Preview Reviews: I Will Miss You Tomorrow by Heine Bakkeid

Preview Reviews: I Will Miss You Tomorrow by Heine Bakkeid

I Will Miss You Tomorrow  by Heine Bakkeid is the first in a new Norwegian crime series featuring disgraced ex-Chief Inspector Thorkild Aske, a damaged man with a complicated past. Tormented by his past, Thorkild soon finds himself deep in treacherous waters. He’s lost his reputation – will he now lose his life?

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The sacked and disgraced chief-inspector Thorkild straight-out of a stint in prison has been called by old acquaintances to help find their missing child. This Norwegian thriller deals with hidden circumstances that begins with a love lost and ends in lives found. To be enjoyed on a cold winter night sipping on a winter cocktail. – Deanne, VIC, 5 stars

Cleverly plotted, intriguing, complex, gripping and dark new Nordic Noir. ‘I Will Miss You Tomorrow’ is Heine Bakkeid first book in a the new Thorkild Aske series. Ok this one is a bit different from other Nordic Noir books but it still keeps you reading into the late hours of the night. Thorkild Aske is an ex-police investigator who has just been released from a 3-year stint in jail from an accidental death. True to other ex-cops, in books like this one, Thorkild is fighting his inner demons and mental health problems, which of course he would have been an ex-cop. Can you imagine what he has seen over his career which I’m sure we will read in books to come in the series. To fight these inner demons, he has taken up drinking and a s*** load of prescription drugs. Due to this I was left wondering in parts if what was happening was a hallucination or reality. Greatly written by the way, because it left you wanting to read more. This book was about Thorkild taking up an investigation to find a missing man who was working on a lighthouse in a remote town in northern Norway. While investigating Thorkild uncovers that the light house has many dark and disturbing secrets. If you like Nordic Noir which is full of twists and turns ‘I Will Miss you Tomorrow’ is cool to read but I warn you it’s a bit different. – Maria, SA, 4 stars

I preface this review by saying that “I Will Miss You Tomorrow” is not the type of book I would normally choose to read. Having said that, I found that I was carried away by a novel that is original and has a clever plot. For those that enjoy dark crime fiction then this is the book for you. The story is gripping and edgy, and the writing is fresh and draws you in. As this is the first book in a new series, I’m sure Heine Bakkeid will continue to deliver with the rest of the series. A great psychological thriller. – Christine, QLD, 3 stars

I found this dark and haunting crime thriller deeply intriguing. It’s a powerful page-turner that leaves you in suspense. The main character was extraordinary and the writing exceptional in a maritime landscape. This is the first in a new crime series featuring ex-Chief Inspector Thorkild Aske and has been translated from Norwegian. Thorkild is a damaged man, wounded by his past. He is a disgraced ex-Chief Inspector and has just been released from jail after serving a prison sentence for manslaughter. We follow his torturous journey where he’s persuaded to find a woman’s missing son, supposedly drowned while out diving. She wants his body found but what Thorkild finds is a faceless young woman’s dead body. Great read! I look forward to reading the second in the series. – Gloria, SA, 4 stars

Gripping and tense, this had me hooked from the very first page. Perfect for lovers of crime thrillers. – Erin, QLD, 3 stars

Dark, gritty, and atmospheric, you will be completely transported by the wonderfully written and translated novel, I Will Miss you Tomorrow by Heine Bakkeid. I Will Miss You Tomorrow tells the story of Thorkild Aske, a disgraced former police inspector imprisoned for fatally injuring his companion **redacted due to potential spoilers**, while driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. After his release from prison, Thorkild is compelled to travel to the north of Norway to investigate the disappearance of the 27-year old son of his associates. The novel is partially set in the present as Thorkild seeks to unravel the mystery of the missing 27-year old man. Flashbacks are also interspersed throughout the novel, slowly unveiling the nature of the relationship between Thorkild and Frei. Both timelines are extremely interesting, with multilayered mysteries revealed throughout the book. Rather than a thrilling page-turner, this is a richly multifaceted mystery to be uncovered and savoured. The author further injected the story with a supernatural/mystical element that I was not expecting but truly enjoyed. The writing is sparse but perfectly transmitted a strong sense of place: I felt chilly despite reading it over a few hot summer days. I highly recommend this book. – Amanda, QLD, 5 stars

An intriguing tale full of twists and turns, I Will Miss You Tomorrow is gripping until the very end. Heine Bakkeid cleverly presents this crime thriller with an unexpected supernatural element. Ex-policeman and damaged protagonist Thorkild Aske brings readers on a tumultuous journey and forces one to face the question, what is actually real? Thank you Better Reading for the advanced copy. – Sarah, VIC, 4 stars

Thorkild Aske, former police interrogator, has recently been released from prison when he is asked by an acquaintance to look into the disappearance of his son. Thorkild is not keen but decides to take the job hoping it will take his mind off his own pain. His search takes him to an abandoned lighthouse where his mind starts to spiral into depression. I Will Miss You Tomorrow is eerie, tense and atmospheric. Told in the first person by Thorkild the reader is left questioning what is real as our narrator lives on a cocktail of drugs. Nordic Noir with a good dose of disquiet. – Veronica, NSW, 4 stars

I was thrilled to have an opportunity to review the first book in a new crime series, I Will Miss you Tomorrow. The novel is set in Norway involving ex-policeman Thorkild Aske who has just been released from prison. Thorkild is a damaged man and has not recovered from being involved in the death of **redacted due to potential spoilers**. All Thorkild wants to do is spend his days dreaming about Frei, yet when Frei’s cousin goes missing, his family ask Thorkild to investigate, he is forced to confront his demons and help them. Once he starts investigating though he realises not everything is as it seems and as the mystery deepens Thorkild’s own life will be in danger. I can’t say too much without giving parts of the story away, but I really enjoyed the first novel in this series. I love that Thorkild is not a perfect character and he has to overcome many of his own demons during the novel. The Scandinavian setting in the novel was a real highlight for me and really added to the atmosphere of the novel. I look forward to following Thorkild’s character as the series develops. Thanks Better Reading for an opportunity to review this novel. – Kim, VIC, 4 stars

A gripping page turner murder mystery that is not without red-herrings, complex characters and dark themes, trigger warning for mentions of alcohol and drug abuse and mental illness. Our protagonist is complicated and completely flawed, a character that you can’t help but to root for, or at least feel sorry for, that makes for an overall captivating and sometimes unbelievable read. It is clear that Bakkeid can string together a story with what at first seems like unrelated details and sometimes borderline paranormal events, but the dramatic climax of ‘I Will Miss You Tomorrow’ makes for an overall powerful and haunting read. – Vivian, NSW, 4 stars

I found it hard to get into this one. Being a Norwegian book, I struggled to relate to the characters and locations. However after a few chapters I started to really enjoy the story line. – Brielle, NSW, 3 stars

A dark and complicated thriller, however this is a genre that I don’t enjoy reading. I haven’t read a translated book before so it took me a while to get used to the names and places not being familiar.. – Cassandra, NSW, 2 stars

What an exciting debut novel! Heine Bakkeid has written a complex, multi-faceted narrative and keeps us guessing right up to the thrilling conclusion. Former Norwegian Police Chief Inspector of Internal Affairs, Thorkild Aske, struggles with his own personal demons after release from prison. Aske finds himself entwined in the mysterious disappearance of a young man from a small island off the coast. Compelled to seek out the truth, Aske finds himself battling the complications and ghosts of his past which frustrate his efforts to find answers. – Chris, QLD, 5 stars

What a debut novel! I went into this book with no expectations and was blown out of the water. The characters are relatable, the plot believable and I can imagine this being made in to a movie. Although the mood of the writing was dark, I think the elements of the weather and the characters moods added to this element. I really enjoyed this novel and couldn’t pick the ending. – Mel, NSW, 4 stars

Interesting read – Sally, VIC, 4 stars

I didn’t want to like this book, but I ended up loving it. With each chapter, I was drawn into the head and struggle of protagonist Thorkild Aske, an ex-policeman struggling to adjust to life after being dismissed from the police force, being torn away from the woman he loves and largely living life amidst a haze of addiction. Part Robert Ludlum, part Steig Larsson, with elements of Stephen King, Norweigian author Heine Bakkeid draws us into imagining what it would be like to lose a loved one in tragic circumstances. We learn of Thorkild’s demons through a number of flashbacks throughout the story, which Bakkeid successfully employs to maintain the mystery and build the tension of the story. With the ever increasing popularity of the crime thriller, it would be easy to fall into cliches and generic plot-lines, however, Bakkeid creates unique, believable characters that leave you engrossed long after the last page is read. The success of the novel stems from the fact that we can see pieces of ourselves in the characters we encounter. Who hasn’t had their head turned by a beautiful woman? Who hasn’t faced a tragedy that has irrevocably altered the course of their life? Who hasn’t let their work overtake the way they live? Although we may not always find ourselves in a gritty, Norwegian fishing village, the enduring themes of love, loss and overcoming hardship are universally experienced, making this novel a joy to read.. I look forward to encountering Thorkild Aske in future adventures! He would never be able to leave his detective nature behind, but where will it take him next? – Angela, NSW, 4 stars

This book was a bit of a tricky one.I’m not sure if it was a bit slow to get going or some meaning was lost in the translation from Norwegian to English? I wasn’t on the edge of my seat, like other mysteries of read before, instead I felt like yelling out to Thorkild Aske to get on with things! Sadly, not a fan of this novel. – Vanessa, NSW, 1 star

I Will Miss you Tomorrow follows an ex Chief inspector who upon his release from prison is asked to conduct an investigation into the disappearance of a young man off the coast of Norway. This is just the start of the very complex Thorkild Askes journey. Managing extreme chronic pain while facing adversity due to his checkered past Thorkild stumbles through the investigation while managing the grief of the anguished missing young boy’s mother. Throughout the book you become familiar with the gruff and abrupt Thorkild with glimmers of his softer side. Thorkild manages to put just about everyone he comes in contact with off-side or placed in danger. The book was an interesting read with suspense moments to keep you guessing right up until the final conclusion. – Jude, SA, 4 stars

“I Will Miss You Tomorrow” is set in a stark, freezing and unforgiving part of the world. Once I warmed to the complicated main character, Thorkild Aske, I was hooked! Heine Bakkeid writes very descriptively and one grisly, confronting scene in particular will have your toes curling! A great read. – Kelly, QLD, 4 stars

Put together a damaged ex-cop with a legal drug habit; cold, ice and snow; a fjord; a not-insubstantial body count; a jack-in-the-box corpse; a missing son; an uninhabited lighthouse on a remote island; a few locals whose agenda is unclear; just a hint of paranormal. It all adds up to an excellent dose of Scandi Noir that keeps the pages turning and the reader guessing until the final chapters. – Marianne, NSW, 5 stars

Lurid is the word that keeps coming to mind when I think about “I Will Miss You Tomorrow”. The violence is not graphic, but between Aske’s drug fuelled hallucinations, suicidal fantasies, and the crimes being committed, no other word seems to come close to describing the action. The damaged investigator is a common trope, but Aske is one of the most comprehensively damaged I’ve ever come across. Brain damaged, suicidal, drug addicted, divorced, unemployed, in mourning, and with his reputation in tatters. It’s not surprising that no-one trusts him. He’s not a likable character, and I struggled to empathise. At best, by the end of the novel, I felt neutral towards him. The strange – but convincing – plot, the way Bakkeid reveals information gradually, and the vividly drawn Norwegian setting made this a strong novel. If anything let the novel down, it was the unappealing central character, and that other characters were obscure or taciturn. Readers will find it hard to identify a character that they can feel a warm interest in. Crime readers will enjoy this, particularly those who enjoy Scandinavian crime novels. However, it may struggle to connect with readers who aren’t already immersed in the sub-genre. – Lorraine, ACT, 4 stars

This was a different book from what I am used to reading but is something I thought I would like. And it wasn’t that I didn’t like it I just found it a bit hard to read at times. The story was very far-fetched and unbelievable, but then I guess it is a fantasy style of novel so you would expect that. There were times I enjoyed the suspense and thrill of the story but being translated I think the story got lost a bit. I can’t really say much more as in the end it seemed quite depressing and sometimes just weird! If you take the good with the bad I would say it was an average read and a genre that is not high on my preferred list. – Donna, TAS, 2 stars

I really tried, truly, but just couldn’t engage with this book. I love Nordic Noir, but it read more like a supernatural thriller, generally not my cup of tea though to be fair. The main character’s struggle with injury and mental trauma contributes to the divergence from a straight mystery, and i did struggle with a sense of missing backstory, although this also could be due to my failure to engage.  I would read another book by the author though, to avoid making decisions on one example – Juanita, NSW, 2 stars

Overall the book was good and might appeal to a lot of readers but I had a hard time reading it just not my type of book – Rhonda, NSW, 2 stars

Was an interesting read – quite the mystery – Sally, VIC, 3 stars

While overall I enjoyed I will Miss You Tomorrow by Heine Bakkeid, I did find parts of it a bit confusing. The supernatural thread lost me at a few points and it was never really resolved. I think readers who enjoy crime and supernatural themed stories will like this one. – Alice, NSW, 3 stars

I Will Miss You Tomorrow is a psychological drama with gothic components. It is a Norwegian crime fiction, the first in a planned new series featuring disgraced ex police officer Thorkild Aske. Aske has recently been released from prison and a psychiatric hospital. He was charged with the death of the woman he loved, Frei. They were both in drug induced state when the car they were in crashed killing Frei and injuring Aske. On his release and with all his demons he is asked to search for Frei’s cousin Rasmus who has gone missing on the rugged coast. The weather is horrendous and so is Aske’s state of mind. Despite being tortured by his past he is determined to find the missing young man and solve the case. It took me a while to get into the book but the characters are well developed and I began to really hope that Aske got his life and his reputation back. A gripping, suspenseful read! – Karyn, ACT, 4 stars

I’ve just finished reading my early reading copy of I will miss you tomorrow by Heine Bakkeid thanks to Better Reading and Bloomsbury publishing Australia. It is a crime novel translated from Norwegian. It’s the first of a new series which features the character Thorkild Aske. I’m not sure if the novel has lost some of the character development in the translation but they lack personality and warmth. Thorkild in an ex chief inspector who is on the outs with his colleagues after a stint in prison after killing someone. He’s also suffering mental health issues and has panic attacks. He’s been asked to take up a case involving a young man missing off a remote island. He goes to investigate and finds no sign of the man however strange events start happening while he’s there. The body count rises and everyone quickly points the finger at him. I’d like to read the next edition in the series to see if he becomes more relatable as his character unfolds. Thanks for opportunity to read this unusual but intriguing book – Janet, NSW, 3 stars

“I will miss you tomorrow” by Heine Bakkeid is fantastic read. Thorkild Aske is an ex-policeman fresh out of prison, asked by a relative to find the cousin of the woman he loves. The hero of the story, Thorkild is a sad and sorry sight, beaten down by the loss of his love and career. Throughout the book you see more and more, the real side to Thorkild and his brilliant analytical mind. His demons from years past trying to drag him down whilst his personal honour drives him on. Bekkeid brings the scenes to life with impressive descriptive means allowing the reader to create the scenes in their head. I found myself wanting to wrap up in a warm blanket whilst reading this. A chilling crime and psychological thriller in one. I can’t wait for the next book in the Thorkild Aske series. – Leigh, VIC, 5 stars

A great book for murder / thriller / crime fans, like myself! The protagonist, Thorklind Aske, is fresh from prison and appears to be (well, mostly is) a dysfunctional mess – but his backstory is slowly told and very captivating. The crime that he is investigating is the disappearance of a young man, which takes place on an isolated island off the coast of Norway – the perfect setting to create an eerie atmosphere. I won’t spoil the plot but there is plenty of crime and lots of twists to keep you guessing. – Meg, VIC, 4 stars

It took me a little while to engage with “I will miss you tomorrow” but once I understood the basic history, I was immersed in it. The motive to continue to read was the potential redemption of Thorkild Aske as well as the excellent descriptions. There are quite a few unappealing characters that add interest including Aske. Heine Bakkeid paints grim, frozen landscapes, insular towns and chilly, moody waters. There are two scenes that stay with me in particular – the comprehensive autopsy and the underwater discoveries and challenges. This is the first book in a series so not all the answers and back histories are provided. I expect I will just need to get the next book to satisfy my curiosity. – Sandra, ACT, 3 stars

I wanted to read this book in a single sitting. It lured me in without me even realizing it and had me hooked. Mysterious, a little bit dark and entirely intriguing. It’s not the kind of book I would normally pick up but once I did I didn’t want to put it down! It was thought provoking and raw and had me gripped until the very end. – Belinda, VIC, 5 stars

Unfortunately this book didn’t suit my taste. It had the premise of a fantastic plot, but I just seemed like it fell flat. The author has an odd sense of writing- they like using offensive writing a lot. I couldn’t get past the first few chapters. I wish the author every success. – Bec, QLD, 1 star

Heine Bakkeid congratulations you have written a hell of a great book, this murder mystery is set in Norway, Thorkild Aske is the main character he is an ex police inspector with a troubled pass and still not coping at all ( no spoilers ) a real page turner of a book with an ending I never saw coming – Deborah, NSW, 5 stars

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            Publisher details

            I Will Miss You Tomorrow
            Heine Bakkeid
            Crime Fiction, Mystery
            14 November, 2019


            The first in a new Norwegian crime series featuring disgraced ex-Chief Inspector Thorkild Aske, a damaged man with a complicated past Fresh out of prison and a stint in a psychiatric hospital, disgraced ex-policeman Thorkild Aske only wants to lose himself in drugged dreams of his beloved Frei. Wild, unknowable Frei. The woman he loved. The woman he has lost forever.Yet when Frei's young cousin goes missing off the Norwegian coast and Thorkild is called in by the family to help find him, dead or alive, Thorkild cannot refuse. He owes them this.Tormented by his past, Thorkild soon finds himself deep in treacherous waters. He's lost his reputation – will he now lose his life?
            Heine Bakkeid
            About the author

            Heine Bakkeid

            Heine Bakkeid (b. 1974) grew up in the rugged landscape of Northern Norway, where mist-shrouded waters meet some of Scandinavia’s most striking mountain formations. Bakkeid made his literary debut in 2005 when he published a spy novel for young adults. Since then he has gone on to write several novels for young readers. The acclaimed I Will Miss You Tomorrow - the first installment in the Thorkild Aske series - was Bakkeid’s first venture into crime fiction, and earned him the critics’ recognition as a virtuoso of darkly atmospheric suspense. The series’ dark undertones and windswept landscapes are fetched from Bakkeid’s own native North.

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