Your Preview Verdict: Daughters of War by Dinah Jefferies

Your Preview Verdict: Daughters of War by Dinah Jefferies

France, 1944. Deep in the river valley of the Dordogne, in an old stone cottage on the edge of a beautiful village, three sisters long for the end of the war.

Hélène, the eldest, is trying her hardest to steer her family to safety, even as the Nazi occupation becomes more threatening.

Elise, the rebel, is determined to help the Resistance, whatever the cost.

And Florence, the dreamer, just yearns for a world where France is free.

Then, one dark night, the Allies come knocking for help. And Hélène knows that she cannot sit on the sidelines any longer. But secrets from their own mysterious past threaten to unravel everything they hold most dear…

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Daughters of War by Dinah Jefferies is an intriguing and vivid telling of three young women living in occupied France during WWII. I have read a couple of wartime novels but none that have taken up the view of the female perspective which is very refreshing. The way Dinah Jefferies has portrayed the three heroines as they deal with the daily struggles, emotional hardships and traumas associated with living in a occupied township is very visceral. As the eldest sibling of four, two of which are sister’s I found I automatically bonded with each of the sisters as the family dynamics are very relatable. Each of the sisters have their own strengths and weaknesses and the way Dinah switches from one sister’s perspective to the others is seamless. I have thoroughly enjoyed this book and have found it a real page turner. Jayme, VIC, 5 Stars

You sometimes think you’ve already read plenty of books about people going through Second World War. Well please don’t let Dinah Jefferies latest book Daughters of War pass you by. Absolutely entertaining from start to finish. Set in rural France what a delight to follow the three sisters Helene, Elise and Florence. All three taking and understanding everything on their doorstep in different ways. They have a wonderful strong sisterhood bond between them despite being left on the own. Loved every page and can’t wait for the next book in the Trilogy. Hella, WA, 5 Stars

I loved this book. It was so hard to put down. The book is getting rave reviews and it’s extremely captivating. I loved it. Thanks Better Reading and Harper Collins for the opportunity to read this book for an honest review. Meg, SA, 5 Stars

Daughters of War by Dinah Jefferies is a story about three sisters, Helene, Elise and Florence. Their story is about surviving in German occupied France in the final years of World War 2. They struggle to survive, each of them having to deal with personal hardship. Their love for each other helps them survive all that they are forced to endure. This is a delightful read, and despite the hardships, it is filled with love and hope. Lisa, QLD, 5 Stars

Dinah Jefferies has crafted a phenomenal novel about three sisters overcoming severe adversity during the Nazi occupation of France in WWII. Each sister was so wonderfully developed in their characterisation and I was so enthralled by their experiences throughout the novel. The physical setting was beautifully described and made me feel like I had been transported to Dordogne, France. Dinah Jefferies’ writing has captured my heart and soul. I cannot wait to read the rest of this trilogy and explore her other novels. I thoroughly recommend Daughters of War to lovers of Historical Fiction, compelling family Drama or just beautiful reads in general. Thank you so much to Better Reading and Harper Collins for providing this amazing read in exchange for this review! What an absolute gem of a book. Kirsten, NSW, 5 Stars

Wow. What a book! Jefferies didn’t hold back in this one. I felt I was in the book as a character myself along with the Three Sisters – Helene, Elise and Florence. I really didn’t want the book to end, but it was a perfect book for me. War, History and Romance. Not much more this reader could ask for. Annette, NSW, 5 Stars

There is something for every reader in this book – it has in equal parts suspense, romance, mystery, family, history, all set amongst the glorious scenery of the Dordogne region France at the end of WW2. The writing is outstanding and the story is compelling, making this a book a gripping read. This is the story of three very different sisters and their individual experiences of the German occupation. The story is told by each of the sisters – a nurse, a resistance fighter and a home-maker (for want of a better term). These three different perspectives provide a well-rounded observation of the experiences of young women during this period. The horrors of war are not glossed over, and in fact are described in such detail as to make the reader feel uncomfortable at having to witness what can only be described as brutal atrocities. Dinah Jefferies has a gift for understanding and translating human nature. There are no two-dimensional characters in this book and the reader will form strong opinions about, and connections with, all of them. The bond formed between the reader and the charters make reading the next 2 books in the series a must. Catherine, QLD, 5 Stars

Dinah Jefferies magically transported me to France in the dying days of the Second World War, and into the home of three amazing young women who demonstrated unbelievable courage when faced with unimaginable heartbreak and adversity. This is a story that needed to be told, although it is a work of fiction this story could be the story of many of our Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers who navigated young adulthood during the war and survived in a world many of us today could not imagine. I can not wait for future instalments to see here life takes Helene, Elise and Florence. Dianne, SA, 5 Stars

In Daughters of War you are transported to a quaint French village in war torn France. The story follows the lives of three sisters, all so different yet strongly bonded to each other, as they face the hardships of a dark time in France’s history. It is a powerful story of love and loss, full of twists and turns that highlight the sisters vulnerability as well as their bravery and will to survive. Daughters of War is a beautifully written novel that draws you in to the sisters lives, alluding to secrets in their past as well as secrets held by fellow villagers, while skilfully capturing the essence of what draws us together and tears us apart. I highly recommend Daughters of War to lovers of historical fiction and a good romance novel. Sue, VIC, 5 Stars

WOW I was so engaged with this story from the very beginning – I LOVED this book. The sisters are so different and so interesting – Bring on the sequel and READ IT READ IT. Debbie, VIC, 5 Stars

What a wonderful book! So beautifully written. From the first page to the last I loved it, finding myself transported into the lives of the sisters. This story was full of suspense, intrigue, happy and sad times. The three sisters Helene the oldest mother figure and nurse, Elise, the cafe owner and and part of the resistance, and Florence youngest who had the beautiful garden providing food which she cooked into meals. Set in France during WW2 in a small French village the story follows the lives of the girls during German occupation. Many twists and turns follow the girls as well as romance. Family secrets are discovered which are set to destroy the family. I cannot wait for the next installment in this trilogy. Christine, QLD, 5 Stars

Dinah Jefferies’ historical fiction Daughters of War is a page-turner. The story was beautifully scripted and had me engaged from the outset. The French countryside was juxtaposed with the harshness of war and the Nazi occupation, establishing the grimness of war-torn France. Amongst this daily threat: three endearing sisters learn of love, loss, bravery, and sacrifice. The novel had me pondering humanity and the entire spectrum of humankind: from innocent French villagers to the atrocities of the Nazis. I hope Dinah Jefferies is writing quickly because I can’t wait to read book two in the series. This book was an absolute pleasure to read. Jodie, NSW, 5 Stars

I love that the cover is two sided. Story of 3 Sisters in Wartime in France. I love how each chapter follows the narrative of each Sister. Elise, who puts her family in risk, but will do anything for them. Helene, trying to be brave and keep her family safe. Florence, the dreamer. Who keeps everyone together. A very readable book. Bridget, VIC, 5 Stars

Daughters of War is a novel set at the end of World War 2 in a small village called st. Cecile in France. The story revolves around 3 sisters living together who are all very different from each other. The eldest Helene is a nurse and tries to look after everyone, next is Elise who is a courageous risk taker working with the resistance, and youngest is Florence, dreamy with a green thumb who gardens and cooks for them all. Through the story they befriend resistance fighters, some Germans and even a deserter from the German army. They experience love and tragedy, betrayal and danger. These sisters stick together through thick and thin and ultimately the book is about hope. I loved the action and thrills but also the slower sections where the sisters are gardening, cleaning, or just sharing a meal which are all beautifully described. Can’t wait for the next book!! Kristy, NSW, 5 Stars

Daughters of War reads beautifully and contains all the best ingredients for a wonderful story; strong characters, hope, love, betrayal and secrets and the bond of family. I cannot wait for the next instalments in the tale of these sisters! Rachel, QLD, 5 Stars

This book was a quite an easy read that has everything in it. Murder, love, bravery, secrets, and family. Well written set in 1944 of war torn France. This book takes the reader right there into the lives of three sisters caught in the Second World War. This book is intriguing and I was sad the story had to have an ending. Margie, VIC, 5 Stars

A gripping saga set in 1944 about three sisters who live outside a small French village of Saint Cécile in the valley of Dordogne. Hèléne the eldest is a a nurse, Elise a cafe owner and resistance member and Florence who looks after their house, the garden and who loves to cook. The Nazis have come to the village and it seems life will never return to normal. All three sisters become involved in the fight to free France from the Germans and each sister makes decisions and choices that will impact them forever. There is so much to love about this book: mystery, suspense, drama, romance, family secrets and lots of history. The beautiful scenery throughout the book is wonderfully descriptive. I can’t wait to read the next book in this ‘Daughters of War’ series. A must for historical fiction lovers. Karyn, ACT, 5 Stars

It’s war, 1944, and you are in France far away from your mum in England, but you have your two sisters. Daughters of War is so inspiring and un-putdown-able. If you have enjoyed Nightingale, Tattooist of Auschwitz, Cilka’s Journey, Nancy Wake, Charlotte Gray, 5 quarters of the Orange…this is the book for your historical fiction soul. I feel so lucky to have received a preview before September and really looking forward to the sequel in 2022 and the another novel in 2023! Preeya, QLD, 5 Stars

Daughters of War is a unique story that, while set in the midst of the horrors of World War 2 in rural France, lets us in to the everyday lives of three vastly differently sisters. We learn how they each deal with what is going on around them in their own ways, and share in the mystery and suspense of their extraordinary actions. I could not put this book down from the moment I started it, and I was absolutely transported to the valleys and castles of the village of Saint-Cecile. I could smell the flowers and taste Florence’s cooking – I was totally captivated! Kate, VIC, 5 Stars

Bittersweet war time tale of the enduring love and forgiveness of three sisters, whose lives are upturned by both old secrets, and relationships torn apart by the war. Particularly loved Florence burying herself in her garden and cooking for those she loves. A sensitive and poignant reminder of what remains important in times of huge upheaval. Loved it! Lisa, NSW, 5 Stars

I really enjoyed this book and found myself becoming invested in the sisters lives and now I have to wait for the next book to truly follow what happens to them in their futures. I couldn’t put it down. I have never read a Dinah Jefferies book before but I am now a convert and will be seeking out more of her books, I enjoyed her easy readable style. Janet, NSW, 5 Stars

I loved this book, it was one of the best stories I’ve read in a long time… I couldn’t put it down. Highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys historical fiction, or just a very compelling story. Sisters, secrets, bravery, and small-town France during WWII. This was the first book I’ve read by this author, it certainly won’t be the last. Sure to be at the top of my list of must-read books for 2021. Kaysie, NSW, 5 Stars

Daughters of War by Dinah Jefferies is a story set in Dordogne France in 1944. It is a story of three sisters, Helene, Elise and Florence whose lives are changed forever when France is under German Occupation. Dinah Jefferies displays the terror and uncertainty of life that is experienced through a war but also displays how important family, friendship and love are in difficult times. The characters in this story are beautifully developed and the intense storyline keeps the reader engaged from page 1. I would recommend this book to all historical fiction fans and thank Better Reading for giving me the opportunity to advance read this title. Tyson, TAS, 4 Stars

I love historical fiction based on true events. This novel based in France at the end of World War 2 tells the story of three sisters caught up in the Nazi occupation and Resistance movement. The eldest sister just wants to keep the family safe whereas her sister Elise is a rebel who wants to help the allies. They are thrust into a dangerous situation which makes for a suspenseful read. Gail, WA, 4 Stars

Daughters of War is a beautifully written story from an expert author. The novel deals with a part of history which has been written about often over the years but not often from the female perspective and with such varied and interesting female characters. The book feels authentic and the descriptions of the streetscape and landscape made me feel as if I was sitting right in the middle of the action in a French village. The story follows the lives of three sisters in their early twenties as they navigate through the last days of World War Two. The women have come to maturity over the course of the war and have had to face their fears with only each other for support. Three wildly different personalities united by the family bond, the rebellious Elise suspicious and daring, the romantic Florence who believes in the good in everyone and the eldest Helene who feels the burden of taking care of her younger siblings. As the sisters make their way through the turbulent and confusing times, we see a family mystery unfold and traumatic events occur which threaten the stability of the sisters’ lives. Time will tell if the sibling bond will stay true or if it will become a casualty of war. Kathryn, NSW, 4 Stars

From the first page, this beautifully written novel uses imagery to transport you so you feel you are also in France in 1944. It follows three very different sisters and their relationships among themselves and with others, both enemy and allies alike. Each chapter grips you with another twist or another drama, while all the time showing how the villagers adjust to the new normal of war torn France. A really enjoyable read from the perspective of each of the sisters. Sue, WA, 4 Stars

Loved it, this left me wanting more, the sisters were all so strong, each in their own way. Strong story line and believable characters who made you stop and think. Can’t wait to read more of her books. Lynette, NSW, 4 Stars

No. 1 Sunday Times bestseller Dinah Jefferies has produced a fantastic opener to a brand-new historical fiction series. Daughters of War is an emotive and descriptive family saga, charting the back end of the Second World War. Set in the small river valley area of Dordogne in France, Dinah Jefferies presents a shifting perspective tale, that encompasses the varied experiences of three sisters during a time of great upheaval in Europe. Each sister depicted in the story has a very different viewpoint and experience of the war, that is expressed vividly through the penmanship of this well-versed historical fiction author. With themes of responsibility, survival, brutality, safety, protection, risk, bravery, determination, persistence and hope, Daughters of War is a powerful ode to the war. Drawing in threads of mystery, intrigue, emotional drama, social ties, hardship and romance, Dinah Jefferies has composed an expansive novel. Daughters of War is set to a clear and beautifully presented wartime backdrop, that is fully supported by the author’s immersive style of writing. Dinah Jefferies covers invasion, resistance and occupation, all within the one highly engaging fictional family saga. Inspiring, moving, informative and highly readable, I stand firm in my full recommendation of Daughters of War. Amanda, WA, 4 Stars

A sweeping story of three incredible sisters in war-torn France fighting for a future without bloodshed and turmoil. Dinah Jefferies transports readers to a small village in France and introduces us to Helene, Elise, and Florence. Three unique sisters that have distinctly different personalities and each doing their own bit to make a difference. What really shines through in this novel is the attention to detail on the everyday events, describing the effects the war has on families and communities. Trust erodes and difficult decisions must be made but family, friendship and love shine through providing hope. I am excited to see where the story and characters go in the next story and look forward to the next book. Overall an epic tale with rich characters that grabs you and doesn’t let you go even after you finish the book. Judy, NSW, 4 Stars

Daughters of War is an excellent WWII era historical fiction novel that is full of suspense, mystery, drama and romance. An eye opening tale of life during war times, the story centers around the occupation of France by the Germans during World War II. It is told from the perspective of three sisters, Helene, Elise and Florence, living alone in a rural village in France, away from their widowed mother in England, enduring the effects of war surrounding them. They each face danger, loss and the hardships of living in an occupied country. I loved how vastly different each of the sisters were portrayed and how they each wanted to do what they could to protect each other, their livelihoods and their country. It was also beautiful to see how the local townspeople come together to support each other during the difficult times of war. The descriptions of the French countryside were delightful and the detailed insights into the characters feelings and uncertainty draws you in as you experience what everyday life would be like during such a dangerous and uncertain time. Overall this was a very enjoyable read with an engaging story line. The book highlights the importance of family, friendship and love as well as the brutality of war and the bravery of those caught up in trying to survive it. I am excited this is part of a series and now look forward to reading the next one. Melissa, VIC, 4 Stars

Taking place in France in World War II this story is about 3 sisters living in a rural house in a small village. The three sisters are Helene who is the more motherly sister, Elise who is the more feisty sister and Florence the youngest and most naive sister. Told from the perspective of all three sisters who are all distinct characters and have very different feelings about the war and their part in it. If you are after a story full of suspense, mystery, intrigue and romance then this book is the one for you. Ann-Marie, SA, 4 Stars

Dinah Jefferies has been an auto-buy author for me for a while now, but I must admit I was hesitant when she switched continents for the basis of her books. Daughters of War however has laid all my worries to rest. While it did take me a little longer than usual to get into this one, it did not take me long to be swept up in the lives of the sisters and their tale of survival. Jefferies always delivers a novel steeped in well researched history which spans many points of view from the time period. She covers all walks of life and intricately weaves them together to create a work that you can lose yourself in. I cannot wait to see what happens in the next two instalments of this sweeping family saga. Mel, NSW, 4 Stars

Daughters of War is the first book in a new historical series by Dinah Jefferies. Set in France during the German occupation of 1944, the novel follows the lives of three sisters, Helene, Elise and Florence who have distinct personalities which the author has developed beautifully. The story is about love, bravery, betrayal and family secrets and is gripping from the first page. Even though I am not a lover of stories set during wartime this one is more about families and relationships, and the decisions and secrets that need to be made, and kept, during difficult times. Every few chapters, the story moves focus to a different sister which really keeps the story flowing and interesting. Helene, the eldest, just wants to keep her family safe, but Elise, the middle sister, is headstrong and insists on helping the Resistance even if it means putting her family in danger. The youngest sister, Florence, just wants the war to be over so France can once again be free. This is a wonderful story with realistic characters who kept me engrossed until the end. I am looking forward to the next book in the series. Patricia, QLD, 4 Stars

Written during lockdown, this historical fiction novel focuses on the need for connection and community during times of turmoil. It explores human emotions of love, trust, fear and forgiveness. Having met the characters I look forward to the second story in the trilogy. Kirralee, SA, 4 Stars

Daughters of War is an absorbing tale of sisters, secrets and bravery in set in the dark times of war-torn Dordogne, France, during the last years of WW2 when France under German occupation. Sisters Hélène, Elise and Florence share a house owned by their mother, who is living in England. They also share the uncertainty and terror of occupation. Hélène is the eldest, a motherly girl who put aside her own interests when she took on the responsibility for her sisters and their safe keeping. She find this increasingly difficult as the Allies come seeking their help. Elise add to the stress by becoming involved in the Resistance movement and Florence is a dreamer who take a while to realise the seriousness of their predicament. Author, Dinah Jefferies, includes wonderful descriptions of daily life, describing the effects of war, of invasion and occupation and the impact on families and communities. Layered on top of this is the reminder how important friendships. love and relationships are. I found the characters appealing, well drawn and believable. It’s a wonderfully evocative story and I look forward to reading the next two novels in this trilogy. Nell, NSW, 4 Stars

France 1944, the story is of three sisters with an unbreakable bond & a love that binds them together. It is the time of resistance against the Nazi regime. And also a time where innocence is destroyed & the fear of the barbaric Reich is paramount. But hope for the future is paramount. An excellent read for those lovers of historical fiction. Annie, NSW, 4 Stars

Three sisters, Helene, Elise and Florence Baudin live in the Perigood Noir, Dordogne. The story starts in 1944 with this area of France under German occupation. Helen, a nurse, is very much the mother figure trying to care for her sisters.Elise owns a small cafe but is also involved with the resistance and Florence tends her garden and loves to cook. But there is much more to each of these women, who all are involved in some way in seeking to try and aid France and basically to survive during this harsh time. All of them will have to make decisions that will affect not only their lives but those of others. This is an interesting and intense read. I liked the way the relationship between the sisters was brought out. As well as being a story of war and family, secrets from the past are brought to life and there is more than one romance takes place over the course of the story. There are also incidents that will change these women’s lives forever. Triggers that will be hard to read for some people are the rape scene and the brutal slaying of people who dare to go against the Germans. This book presents a clear picture of the brutality and inhumanity of war. Thanks to BetterReading and Harper Collins publishers for my ARC to read and review. Although it took me a while to read it, this was not the book’s fault, as it did engage me. Just more life intruding. I wasn’t thrilled with the ending but I assume it does set things up ready for the next book in this series and more details will emerge in the next book. Fans of historical fiction with strong female characters should enjoy this one. A highly recommended read. Dale, NSW, 4 Stars

Set in 1944, Daughters of War is a family saga that focuses on the lives of three sisters, Helene, Elise and Florence and how the WW-ll played different roles in their lives. After their mother left to England and with no father, the three sisters are left to look after themselves in the Nazi-occupied Sainte Cecile, France. There is mystery, love and emotions and above all, how important it is to look out for your family, people and your country and focus on changes that help you grow. Each sister is faced with a different challenge and how each of them react and overcome the different emotions and turmoils make the plot intriguing. The description of the nature is as engaging as the description of their emotions, which is presented in alternative narratives of the three sisters. First in a series, each sister carries elements that we can look forward to in the next part of the series. Fasmina, NSW, 4 Stars

Once I started, I could not put it down from the moment I started reading it. Great story and characters. Bek, NSW, 4 Stars

Dinah Jefferies has written a fascinating story about life in occupied France during World War II. Her main characters are three sisters: Helene, Elise and Florence, who despite growing up in England, have been deposited in a cottage in rural France to fend for themselves while their mother stayed in England. What is interesting is that Helene is naturally a protector, Elise a rebel and Florence someone who nurtures and these tendencies play a big role in what they do during the occupation. There is the ongoing problem of rationing, being cautious about everyday life, fear of the Germans and helping the Resistance but as you move through the narrative, the sisters have to face tougher and at time horrifying challenges which tests every part of resolve they may have to keep on going. Although I found one part of the plot a stretch too far in terms of its coincidence (won’t provide a spoiler), the novel does build and draw you in to the characters. Of course there is romance gained and romance lost – but there is also a romance that although blossoming, may or may not ever be able to grow. A very compelling read. Lee, NSW, 4 Stars

Engaging historical fiction novel set in late WWII in France about 3 sisters who live together after their mother moved to England, but are very different. When the Germans come to town each of them are touched in different ways by the intrusion into their lives where death, horror and secrets all combine. Helene is a nurse working for the local doctor, Elise is a rebel working for the underground and Florence the baby of the family keeps house. First book by this author and despite being a little long (over 500 pages) I did enjoy it. It is the first in a series by Dinah Jefferies. Thank you to Better Reading for the copy in exchange for an honest review! Janine, VIC, 4 Stars

When I started reading this book I wasn’t sure – the dialogue felt a little stilted and exposition-heavy “When our mother left us to return to England, as you know” and it took me a long time to differentiate the three girls. But once I got over that hurdle, I was hooked. The characters became believable, unique and very real. All the research that Dinah Jefferies has done really paid off. There’s a ton of minutiae which really give the story some immediacy and reality and never over- or undersells the discomfort and unpleasantness of living in occupied WWII France. The natural beauty and bucolic nature of their ordinary lives is quite captivating and it would be entertaining enough without the Nazi menace which only adds drama and high stakes. As I neared the end of the book I was worried that it was all wrapping up a bit too fast and there was plenty of storyline that I still wanted to hear more about! I was very glad that I realised it was the first part of a trilogy and that I could relax and wait for book two. Richard, VIC, 4 Stars

Dinah Jefferies has published a real page-turner for her first book in this series. It effortlessly transported me into WWII France and the lives of these sisters. All characters are very well developed, and I found myself growing quite attached to them. Following multiple people at once kept things movingly along nicely and my interest engaged throughout. It’s beautiful writing and a beautiful book. It has also inspired me to read more about WWII France the world these sisters are fighting to survive in. Rowan, TAS, 4 Stars

What would you do for the people you love? What does love cost? How do we go about living ordinary lives, in extraordinary times? Dinah Jefferies’ Daughters of War asks these questions, and the answers seem particularly pertinent in our Covid-threatened world. Jefferies’ story is set in war-torn France, in 1944, in the glorious – and beautifully described – Dordogne region of France. Three sisters, Helene, Elise and Florence, are living in their mother’s old farmhouse in Nazi-occupied territory. Helene, the responsible eldest, tries to hold herself back from the horror that surrounds her. Elise is passionately committed to the fight against the Nazis. Florence, the youngest, finds relief in tending the garden, and cooking (with no mention of sourdough!). The war and the events in their village, however, cannot be ignored. The brutality of the enemy, the fear of the consequences of their actions and secrets from the past combine to change the sisters’ lives forever. Jeffries has created very believable, strong, intelligent female characters. The descriptions of the Dordogne are evocative and sensitive, as are the descriptions of village life, in all its complexity. Ultimately, I couldn’t put this book down. I think it’s the first in a trilogy. I can’t wait to read the next two. Rosie, NSW, 4 Stars

In the first volume of what transpires is a trilogy, Dinah Jefferies takes us to the Dordogne Valley in 1944 and she does this convincingly. The story is that of three sisters, Hélène, Elise and Florence, sharing a home and the adversity of Vichy France. Their widowed mother remains in England after having installed her daughters in the family holiday cottage. Hélène is nursing for the village doctor, Elise runs a cafe as a Resistance front, while Florence is the gardener and cook. This is a novel which will appeal to readers keen for the romanticism of Southwestern France. There are many threads to this narrative and whilst I love a war story I was disappointed with this one. Not my cup of tea. Karen, VIC, 3 Stars

This was a Second World War drama set in France during the latter years of the war. It is about 3 sisters living in a small village. Helene who works as a nurse for the local doctor, Elise who has a cafe and Florence who cooks and looks after their garden. There is romance mixed with menace, family secrets and challenges in this story. I felt the book really described the scenery and the imagery of the Dordogne in France so wonderfully that I wanted to reach for charcuterie and wine. Wait during lockdown I can. Let me go and get some. It was easy enough to read, but in saying that in some places I really wanted more action and drama and less waffle. Now I only seem to have charcuterie left. How did that happen? Jonathan, NSW, 3 Stars


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          Daughters of War
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          The first book in the sweeping new historical series from th No.1 Sunday Times bestselling author. France, 1944. Deep in the river valley of the Dordogne, in an old stone cottage on the edge of a beautiful village, three sisters long for the end of the war. Hélène, the eldest, is trying her hardest to steer her family to safety, even as the Nazi occupation becomes more threatening. Elise, the rebel, is determined to help the Resistance, whatever the cost. And Florence, the dreamer, just yearns for a world where France is free. Then, one dark night, the Allies come knocking for help. And Hélène knows that she cannot sit on the sidelines any longer. But secrets from their own mysterious past threaten to unravel everything they hold most dear. The first in an epic new series from the No.1 Sunday Times bestseller, Daughters of War is a stunning tale of sisters, secrets and bravery in the darkness of war-torn France…
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          Dinah Jefferies is the author of the international bestseller, The Tea-Planter’s Wife. Born in Malaysia, she moved to England at the age of nine. When she began writing novels, deeply influenced by her Eastern childhood, she was able to return there on annual research trips for each new novel. With her most recent bestseller, her seventh novel The Tuscan Contessa, she has moved to writing about a European setting for the first time and continues that in this new series. She is published in 28 languages and over 30 countries.

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