Your Preview Verdict: Daughters of Eve by Nina D. Campbell

Your Preview Verdict: Daughters of Eve by Nina D. Campbell

An unputdownable feminist revenge thriller from a bold new voice in the genre.

When a high-profile murder lands literally at her feet, Detective Emilia Hart sees a chance to expand her caseload beyond the endless succession of domestic violence matters she is forced to investigate. But this is no simple investigation.

Another body turns up, then another. Then more – a lot more. All men, all shot, with a similar MO. It’s not until a manifesto taking credit for the crimes is published by a group calling themselves Daughters of Eve that Hart confirms a link between the victims: all of them had been perpetrators themselves. All had offended against women or children. Few had been charged with those crimes – and none convicted.

As panic sets in and chaos rules the streets, the police draw ever closer to the Daughters of Eve, but the serial killer continues to elude them. Again, Hart sees something that everyone else has missed. And what that is, she cannot believe.

A stunning debut that will take you to the edge and dare you to look down.

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Wow, this stunning crime thriller has stayed on my mind since I finished reading. It was absolutely captivating! The storyline is suspenseful, unique and filled with emotional depth that kept me flipping those pages. This is an outstanding debut and one that you do not want to miss!! What surprised me about the book is it’s depth. I found it heart wrenching, and as the story unfolded, the heaviness in my heart deepened. This is a crime story unlike others I have read because it covers the very tough topic of abuse and violence against women and children, but in a compassionate way that really makes you think. This beautiful book had me caring deeply for the main character Detective Hart as she works the case while carrying long buried traumas of her own, and I also cared for her two daughters and other characters in the story. I felt for them, hoped for them and my heart went out to them. What is also brilliant, is how the compelling story unfolds and the plot thickens… and continues to do so! It is so wonderful. This book is a must read!! Chryssie, QLD, 5 Stars

There’s a war going on – but who are the real enemies? This struggle to find the enemy and stop the killings is fast paced, full of suspects and motives and a growing disquiet that had me riveted and reading way beyond my bedtime! Nina Campbell is another new voice in Australian crime fiction and if Daughters of Eve is any indication of what’s to come, then we are in for some wild rides. A great read! Kirsten, WA, 5 Stars

A face paced thriller. I couldn’t put the book down. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and feel there should be a sequel. I recommend this read. Luciana, WA, 5 Stars

I really enjoyed this fast paced debut crime novel by Australian author Nina D Campbell. I was hooked from the start by Em’s problematic day to day dealings in her role as Detective Sargeant in the very blokey homicide division, and in particular how she deals with her less than appreciative (male) colleagues, and the jostling that goes on to be leading the team solving a major murder… that could affect, badly or well, their careers. Having been sidelined from the team to solve a murder she witnessed, it becomes obvious that her experience is essential in drawing the threads together to solve the original murder, and all those that follow. As the bodies mount up, the similarities between the victims become more obvious, but there is no obvious suspect and the tension builds to a truly unexpected climax. Em is a heroine with heart and decency, and comes across as a regular, fallible woman in a very difficult situation. I recommend this book to anyone wanting to get their teeth into something different, and from a home grown author. Lynn, NSW, 5 Stars

Amazing book! I’m hooked on TV crime drama shows so I was hesitant whether a book could give me just as much satisfaction. I read it in two days so I guess you could say it did! Can totally relate to Emilia working in a mens world. Would recommend. Alanna, TAS, 5 Stars

This is an impressive, well-plotted debut novel set in Sydney. Detective Emilia Hart is a strong, likeable, rounded character, somehow both hard-bitten and vulnerable and Nina Campbell gives us just enough back-story to begin with, so that we can immediately engage with her. The other characters are refreshingly non-stereotypical and I loved Emilia’s family. A high-profile defence barrister is murdered and Emilia is first on the scene, but still needs to battle in order to win the right to investigate the case. As a detective working in the area of domestic violence and with a passion to see justice for abused women and girls, Emilia is also the first to see the link between what becomes a series of murders: all the victims have committed crimes against women or children but have not been convicted. This is a gripping, thought provoking thriller which brings to the fore a number of important themes from gender-based violence and sexual abuse to misogyny and preferential treatment within the police force; and the ethical question on the difference between justice and vengeance. A sensitive delivery of the message that we as a society need to take violence against women and misogyny seriously. Louise, VIC, 5 Stars

Wow what a wonderful book. A real crime lovers book. Full of intrigue and suspense throughout this book as a serious of murders happen. Investigative Detective Emilia Hart leads the search to discover who is responsible for a series of revenge killings. The plot, setting and storyline will have you drawn into this wonderful debut book from this Author . Was definitely a page turning novel, can’t wait to read more of this talented writer. Christine, QLD, 5 Stars

Daughters of Eve kept me enthralled from the first page to the last. By having empathy for the main characters, you end up hoping the murderers get away with it so justice is served. The author has your brain reeling to the total opposite direction of most thriller novels, which is also a wake up call about how the justice system works unfairly in some circumstances. Looking forward to the next novel by Nina D Campbell. Diana, VIC, 5 Stars

Loved Daughters of Eve by Nina D.Campbell. Its a captivating read,i could not put it down. Beware this book is a page turner you will not want to stop reading. The novel is written from the point of view of Detective Emilia Hart and strats off fast-paced with a murder on the first page! If you like crime fiction you will love this intense murder mystery thriller. An enjoyable and interesting read. Looking forward to Nina D.Campbels next book. Al, VIC, 5 Stars

The suspense and thrill of this book is outstanding. For a debut novel, this is incredible, what a wonderfully talented writer. Detective Sergeant Hart is a foster mother to two young teenage girls, whom she discovered living on the streets. Her daughters Rose and Grace have had a tough life on the streets, earning money whichever way they could, just to survive. The very first scene from this book is Detective Hart is exiting the court house with the crowd, after a court case has ended, shots are fired, people are scrambling and right in front of her a judge is shot dead by a sniper, Hart tends to the victim, takes of her coat and puts pressure on the wound, whilst the ambulance arrives. Hart begs to be assigned the homicide case, and uses her leverage as being a witness to the murder to get assigned the case. The case takes many twists and turns and ends up possibly becoming a serial murder case. I absolutely loved loved loved this book, I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is suspenseful, thought provoking, well researched and entertaining. I will definitely be keeping a copy of this in my home library and will be recommending to others. There is topics of rape and sex crimes so may not be suitable for all readers. 5 stars from me 🙂 Kylie, NSW, 5 Stars

A very entertaining and fabulous read. It was hard to put down and had my attention from the first page. Annette, NSW, 5 Stars

I couldn’t put this book down. Gripping, well written and holds the tension throughout the book till the end. Nina Campbell delves into gritty issues like child sex trafficking domestic violence, the judicial system and policing. Definitely not an easy read but very thought provoking! Catherine, ACT, 5 Stars

Thank you for my preview copy. To say I couldn’t put this book down is an understatement. The book starts quite literally with a bang and never stops delivering. I really loved this fantastic well written narrative with its twists and turns plus an ending I didn’t see coming. You got a real feel for the main character Emilia Hart, her life and what makes her tick Emilia is the perfect female lead flaws and all. There’s lots of emotional depth to this debut novel . Highly recommend for anyone who loves an edge of your seat thrilling read. Simone, WA, 5 Stars

A page turner from the beginning when it starts with a murder! Daughters of Eve is a crime novel I found hard to put down. The main character D. S. Hart is a strong female lead and very likeable person to follow into the world of crime.Can’t believe this is the authors debut novel. It’s like reading a Michael Robotham novel very well layed out but with a few turns and a lot of bodies lining up in the morgue you get to solve the murders along with Hart and her partner Robbo. Diving into the topic of offensives against women and children being a very hard topic to write about. Would highly recommend this book! Thanks for the opportunity to read and review. Debbie, WA, 5 Stars

Detective Sergeant Emilia Hart is foster mother to 2 daughters. All 3 have a history of abuse, so it’s not surprising that when the website ‘Daughters of Eve’ claims responsibility for the execution of unpunished DV offenders she is torn between her oath to protect and serve, and her family. Three deaths by gunshot have occurred in Sydney, more in Melbourne and the investigation is stalled, with no apparent suspects. The website invites names to be added to the list for execution, resulting in the body count escalating along with the panic in the streets. The army is deployed to maintain order, but the power imbalance between the sexes has been overturned. An exciting thriller with the topical theme of domestic violence, this book will have you reading uninterrupted to its unexpected conclusion. Thelma, QLD, 5 Stars

This book deals with vulnerable women and the aftermath of domestic violence and child abuse. However it also deals with how some of the characters channel their energies into overcoming their emotional challenges. Set in Sydney and Melbourne and immensely relatable and current. Lina, VIC, 5 Stars

I made a couple of terrible mistakes with this book. First, I started reading it on the train. Almost missed my stop. Then late at night I picked it up, thinking I’d just read a few pages before bed. Rookie error, as Emilia Hart might say. I finished the whole damn thing in one day (if you’re still awake, 2am counts as the same day, right?) Yes, this book is just that good. Enough of the standard fare of a crime thriller (hardnosed, somewhat scarred and jaded detective, petty politics, career-making or -breaking case) to satisfy aficionados of the genre and enough differences (female detective! Almost entirely female suspects [or killers? I’m not telling]!) to make it genuinely interesting. Nina Campbell has an excellent grasp of pacing and character development and throws enough red herrings in the reader’s path that the eventual reveal is genuinely startling. A really enjoyable and satisfying read. Amanda, WA, 5 Stars

What a fabulous debut novel. I could not put this book down. Full of suspense and mystery as well as drama. This book definitely brought all of the emotions the more I read it. I would recommend this novel for anyone looking at reading something new and edgy. Gisella, NSW, 5 Stars

What a page-turner! Daughters of Eve captured me immediately and it was a compulsive read for several reasons. Elilia Hart is a gutsy detective, good at her jo and a strong and admirable woman, although one who is not perfect. She struggles with discrimination at work while striving to be a loving and protective mother, pushing her own vulnerabilities and desires aside. The addition of male characters who are “good men” is a welcome inclusion which adds warmth and hope to a story which has dark themes. This is a timely novel as protection of vulnerable children and woman has never had more public discussion. Sexual predators, domestic violence, rape, abuse and the rights of women and children are never far from front page news and discussion. The need for action, and the capture and conviction of evil perpetrators, drives the plot. As unlikely as the climax might seem, we know that in these times we cannot predict what people are capable of or will happen in the world. While this is fiction, the plot and characters are plausible and it is a riveting read. For those who know Sydney, the setting is familiar and authentic yet we know that these scenarios are happening everywhere – the themes are universal. I hope this is the first in a series of Detective Hart crime novels. Diane, NSW, 5 Stars

Didn’t like to put this one down. Detective Hart is first on scene of a killing in the very first sentence of the book; battling male orientation in the work place she fights to have this case added to her caseload. She has worked domestic violence and is currently working cold cases but by being first on the scene she had made a head start on working the case and ended up co-working with another detective. Not wanting to give any spoilers, the story takes a couple of twists and turns and really makes you think about what ends up being at the centre of this story. A thoroughly enjoyable read. Glenys, NSW, 5 Stars

Daughters of Eve is an incredible debut thriller that keeps the reader captivated from the very first paragraph until the incredible, unpredictable end! Nina Campbell has created a feisty protagonist, Detective Sergeant Emilia Hart who is part of a task force trying to solve a series of murders initially taking place in Sydney. The story is incredibly powerful covering domestic violence, sexual abuse and children trafficking which leads to a moving end where the reader is left hopeful that change is imminent. A very dark and moving book that will stay with you long after the final word has been read. Such a fabulous booked, just loved it! Ilona, VIC, 5 Stars

The author, Nina D Campbell definitely has some twist and turns in her new to crime fiction Daughters of Eve. This book has to added to your to read list. Petrina, QLD, 4 Stars

Daughters of Eve is an engaging first novel by Nina D Campbell. It is a tense tale about Emilia Hart, as both Detective Sargeant and Foster Parent, who sees the worst that people can do to each other. She is dogged in her pursuit of the killer and had to fight hard in a male-dominated world, to be able to investigate the crimes. Well worth the read. Lisa, QLD, 4 Stars

Daughters of Eve by Nina D. Campbell is a fabulously written, fast-paced feminist thriller. The captivating storyline follows Detective Emilia Hart and colleagues on a panicked chase to find a serial killer targeting men accused of heinous acts towards women and children. While a fictional tale, the author uses her strong prose to highlight the very real issues of domestic and sexual violence that plague our nation and provides a necessary call to action that desperately needs to be heard by all. An enthralling albeit confronting read! Sarah, VIC, 4 Stars

Very enjoyable read, most characters were rounded and believable. The story moved along at a reasonable pace, the culprit not totally unexpected but the ending, while satisfying was not plausible. Kerrie, NSW, 4 Stars

A great detective book which introduces Emilia Hart single mother of two foster daughters. Emilia is investigating the deaths of males who have been involved in violence against women. It explores the involvement of The Daughters of Eve in the murders. The end is not what I expected but brought the story to a great climax I enjoyed the love interest and was pleased the way that this new beginning has the ability to continue. It will be easy to have a second Emilia Hart book and I hope there is. A new author for me and I am pleased to have read this book. Having lived in Sydney I can relate to some of the areas. Pat, QLD, 4 Stars

I was hooked from the very first chapter where a prominent Sydney lawyer is gunned down after leaving court where he was defending a sex predator in front of Detective Hart. This is only the beginning, when more men turn up murdered on the streets of Sydney then Melbourne, Hart finds there is a link to the crimes – they are all men involved in domestic and sexual violence against women. So begins the hunt for the killer or killers as homicide police attempt to unravel the puzzle. Hart is an engaging and raw character, she is strong, a sexual assault survivor and an advocate for women who have suffered sexual violence. Throughout the novel you are drawn into her many emotions relating to her job, her role as a mother, the flashbacks to memories from her past and the feelings she is fighting against for a Melbourne police detective whom she has had a previous dalliance with. Nina Campbell has woven an intriguing, page turning thriller that is guaranteed to keep you hooked to the very last page. Wendy, WA, 4 Stars

This is a fantastic debut novel. The novel is fast paced, well written and had me gripped from page one. The subject matter is topical and timely with its focus on violence against women and children. Although a work of fiction, you can easily imagine the events occurring in real life which, without being a spoiler alert, is frustrating and sad. So much more to be done to combat domestic violence, and the book’s point about the action taken when men start becoming victims is particularly visceral. I found the ending a little far fetched, but overall the book was still a great read. Wendi, VIC, 4 Stars

A really engaging read with a good ethical twist to make you think. From a detectives point of view, relatable, thorough and investigates all angles in this plot page turning read,  seen form a different perspective at time, i would recommend, hard to put down. Julie, NSW, 4 Stars

An unputdownable novel by debut author Nina Campbell that literally starts with a bang! Set in Sydney, Australia, murders are being committed with the same M.O and female police officer Emilia Hart needs to find the killer (or is it killers) fast, before chaos overcomes the City. A fast paced novel that the Reader will devour. A novel that could be a prequel to more in the future? If so, I will be amongst the first to read them! Margie, QLD, 4 Stars

A great contemporary crime fiction story and thriller. The plot involves a multiple murder investigation and crimes of violence against women that are often too common these days. Detective Emilia Hart , the main character is a wonderfully complex modern single mother of 2 adopted girls. Nina D. Campbell has written this story with much sensitivity and heart. It left me feeling emotional and moved. Original and sometimes confronting it’s a book that I would highly recommend. Karin, VIC, 4 Stars

I’m not usually a fan of first-person voices in novels, but in Daughters of Eve it works. The pacing is fantastic, I actually put time aside to read it instead of waiting for bedtime because I wanted to keep reading. The police procedural aspect of the novel is well written as well as being scathingly honest, and the mystery stays a mystery until the author’s reveal. The characters are not necessarily likable, but they are very relatable and manage to grow and develop over the course of the novel. The side romance wasn’t necessary, but it was enjoyable because Nina Campbell has given us a heroine that we are rooting for. Detective Emilia Hart is the sort of smart, brave and vulnerable MC that I want to read about. The book raises the issues of sexism and misogyny in the workplace (and elsewhere) and deals with them intelligently instead of trying to force a point of view across. The leap into the anti-#metoo demonstrations was not a huge one given what we have seen in the world recently and again, it was dealt with intelligently. I do hope to see Detective Emilia Hart again, and am looking forward to Nina D. Campbell’s next book already. Kate, VIC, 4 Stars

Although the novel follows a common crime fiction format – the main female detective plagued by her past, battling sexism and prejudice plus having a troublesome personal life; her work partner alternating between positive and negative; the Chief Inspector unsupportive; some colleagues sexist and lazy – the plot is intriguing with an unexpected twist to solve it all. Emilia Hart is a likeable character with a commitment to family and issues of domestic violence and child abuse. Her relationship with Matt shows her vulnerability which makes her uncomfortable. Since the novel is written from Emilia’s perspective we only gradually learn what her daughters and others have endured. The tracking down of the victims’ past lives shows the many aspects of police work. Towards the end some incidents become a little unbelievable which detracts from the full impact. The setting in Sydney certainly added to this reader’s enjoyment – so easy to become part of the investigation and Emilia’s life. I am sure that Campbell already has a sequel mapped out showing Emilia’s future career and her personal life. Frances, NSW, 3 Stars

This is a book which starts slowly but soon grabs the reader’s attention. Detective Emilia Hart is tough and needs to be with the pressure she has from male egos in her job. She is courageous, feisty, stubborn and persistent. When a killing spree begins Emilia is keen to find solutions in an attempt to give her career a step up. This becomes quite a fast-paced thriller. Joan, QLD, 3 Stars

Haven’t read too many crime books but this book was pretty enjoyable. The characters are easy to follow and relatable. Would be happy to read more from this author. Robbi, QLD, 3 Stars

Daughters of Eve is a heart pumping thriller written by a new Australian author, Nina Campbell. Emilia, a pregnant detective witnesses a high-profile murder. Acutely aware of the male dominated police force, she shows tenacity and spunk, visiting the widow – a calculated strategy to increase her chance at being appointed lead detective over her colleagues. As it turns out, this one new case becomes a series of murder investigations all relating to acts of domestic violence. Over time and as she digs deeper, links emerge between the victims – all men; all with a history of violence against women and children. And the killer? A member of “Daughters of Eve” a vigilante group seeking revenge and justice for crimes that were unpunished. Domestic violence and the need for justice to be served should be an intuitive aspect of our humanity. While this was a nonstop thriller and compelling to read; it is also quite disturbing. The chauvinistic male characters were easy to dislike, although their interactions were at times overbearing and a little too forced. In the end, the emotional thread of Emilia’s love for her daughters and all they had gone through was what compelled me to finish reading. Katharine, VIC, 3 Stars

I thought the blurb was very promising and enjoyed the beginning of the book. But I really could not warm up to Emilia. Spoiler alert – she suppresses evidence so she might get back on the case, forgets to tell her police partner about Zhante’s rape and does not text him? Also, why is it not PC correct to ask if the murderer is a woman, if the person wears a hat and glasses to make sure the person would not be recognized? I do like a good yarn and the motivation for the murders made sense but it comes down to the Dexter question – a good person doing bad things or a bad person doing good things? The concept was very intriguing but, for me, it just did not work the way it was written, and as mentioned, it is difficult when you don’t like the main character very much. Sandra, NSW, 3 Stars

A book with a good storyline, however, I found Detective Sargent Hart difficult to connect to. There was one major twist, which helped to improve the ending. I found it difficult to keep focused on the book due to many editing errors. Lauren, QLD, 3 Stars

The start of the book was really promising but as it continued on I found it full of unnecessary details and so many names and people it was hard to keep track of everything. The protagonist seems to know a bit about absolutely everything to make connections but then at the same time ignores glaring things and doesn’t pass on information. I think it would have been better to establish this in a series rather than starting with this book. For me there was just so much happening and so many names and people to keep track of. It wasn’t a book that grabbed me or that I felt was impossible to put down. Lisa, SA, 2 Stars


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    A Powerful Debut Thriller: Read Our Review of Daughters of Eve by Nina D. Campbell

      Publisher details

      Daughters of Eve
      Nina D. Campbell
      Allen & Unwin
      29 March, 2022


      When a high-profile murder lands literally at her feet, Detective Emilia Hart sees a chance to expand her caseload beyond the endless succession of domestic violence matters she is forced to investigate. But this is no simple investigation.

      Another body turns up, then another. Then more - a lot more. All men, all shot, with a similar MO. It's not until a manifesto taking credit for the crimes is published by a group calling themselves Daughters of Eve that Hart confirms a link between the victims: all of them had been perpetrators themselves. All had offended against women or children. Few had been charged with those crimes - and none convicted.

      As panic sets in and chaos rules the streets, the police draw ever closer to the Daughters of Eve, but the serial killer continues to elude them. Again, Hart sees something that everyone else has missed. And what that is, she cannot believe.

      A stunning debut that will take you to the edge and dare you to look down.

      Nina D. Campbell
      About the author

      Nina D. Campbell

      Nina D. Campbell studied theatre and literature at university before stumbling into the world of work in the midst of the recession that we had to have. She cobbled together a respectable career as a professional writer, working across the community and public sectors, before a midlife health challenge changed her priorities. Nina now writes fiction full-time, with a focus on stories about strong women. Together with her partner and their spirited Jack Russell Terrier, she lives in South Australia, close to world class wine regions, sparkling beaches and other tempting delights.

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