge of my seat and could not put it down. Very enjoyable – Aleisha, QLD, 5 stars

Lee Childs latest Jack Reacher is his most brutal yet, Reacher normally a man of violence and yet high morals is tested in this latest novel. Lee Childs spins a world of modern crime and wraps it all up neatly. – Kristi, VIC, 2 stars

The thing I love most about Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series is that you can pick anyone up in any order and still manage to read it as if it was a stand-alone book and Blue Moon is no exception. Jack Reacher is traveling on a greyhound bus when he finds himself coming to the aid of an older man, Aaron Shevick, about to be mugged. This Good Samaritan act opens up a can of worms for both Reacher and Shevick as they find themselves in the middle of a rival gang war. The Ukrainian and Albanian gangs are competing over control of the city and Reacher finds himself in a giant game of cat and mouse. Blue Moon is fast-paced and packed with violence and although at times I found myself questioning if Reacher is a “good guy” with all the violence that he seems to surround himself in I can’t get passed how he willingly risks life to help strangers in need. If you are new to Jack Reacher don’t be alarmed by how many books are in the series. I highly recommend you do yourself a favor and pick one up to read. Compelling, entertaining and highly enjoyable. 5 stars. – Hannah, NT, 5 stars

Jack Reacher, ex-MP, part time badass, full time nomad, decides to get off his bus a few stops early, and thwart a crime against an elderly man, his good deed done. However, this action sets off a series of events that turn out very badly for the towns rival organized crime syndicates. He meets Aaron Shevick and learns of his desperate bid for his daughter’s medical care, which has somehow entangled him in the middle of a gang-war. Unsurprisingly, for anyone familiar with Lee Childs Jack Reacher, he takes it upon himself to right any of the wrongs he stumbles across, which seem to be numerous and often. This is fantastic for readers like me, who wait patiently each year for the next story of our hero, dishing out justice as he sees fit. There’s nothing that can make me turn pages faster, then a fight scene involving Reacher taking on obscene numbers of bad guys and stopping all with perfectly timed elbows and face crushing knees. Blue Moon is a return to the classic Jack Reacher tale, a small town, a personal problem, a simple solution. Its more then once in a Blue Moon, that Child delivers an enthralling story, his work, consistently good, keeps readers returning each year, ready to consume the next one. – Shontel, NSW, 5 stars

Lee Child has delivered a new classic Jack Reacher adventure with ‘Blue Moon’. – Michelle, QLD, 5 stars

My TBR has just significantly increased with all of the Jack Reacher titles now added… loved Blue Moon! There were many characters but each seemed to serve their purpose. The plot was a steady build-up but with plenty of action and a bit a gross imagery. I could easily imagine this title being adapted into a movie. – Emma, VIC, 5 stars

Lee Child has again surpassed himself with his latest in the Jack Reacher series, “Blue Moon”. We find Jack continuing his itinerant trek around America, arriving in yet another anonymous city, and soon finding himself entwined in the lives of people he encounters. As Jack gets off yet another Greyhound bus in yet another U.S. city, he quickly observes something he perceives not to be right, and soon gets involved with an elderly couple who are needing help as they battle financial hardships which are exacerbated by the events which arise due to a turf war between the city’s two warring factions, the Ukrainians and the Albanians. Jack quickly outsmarts the bad guys and we delight in his genius as he ensures that right yet again overcomes wrong. “Blue Moon” is a great read, it will keep you up past your bedtime as you think “just one more chapter”. Can’t wait to see what comes next in the series, but it will be hard to top “Blue Moon”. – Jane, NSW, 5 stars

Jack Reacher is not who he seems… I’d been super excited about reading my first Jack Reacher novel as I’d seen so many great reviews for this serialized character and had enjoyed the 2 movies. The story line was interesting. A man who just arrives in town follows a fellow bus traveller because he senses danger, and their lives become entwined. Add 2 opposing criminal gangs and 1 love interest to the mix and usually I’d be thoroughly entertained. However, the level of violence in this book left me a bit cold and I didn’t feel the sense of endearment towards Jack Reacher that I’d expected. Perhaps it’s this particular storyline, maybe it’s the author’s style, but I guess I’ll need to read another to know for sure if Lee Child’s Jack Reacher is really a series for me. With thanks to Better Reading for the opportunity to preview this book. – Amanda, SA, 3 stars

Always love a new Jack Reacher book and this is no exception. Lee Child has a way of taking readers on Jack’s latest exploits that I just adore. I love getting travelling along with Jack on his adventures!! Thanks to Better Reading for a preview copy of this book for an honest review. – Donna, VIC, 5 stars

This is my first Lee Child book and I absolutely LOVED it! I was captured by the characters, the plot and the thrill. Good luck trying to put this one down after starting it. From start to finish this book will have you sweating with anticipation of whats to come. Lee Child does a great job of putting realistic characters in believable situations that will have you on the edge of your seat I guess you could say. Blue Moon will appeal to James Patterson readers. – Sophie, NSW, 5 stars

Thank you to Better Reading as I was lucky to win an advanced copy of this book. This is another fast paced action packed Jack Reacher novel where Reacher is doing what he does best, protecting and helping innocent people. After saving an elderly man on a bus from a mugging, he learns about the deep trouble the elderly man and his wife are in and of course wants to come to their rescue. Jack Reacher fans will enjoy all his usual characteristics and the same dry sense of humour they have come to love in earlier novels. This book is full of action and takes the reader on many twists and turns as Reacher gets caught in the middle of a Albanian Ukrainian gang war. I did enjoy the story line, however it probably wasn’t my favourite Jack Reacher novel as personally it was a little too violent for me with the body count rising as the novel continued. Having said that, the book maintained my interest and I was definitely keen to see how it ended up. This was still an enjoyable read, and especially fans of Jack Reacher will find it entertaining. 3 and a half stars – Kim, VIC, 3 stars

As an avid Lee Child fan, I was very excited to read an advance copy of Blue Moon provide by Better Reading. Jack Reacher is back and as usual this book is fast-paced and action packed. This time he encounters Aaron Shevick on a Greyhound bus who is asleep with a large envelope of money lolling out of his jacket. Reacher is not the only one to notice. He follows the old man off the bus and prevents him being mugged by a fellow passenger. From there he uncovers a city under siege by rival factions. This book follows a similar trajectory to Child’s others but I can’t help but feel the formula is getting a little tired. Definitely a lot more violence and gratuitous deaths than his other books, but also without any real character development. If you’re a Reacher fan you’ll still enjoy it as I did, it’s just not my favourite. – Julie, VIC, 2 stars

Perhaps not as complex a storyline and characters to unravel as other Lee Child novels, but the action still draws you in from the start, with the last half of the story racing through the pages until suddenly, you’re finished. A gripping, suspenseful and all round enjoyable read. – Jacqui, NSW, 4 stars

This was my first Jack Reacher book. I thought they weren’t for females. I loved it! Will be looking to read more of Lee Child’s books. Great storyline. How following an old man off a bus could lead to such an interesting story unraveling! – Kay, QLD, 5 stars

Lee Child’s ‘Blue Moon’ is the first in his Jack Reacher series that I’ve read. The hero, a former Military Policeman, comes to the aid of an elderly couple who have got involved with a loan shark. The story is set in an unidentified American city, where Ukrainian and Albanian gangs are battling for control. Reacher’s personality was quickly established as was his ability to read people and situations. The body count is high and the methods are inventive in this fast paced read. Of course Reacher meets a woman who seems to have no problem going along with his plans and risking her own life. The level of violence is probably typical of this type of book but I found it off putting – and I’m very glad that there is less access to guns in our community than in the US. I imagine that this title would be well received by many readers, but I won’t be seeking out any more of Jack Reacher’s adventures. – Penny, VIC, 2 stars

Blue Moon reads as a standalone if, like me, you are new to the series. When Reacher helps an elderly man after an attempted mugging he inadvertently gets caught up in the Albanian and Ukrainian turf wars in an unnamed American city. Once Reacher becomes involved you know the odds move in your favour. But it’s not an easy road to recompense. Reacher teams up with an unlike bunch of civilians, Hogan an ex marine, Barton a musician, Vantresca an ex Army Commander and Abby a waitress. The fighting was brutal and bloody and I wondered whether this group would really shake it off so easily. What starts as a minor take-over, in the city’s criminal underbelly, escalates to an out of control tit for tat as the two gangs have no idea what they are fighting over. The story is filled with plenty of action and danger, including blow by blow descriptions as every situation is sized up in full detail. The inclusion of dry humour is a respite from the violence. The body count is high in this novel. I lost count at forty-five! If you are new to the series or already a Reacher fan this book will not disappoint. – Veronica, NSW, 4 stars

Blue Moon is the first story by Lee Child I read and I’m afraid I will not pick up another one of his books. Whilst I know he’s a best-selling and very popular crime writer, I just cannot see why, based on this book. The main character, Jack Reacher, helps out an older couple who have fallen victim to mafia loan sharks after needing to raise money for their daughter’s medical treatment. At first, I thought the author might want to address some concerning societal issues in the US but, I very quickly found out it was an excuse to start on a journey of blood and gore, guns and violence which is so over-the-top it becomes absurd. Reacher seems high on testosterone and adopts a look-how-good-I-am attitude which really annoyed me. The only reason I finished this book is because I was sent a preview copy and promised to write a review. If not, I would have stopped reading after a few chapters. – Gwen, VIC, 1 star

Jack Reacher is back in the latest instalment by Lee Child, entitled ‘Blue Moon’ Jack Reacher fights to protect innocent people from danger, and the violence that they are surrounded by. Fast paced, filled with thrilling adventures the latest book is a fantastic addition to the series. – Lydia, VIC, 4 stars

This is the first Jack Reacher book I’ve read so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was like the movies but better. Well written, strong characters and an actual plot. The violence was a little off-putting, and there was a lot of it, but it was also central to the storyline. It’s definitely made me want to read more of Reacher’s operations. – Jodie, WA, 4 stars

My first Lee Child book – BLUE MOON – I could not finish this book.  I wanted to like it I tried and kept going hoping to settle into it.  It was not a thriller I found it violent and totally unbelievable and not entertaining or well written.  If this is the typical standard of Lee Child I am surprised at how popular he is.  I am sorry however feel the need to be honest with my reviews.  My husband has read many of his books so I asked him to read as well, he did not get very far and was disappointed also.  – Debbie, VIC, 1 star

Jack Reacher is a loner, a drifter and an ex-military cop. He’s currently in a stirring situation travelling on an American Greyhound bus. He has his eyes on an old guy aged around seventy who has fallen asleep with a thick envelope, the type used to hold money, hanging precariously out of his pocket. A young guy with a thin goatee and greasy hair dead ahead on the bus is also taking an interest and watching the envelope. The old guy wakes up for his stop, the young guy instantly gets up to follow him, so does Jack. When the mugger makes his move on the old guy, Jack steps in to rescue him and then escorts the old man safely home. He learns that the old couple, named Aaron and Maria Shevick are indebted to and in trouble with dangerous loan sharks. Jack becomes involved in the old couples dilemma and finds himself in the centre of a turf war with two deadly rival groups, Albanians and Ukrainians. Jack teams up with Abby, a waitress he meets in a bar with a secret of her own. There’s a deluge of shootings, violence and killings and many strategic moves by Jack but at the end of the day he’s trying to help out the good guys and kill the bad ones. A fast paced crime story, that will keep you on your toes. – Gloria, SA, 3 stars

This is a kind of modern fairytale; the hero who rides in from parts unknown, rescues the innocent, seduces the fair damsel, and then rides off into the sunset. This structure works better than you might think, giving you a kind of hope that if you’re ever in trouble, Jack Reacher might come to town. This is an outstanding thriller. I have no doubt fans will be satisfied by it, and if, like me, you’re discovering Jack Reacher for the first time, you’re quite likely to find yourself hooked on the series. You don’t need to have read any previous novels to enjoy this one. The characterisation is excellent. Reacher is surrounded by entirely believable and distinct characters. Their actions and decisions are all believable. We understand how they got into this mess and why they accept the rather extreme help Reacher offers. Interestingly, although a lot of people wind up hurt or dead, this doesn’t immediately feel like a violent novel. The violence is described in an almost clinical way, and Child doesn’t linger over the injuries and deaths. It makes you flinch, but somehow it’s not gruesome. It’s a great reading experience if you like thrillers. – Lorraine, ACT, 5 stars

Lee Child’s latest adventure of Jack Reacher is utterly unputdownable! From the moment Reacher decides to intervene in a simple street mugging until the high paced conclusion we are swept along in the tail wind of this fast-paced thriller. Set in a small town in the USA, the local crime lords are embroiled in a gang rivalry tit for tat with Reacher hovering on the edges. The reader is caught up into the machinations of a big game picture whilst following the story of an ordinary couple driven to desperate measures. Reacher operates outside the law to try and deliver street justice to the victims and ensure the perpetrators pay the full price. A thrilling ride for the reader with enough twists and turns to keep you turning those pages as quickly as you can. Blue Moon is highly recommended for readers of Jack Reacher stories, or for those who love an exciting thriller. – Chris, QLD, 5 stars

LOVED this read. Drew you in and kept you turning pages until the end and still i want more. – Sally, VIC, 5 stars

Before Blue Moon I had never read a Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child. The upside is though that I cannot compare Blue Moon against other Jack Reacher novels. I’m going to be honest, I would have liked more character development/depth, however it was a fun, fast paced read. Blue Moon was great escapism and just what I needed. – Regina, NSW, 3 stars

Book 24 and Jack Reacher is in the midst of a ‘pear’ corner between rival gangs. There is an ongoing body count taken by each side and an internal count down for Jack ‘seven days…six days’ Yet again, Jack is wanting to assist a couple who are trying to pay off loan sharks, in order to fund their daughters medical costs. I had to date never read a Lee Child book, but had heard the hype from other family members so was thrilled to read it as to not miss out on all the fun. Unfortunately, I am worired that book 24 of the Jack Reachers series seem to have lost some ‘spunk’. The style of the writting made me feel like I was reading a movie script. From what I hear, the previous books in the series were very character driven. This was more based on body counts and violence which at times boarded on hilarious. The love interest was lack luster and at times I thought ‘oh yes where has she been’? I wanted so much to love it, but I have to say, that perhaps Reacher needs to get set off to a nice island location and retire. – Katarzyna, VIC, 1 star

Thanks to Better Reading for the opportunity to preview this book. I enjoyed reading Blue Moon and finished it in one sitting. It was interesting to read how gangs operate and about the sophisticated communications and logistical arrangements they use to run their businesses. In Blue Moon, the two gangs operated different sections of the city with clear demarcation. This all became chaotic as the environment changed. Mixed in with this was Jack Reacher trying to help an elderly, desperate couple who were in debt to a loan shark. As the bodies started to pile up, confusion reigned in the gangs as to who was behind the deaths. The story line was simple however the strategies used by Jack Reacher to deal with the various situations were more complex and clever. I liked the fast paced, easy read and was absorbed with action. – Sandra, ACT, 4 stars

Another page turning ripper by Lee Child! As usual I couldn’t put this book down. The new Jack Reacher adventure does not disappoint. Edgy and somehow also touching, we get to see more of the softer side of Reacher but in a storey totally packed with action. I hope this one makes it to the big screen – Rachel, QLD, 5 stars

I have read a few of the early Jack Reacher books but due to the fact that they are mostly stand-alone stories I was excited to read the latest in the series. I had a great time reading this book – the think that I liked the most was that unlike other action/thrillers where the hero always does the “right” thing Reacher does whatever it takes to get the job done once he picks a side. This makes for an exciting read as you’re never sure whether he will let someone go or tie up the loose ends in order to ensure the safety of his friends. Some parts could be a little far-fetched (a disparate group of misfits coming together to help out an old couple and doing ANYTHING to achieve their aims) – but I loved this about the book. It’s pure escapist fantasy but I was hooked from the start – especially with Reacher’s ruthlessness, thought processes and tactics knowledge. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s on the top level of thrillers in my opinion. I’m now increasing my Lee Child collection as a result of this!!! Highly recommended. – Sean, ACT, 5 stars

This was my first encounter with ‘Jack Reacher’, Lee Child’s main character. And I totally loved this installment!! I thought the characters were believable and relatable, the plot was possibly a little extreme (for a one man show) but very enjoyable none the less. I was hooked from the beginning. Very much a page turner for me!! Happy to say, this won’t be my last ‘Reacher’ novel. – Rebecca, TAS, 5 stars

Delve into the deep, dark, criminal underbelly of a society targeting the most vulnerable. An innocent couple soon find themselves in the centre of two rival gangs. This intricately developed plot intertwines the theme of good versus evil. Jack Reacher, the protagonist, is the embodiment of power and integrity. A truly breathtaking storyline where ‘once in a blue moon things turn out just right’. – Chloe, VIC, 4 stars

Men want to be him. Women want to be with him. There is a reason why a Jack Reacher book is sold every nine seconds across the world. Jack Reacher is both charismatic and enigmatic. In this latest instalment of the Reacher series, Jack Reacher yet again finds himself knee deep in trouble. He seems to find ordinary people in difficult circumstances. The body count is always high but it matches the action and smart punchy dialogue. A Jack Reacher novel is always a guaranteed enjoyable read that will keep you reading well past bedtime. – Hayley, SA, 4 stars

I found Blue Moon easy to read, I finished it in only a few short days as the plot, although it had a lot of characters, was easy to follow. The main character, Jack Reacher, was portrayed as somewhat of an indestructible superhero and although some of the ‘bad guy v good guy’ scenes were probably not realistic, I still found myself hoping for him to come out victorious. His whole mission, in this book, did seem a little random, but I have not read any other books in this series, so perhaps this is his usual MO or there is a backstory I have no yet read. Overall, a good book for anyone into action / thriller / mystery fans. – Meg, VIC, 4 stars

If you’ve read any of Lee Child’s other Jack Reacher tales, you’ll know he’s good in a fight, stands up for the little guy and doesn’t mind a bit of justified bloodshed. But Blue Moon is the most violent yet and not for the faint-hearted. Although Reacher’s casualties are all baddies, the body-count is substantial and I found it a bit too much at times, especially when he was casually checking in with his companions before delivering death sentences; playing judge, jury and executioner. Maybe he’s been on the road too long, cos Reacher seemed very jaded in this outing. However there’s plenty of action, clever strategies and Reacher-know-how, a good cause and a love interest, so if you can cope with the viciousness, you’ll be satisfied. – Em, NSW, 3 stars

Lee Child is described in the author bio of Blue Moon as ‘one of the world’s leading thriller writers’. Unfortunately, I did not find this book to be a thriller – a crime novel, yes, but not a thriller. There is very little real suspense, and whilst there is a lot of fast-paced action, much of it is too far-fetched to be believable. I found next to no character development, and what there is, is clichéd – the bad guys are all bad, dull, unintelligent and bad shots, the good guys are all clever, honourable, indestructible and very good at whatever they attempt, even if they’ve had no previous experience. Add long repetitive explanations of Reacher’s reasoning and equally long repetitive descriptions of the unrealistic bloodbaths, and that’s basically the whole book. I couldn’t help comparing it to another book I read recently – Lois Murphy’s Soon – which, though a horror-thriller rather than a crime-thriller, managed to create a story that kept me so on the edge of my seat that I read the whole book in one sitting. Some readers may enjoy the fast-paced, action-filled narrative of Blue Moon, but for me, this was not only my first Jack Reacher novel, but also my last. – Dominique, SA, 1 star

Throughly enjoyed this new Jack Reacher adventure, Jack helps an elderly couple and in the process takes on Ukrainians and Albanians who are rival gangs this book is fast paced till the end and a great read – Gavin, NSW, 5 stars

Fans of Jack Reacher are going to love this book from the start to the finish action packed, Reacher takes on not 1 but 2 highly dangerous rival gangs in his quest to help an elderly couple ( no spoilers ) Lee Child has certainly written a best seller of a book – Deborah, NSW, 5 stars

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          Reacher sits in the back of a Greyhound bus watching an old man asleep in his seat, a fat envelope of money about to slip from his pocket. Reacher's also watching a guy who would like to get his hands on that money. Ain't gonna happen. The old man is grateful and thanks Reacher but turns down Reacher's offer to help him home. Huh? He's vulnerable, frightened, and clearly in big trouble.Coincidentally (or is it? - it's a Reacher novel, after all), this city has a gang problem. The Albanians vs. Ukrainians. Is that why the man is so scared? Will Reacher sit back and let bad things happen? Or can he twist the situation to everyone's benefit?"This is a random universe," he says. "Once in a blue moon things turn out just right."
          Lee Child
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          Lee Child

          Lee Child is one of the world’s leading thriller writers. He was born in Coventry, raised in Birmingham, and now lives in New York. It is said one of his novels featuring his hero Jack Reacher is sold somewhere in the world every nine seconds. His books consistently achieve the number-one slot on bestseller lists around the world and have sold over one hundred million copies. Lee is the recipient of many awards, most recently Author of the Year at the 2019 British Book Awards. He was appointed CBE in the 2019 Queen's Birthday Honours.

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