Your Preview Verdict: Over My Dead Body by Jeffrey Archer

Your Preview Verdict: Over My Dead Body by Jeffrey Archer

An unputdownable story of murder, revenge and betrayal from international number one bestseller Jeffrey Archer.

In London, the Metropolitan Police set up a new Unsolved Murders Unit – a cold case squad – to catch the criminals nobody else can.

In Geneva, millionaire art collector Miles Faulkner – convicted of forgery and theft – was pronounced dead two months ago. So why is his unscrupulous lawyer still representing a dead client?

On a luxury liner en route to New York, the battle for power within a wealthy dynasty is about to turn to murder.

And at the heart of all three investigations are Detective Chief Inspector William Warwick, rising star of the Met, and ex-undercover operative Ross Hogan, brought in from the cold.

But can they catch the killers before it’s too late?

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I have read many Jeffrey Archer books but not the William Warwick series and was pleasantly surprised by this one. It was easy to follow, well written with a riveting storyline and impossible to put down. Detective Chief Inspector William Warwick was very impressive with his incredible, deductive reasoning and intuitive powers. Miles Faulkner was very aptly portrayed as the criminal villain and the unreliable personality of ex-undercover agent Ross Hogan added a unique and likeable quality to the investigation. The storyline encompassed many exciting plots, twists and turns and although the book began with the death and investigation of the elderly head of the wealthy, Buchanan dynasty on a luxury transatlantic cruise it soon digressed to include four cold cases in the London Met. And of course the investigation into the elusive, supposedly dead art thief, Miles Faulkner. The knowledgeably insight into the Art World was very interesting and enlightening. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Over My Dead Body and would definitely recommend it as a good read. I will certainly be reading the first three books in the William Warwick series. Peter, SA, 5 Stars

Over My Dead Body is the fourth instalment in the William Warwick Series by Jeffrey Archer. This unputdownable thriller is filled with mystery and an enticing plot which focuses on Detective Chief Inspector William Warwick at the centre of three investigations. This is the first book I have read in the William Warwick series and felt that regardless of the few references to previous books, this novel could easily be read as a stand-alone story. This novel was fast paced, filled with suspense and kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire story. The characters and their motives were enthralling and made me feel connected to the story. I thoroughly enjoyed this thriller and writing style and I look forward to reading other works by Archer. Sharon, VIC, 5 Stars

They just keep getting better. Book four of William Warwick’s story will have you hooked from the first page. Sarah, TAS,⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 Stars

Despite not having read the first three books of Archer’s William Warwick series, I found it easy to follow along with the plot. Archer does a fantastic job of succinctly summarising key events in past books so that you’re up to speed with the events unfolding in this one. It’s an action packed read that doesn’t let up until the very last page. I enjoyed how DCI Warwick was able to show off his expertise when an unexpected case arises on a cruise ship. The cat and mouse game between Warwick and ‘villain’ Miles Faulkner was sensational; both in a constant state of being one step behind and one-step ahead of each other. Another standout for me was DI Hogan, who with his combined SAS and undercover experience is an absolute force to be reckoned with. Overall, a fantastic book and will definitely be giving the first three books of the series a read! Christine, VIC, 5 Stars

A new, fantastic thriller featuring Detective Chief Inspector William Warwick and newcomer Ross Hogan. It’s the classic story of murder, revenge and betrayal by Jeffrey Archer, the best selling author of modern times. This novel takes you on a world trip without going anywhere and you can not put it down. Highly recommended. Well done Mr Archer. Melinda, WA, 5 Stars

Thank you Mr Archer – another fabulous read, one that keep me wanting more! I am a Jeffrey Archer fan, and was not let down but his new book. I was interested in the story right from the start, and found it hard to put the book down. Whether you’ve read any of his books before, or this is your first book, this is well worth your time. Eliza, QLD, 5 Stars

I was afforded the opportunity to review the new Jeffrey Archer book, Over My Dead Body. What an enjoyable read. The story is a cat and mouse caper, leaving one guessing, right to the very last chapter. Chief Inspector William Warwick is a likeable hero, along with DI Ross Hogan, who try and catch those who have escaped justice. The story is fun, serious, amusing, intriguing and also has moments that will break your heart. Lisa, QLD, 5 Stars

I’ve never read a Jeffrey Archer in my life but oh boy what a book to start with! What have I been missing out on! Words that are used a lot fit this novel: UNPUTDOWNABLE. Wave bye bye to your weekend. This makes you happy you can’t go anywhere at the moment. It moves between London, Geneva, NY and involves Miles Faulkner, Det Chief Ins William Warwick and ex agent Ross Hogan. In short, they’re trying to catch a killer with the clock ticking but I’ve never read this theme presented like this. You will be reading as fast as you can, doubling back, staying up a bit later to finish just another chapter. William takes no s*** and doesn’t suffer fools. I’m now investing in the first three books in this series. Ten stars out of five. Rodney, NSW, 5 Stars

I thoroughly enjoyed Over My Dead Body by Jeffrey Archer. Having never read any of his books before I was not sure what to expect. Well, what a joy I found. I couldn’t put it down. The twists and turns, the multiple investigations – as real life as it gets. A pure joy to read. Alice, NSW, 5 Stars

Over My Dead Body by Jeffrey Archer is a unputdownable thriller! Betrayal, revenge and murder all intertwined in suave personalities and set in a roller coaster of suspense. Miles Faulkner a millionaire art collector was pronounced dead. How is his unprincipled lawyer still representing him? En route to NY on a luxury line a family steeped in power and fortune are about to encounter a suspicious death. From the 1st page to the last you get a birds eye-view of the deception and drama unfolding between 4 cases. Detective William Warwick is in charge and racing time. How does one handle the barrage of events? “…you’re going to have to stop thinking like a detective, and start thinking like a criminal” Jeffrey Archer is the consummate story teller and page after page I found myself consumed in this plot. J, NT, 5 Stars

Over My Dead Body by Jeffrey Archer, is the fourth in the Detective Warwick series. Mr. Archer continues to weave an engaging continuation of the Warwick plot with both likeable and questionable characters. The pace is nice and easy-going, but with it, an undercurrent of malevolence that builds through this instalment. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would highly recommend for both new and old fans of Mr. Archer. Keep them coming! Elaine, WA, 5 Stars

Gripping and thrilling in equal measure. Featuring Detective Inspector William Warwick who heads the investigations in this superb novel. Also ex-undercover operative, Ross Hogan, brought in from the cold. In London, the Metropolitan Police set up a new “Unsolved Murders Unit “, a cold case squad, to catch the criminals nobody else can! In Geneva, millionaire art collector Miles Faulkner – convicted of forgery and theft – was pronounced dead two months ago. So why is his unscrupulous lawyer still representing a dead client? On a luxury liner, SS Aiden, en route to New York, the battle of power within a wealthy dynasty, is about to turn to murder. Detective Chief Inspector William Warwick and his wife Beth, are aboard a luxury liner belonging to the Pilgrim Line, heading for New York. Jeffrey Archer plays a cat- and- mouse game with the reader, and so the plot thickens! I really enjoyed this novel, thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to read it! Edith, SA, 5 Stars

This is the first novel I’ve read by Jeffery Archer. I found the story fast paced which I really enjoyed. After more research I found out that this is the fourth novel in the William Warwick series. It can easily be read as a standalone though and if you enjoy a good detective thriller I highly recommend it. I’m off now to expand my TBR pile with some more of Jeffrey Archer’s novels. Trudy, SA, 5 Stars

A page turning, unputdownable novel written by the master storyteller Jeffrey Archer. So many little twists, turns and subtleties to catch the bad guys. Highly recommended. Marice, NSW, 5 Stars

I had never read Jeffery Archer before, but I certainly will be after reading this one! Great Characters, Fast Paced, with a Great Storyline to boot! Highly recommend this book, I’ll be looking for others in the William Warwick Series! Karina, NSW, 5 Stars

Jeffrey Archer does it again with an easy to read, don’t want to put down novel! The storyline gives readers the chance to get to know the characters, each with their own identifiable personalities without losing the thread of the adventure we are being taken on. And it is an adventure….never quite knowing what will happen next or where the ‘plot twist’ will come in! A good ‘old fashion’ style detective story….. Mandy, VIC, 5 Stars

Loved it – multiple storylines interwoven to keep you guessing, which all culminate in a thrilling climax – highly recommend for lovers of Jeffrey Archer, but also will intrigue David Baldacci and James Patterson fans. Anna, QLD, 5 Stars

This book is exactly what I expect when I pick up a Jeffrey Archer – packed with action, unexpected twists and turns, great characters and a storyline that grips you from the first chapter. I haven’t read a William Warwick novel before, but I will definitely be going back to read the others after this. I defy any fan of crime thrillers to read just a chapter or two of this in one sitting. It definitely has your ‘inner toddler’ screaming at you – “please, just a few pages more”! Ross Hogan’s character really grabbed me – such a story of selfless commitment. I rooted for his ‘happily ever after’ and hung off the edge of each page as his story took shape. I definitely recommend this book! Lee, ACT, 5 Stars

Absolutely love this book. The plot kept me engaged. I enjoyed the parallel story lines and they were easy to keep straight. I loved how William was helpful to young James and was willing to mentor him. If you love mysteries then you will love this and Jeffery Archer fans will love this new novel with some well loved characters. Staying up till 2am to finish it book… warned. Jane, ACT, 5 Stars

I loved this book. With more twists than a corkscrew, it kept me turning the pages to find out what was happening next. When the police open up their ‘cold case’ file nobody is safe; especially when one of the investigating officers has worked that long under cover he thinks like a criminal. The criminal element may just have gotten away with their crimes until they made one major mistake. In an effort to scare off the second-in-charge of the police investigators, they murdered his new wife. A Huge mistake! He leaves no stone unturned and returns to his underworld contacts for information and pulls in favours to bring the felons to justice. His boss must in turn look the other way on occasions; should he arrest his second in command or recommend him for an award? Even when the conclusion is near, and the reader thinks they know what will happen, there is a very subtle surprise waiting. A very good read. Terry, SA, 5 Stars

Over My Dead Body was a fast paced, enjoyable read. Once I started reading it, it was difficult to put down.Even though I hadn’t read the previous books in the series, it didn’t feel like I was trying to catch up. I’d recommend this book. Joanne, QLD, 5 Stars

This book had me hooked, so much so that I completed it in a week and nearly missed by train stop about 3 times! What a great read this is, the characters are engaging and have depth to them. The story line is quick paced but easy to follow and you really just don’t want to put it down. The villain I thought was really quite a clever character and the imagination that Jeffery Archer has to create this particular villain is incredible – something a little different I thought to your every day run of the mill villains! – I would highly recommend this if you’re looking for an action-packed easy read with strong characters and twists and turns that you wouldn’t expect. Thank you for the opportunity to preview this book I will be recommending it highly to family and friends that love this genre. Jodi, QLD, 5 Stars

Wow! What a gripping novel! Kept me on my reading toes trying to keep up & follow the characters! Loved the start on the ship, watching the clues being put together to solve the murder case. The team of characters that come together to work on the next case, all took me into their worlds. I’m left at the end with asking, so what did happen to the paintings??? Melanie, VIC, 5 Stars

Absolutely gripping! Devoured this book within 24 hours and still thinking about it days later! Jeffery Archer delivers in this epic novel! Stacey, WA, 5 Stars

I haven’t read a Jeffrey Archer book for some time and now am at a total loss to know why. I loved this book. The character introduction which then flings you straight into a “warm up story” was brilliant and had me thinking. I love it when a book can pick you up and transport you to wherever it is set. And the main lead Detective William Warwick is one that you would love to know in real life.The humour is there in the unexpected parts when I found myself having a chuckle out loud, only to be swept up by another’s passion for the case. There were clever twists and when I finished the book(in one sitting) I may add I wanted more, was ready for the next case. So mark me up as a new fan and I can hardly wait for more of his adventures! Excellent. Sharon, NSW, 5 Stars

This was my first Jeffrey Archer novel for many, many years and enjoyed reading it. It was fast paced and easy to read. As this is the first book I’ve read of the William Warwick series I found that the story was easy to follow even if it had several references to the previous books in the series without me reading the prior novels and now looking forward to reading the three previous books in the series. The book starts with Warwick and his wife on a holiday cruise just the right place to investigate a family murder. This section reads like a completely separate story. My favourite character easily was Ross Hogan an ex-uncover operative that did things his own way. Over My Dead Body was definitely a great read that I couldn’t put down and would recommend to Archer fans. Maria, SA, 4 Stars

Jeffrey Archer is one of my favourite authors and this book definitely did not disappoint. Loved every minute of this book! Christine, QLD, 4 Stars

I really enjoyed Over My Dead Body by Jeffrey Archer.The plot has interesting murders and mysteries which kept me entertained throughout.It made no difference to me that I had not read the first three novels in this series because some back story details are revealed as you read on.The series features DCI William Warwick from London’s Met Police.He heads up a new Unsolved Murders Unit with an experienced team who we learn about as the story goes on. The story begins with a luxury cruise and some interesting developments. There is an old arch enemy who may or may not be dead. There are mysterious cold cases to solve too. Jeffrey Archer is experienced in drawing us in and getting us to feel emotionally connected to his characters which I love. On the whole a great easy to read old style of ‘Murder Mystery’. Karin, VIC, 4 Stars

A well written book. If you like previous Jeffrey Arthur books, this one will certainly keep you turning the pages. Kylie, SA, 4 Stars

Wow what a story of murder, family secrets, revenge and betrayal. Even a holiday can’t stop detective inspector Warwick from becoming involved in a murder. With several stories all playing out differently but all intertwined. Heather, NSW, 4 Stars

This is not my usual genre but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The flamboyant, outrageous, far fetched behaviour of the villain, Miles Faulkner, was my favourite part of the book. KJ, QLD, 4 Stars

I like this book but having not read any of the others in the series it took me a while to work out who all the characters were and how they fit in to the story. The storyline was great and kept you guessing till the end. Nicky, NSW, 4 Stars

William Warwick is back and once again chasing his nemesis Miles Faulkner. This story was a little different to the crime books i usually read as we already know who the bad guy is. The story follows Warwick and his team trying to catch Faulkner, but for most of the book, there is no crime to solve. Just the team trying to catch a felon based on past crimes from the previous books. The unsolved cases they are working on as part of their unsolved cases team really take a back seat to this. The book was an easy read and flowed well, but it skipped time a few times. This was mainly evident with the personal stories e.g. Ross first spotted Jo, then next page he was buying an engagement ring. It almost felt like we needed a “3 months later” disclaimer as it felt like a very sudden jump without any other indication of time moving. Overall this was a light, enjoyable read with interesting characters. It wasn’t “unputdownable” for me, but it did hold my attention had me wanting to keep coming back. I would recommend reading the series in order as this book follows on directly from the previous books. Leanne, VIC, 4 Stars

Jeffery Archer had me hooked in instantly plus the 4 stories going at the same time made it a very interesting read right to the end! Rhonda, QLD, 4 Stars

Another great Jeffrey Archer read, a page turner that keep me wanting to read just one more chapter. The story had plenty of twists and turns and I loved the character’s back stories and how they related to each other. Even though the book came to a pleasing conclusion I feel there is more to to explore of the characters and hopefully there is another book in the pipeline continuing their stories. Deb, SA, 4 Stars

Found this to be a roller coaster ride – a real thriller!!! As you would expect from a Jeffrey Archer book. Kim, NSW, 4 Stars

Over My Dead Body by Jeffrey Archer is the latest book featuring Detective Chief Inspector William Warwick a rising star, the youngest DCI in the Met’s history. The story begins with Warwick and his wife holidaying aboard a luxury cruise liner where a suspicious death takes place and William is asked to investigate. Back in London a new unsolved murders unit is set up and William is given the task of heading it up and solving four cold cases. Meanwhile Miles Faulkner entrepreneur, art collector and thief who supposedly died in Switzerland may have surfaced again! Warwick is intent on tracking him down. I enjoyed the way ex-undercover operative Ross Hogan did things not exactly by the book! He was engaging and easily my favourite character in the book. I also enjoyed learning about the way so many people are involved in the transport of valuable paintings and how they are packed and transported, eye opening! This was my first Jeffrey Archer novel, it was a fast paced, easy read which I enjoyed. Gloria, SA, 4 Stars

Jeffrey Archer’s latest release Over My Dead Body is like watching a Master at work! Archer manages to build suspense, engage the reader, create realistic characters and write a cracking good police drama, without indulging in over complicated storylines or ‘too clever’ plot twists. We meet Detective William Warwick as he is trying to enjoy a holiday cruise with his wife. It is not long before his expertise is drawn upon to investigate the untimely death of one of the rich passengers on board – was it a heart attack or something more sinister and who might have been responsible? It is not long before the story draws us into a further 3 murders and we follow Warwick and his investigative team as they cross international borders in an attempt to solve them. Throw in some links to organised crime, art theft, stolen identities and a faked death and you have a well packaged but easily read murder mystery. Archer creates a fast-moving story, simply and succinctly told. Part of a series Over My Dead Body is easily read as a ‘standalone’ but this reader will be sure to seek out the next one in the series as soon as it’s published. Kayte, NSW, 4 Stars

This is a book primarily about four criminals, different crimes, including art theft, drugs, intimidation and murder and how they were all caught by a special branch of the law. It is really well written and fast paced and even if it isn’t your usual genre of book it will be hard to put down. Gloria, SA, 4 Stars

This was the first Jeffrey Archer book I’d read so wasn’t sure what to expect. It pretty much got straight into it from the first page and the twists and turns certainly kept my interest piqued until the end. One major plot involving a dead, but not dead, art loving criminal. Several minor cases being looked at at the same time. Quite a lot of characters and all had their own distinct personalities that were written simply and so were easy to follow. A good read and one that will have me searching for another Jeffrey Archer story to enjoy. Katrina, VIC, 4 Stars

It is refreshing to read an engaging thriller which does not indulge in gruesome forensic details or explicit sex scenes. Set in the late 1980s, this is a story from a time before the electronics we take for granted now, so the characters need to be skilled in old fashioned surveillance and predicting the behaviour of the criminals they pursue. A satisfying tale of cat and mouse, with witty dialogue. Although this is the third book in a trilogy, the story stands alone quite well. Heidi, VIC, 4 Stars

Although having heard many things about Jeffrey Archer, this is the first of his books I have read. Great detective story of many different unsolved cases that Detective William Warwick and his team are working to unravel. You are never quite sure where this book will go next. For me it was a quick easy read that I would recommend to people who like a good detective story to sink their teeth into. Renee, QLD, 4 Stars

It had been a long time since I last read a Jeffrey Archer novel, so it was with some anticipation that I picked up his latest, Over My Dead Body. DCI William Warwick, known as ‘Choirboy’ to his colleagues, is travelling by ship to New York for a holiday. During the voyage one of the passengers dies in suspicious circumstances, giving the detective an irresistible puzzle to solve. Meanwhile, Warwick’s ‘arch enemy’, Miles Faulkner, an underworld art collector, appears to have risen from the dead… While the Miles Faulkner storyline is the focus of the novel, there are several other interesting subplots that provide the opportunity for literary ‘sleight of hand’. Warwick is an interesting character, and I will go back and read the preceding three novels, but it is the supporting cast that had me most intrigued. In particular, Warwick’s partner, Ross Hogan, is a mysterious character that, for me, provided most of the action and held the story together. Although Over My Dead Body is not great literature, it is a well written novel I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I am happy to have rediscovered Jeffrey Archer who I will return to more often in the future. Mark, QLD, 4 Stars

William Warwick and his wife, Beth, are on a holiday cruise, gifted to them by the ex-wife of criminal mastermind, Miles Faulkner. William attended Miles’s funeral but is certain it was all a cover and that he is alive and well and planning his next move. The cruise, unfortunately, does not turn out to be the well deserved break the Warwick’s were hoping for as a tragic incident occurs on the boat requiring William’s clever detective skills. This storyline was intriguing and engaging as the Buchanan family consists of some very interesting characters. Soon enough its back to the office for William and with Miles fresh on his mind and coupled with the new task force to solve cold case murders, William, has a lot on his hands. But with his cool and calm demeanour, William, is certainly up for the challenge. An easy and fast paced read filled with lots of interesting characters and scenarios to keep you captivated till the end. Vivian, SA, 4 Stars

I enjoyed this book its the first book I’ve read from this author the story was very interesting although it did take a little to get into it where I found it unpredictable but still a good read. I did get a little confused with the writing of characters names being referenced different throughout the book at times. Would definitely read another book from this author. Madison, SA, 4 Stars

A first time reader of Jeffrey Archer’s books and definitely a new fan. No stone left unturned with character and story development, a story that kept you turning each page to find out how it would all play out with a few little surprises in there along the way. A thoroughly enjoyable easy read that kept me hanging until the end. Would recommend to others as one that you could read over the weekend and come away with a wanting to find more of his books to read. Tracy, WA, 4 Stars

I don’t usually admire the ‘baddies’ of crime stories but you have to admire how Miles Faulkner manages his escapes from DCI William Warwick. This book kept me guessing as to what happened next at every page turn. Exciting and a fast moving pace which did not give any clues as to the closing pages. Beth, the intelligent and patient wife of William is also drawn into this case of cat and mouse. Beth becomes a player in the match to snare Miles before he changes identities once again. Wendy, SA, 4 Stars

This was my first William Warwick thriller from Jeffrey Archer, although I have read quite a few of his previous books over the years and find him very readable. It was a cleverly constructed and pacey read that kept me enthralled throughout. I did have a little trouble keeping all of the characters straight as they are sometimes called by first names, sometimes surnames and also nicknames. A couple of characters even have two names. The characters are well developed and believable the plot is fast moving and I would recommend it to Archer fans and thriller fans alike. Karan, VIC, 4 Stars

A great read full of twists and turns with Detective William Warwick in pursuit of criminals. Having read the other books with Warwick as the main character, this added to his adventures but could be easily read as a stand alone book too. A story full of suspense and excitement. Heather, SA, 4 Stars

I thoroughly enjoyed Over My Dead Body by Jeffrey Archer. Reminiscent of Agatha Christie for the first part, with an intriguing cruise ship murder mystery. This was a great introduction to the characters for those who have not read the previous books in this series. The remaining parts of the book were quite different and had me on the edge of my seat. Four separate cases to be solved and the elusive Miles Faulkner to capture, means there was never a dull moment in this book. DI Ross Hogan was the stand out character for me. A true cat and mouse thriller, that I found hard to put down. Highly recommended for a quick weekend read. Vivienne, VIC, 4 Stars

Well, I hope you like the edge of your seat. This latest offering from Jeffrey Archer is a thrilling roller-coaster ride of murder and intrigue. Over My Dead Body details four murders and four killers proving elusive to catch…that is where Detective William Warwick comes in. A hustling race against time to see justice done. Well worth a read and once you begin you will not be able to put it down. Recommended! Peter, NSW, 4 Stars

Over My Dead Body is a smoothly written police procedural, featuring the likeable William Warwick, now a Detective Chief Inspector. Jeffrey Archer again intertwines plot lines, all engaging. On a cruise that is supposed to be the start of a holiday for William & his wife Beth, we meet James, a teenaged American who is set on becoming the Director of the FBI & is developing his Holmes-like powers of observation & deduction. James enlists William’s assistance when foul play is afoot. As with the previous three books in this series, art features, as does the seedy underbelly of the London criminal underworld in the late 1980s. We learn more about the members of William’s team, particularly former undercover legend Ross Hogan. Less than ethical lawyer Booth Watson continues to be lurking about, still up to no good. Over My Dead Body is not without its dark moments, plot twists, retribution, and fast car chases. All in all, an enjoyable romp, where we get to boo the villains and cheer on the good guys. M, VIC, 4 Stars

Haven’t read a Jeffrey Archer book in a long time but when i saw the option to review it via the weekly Better Reading email i had to take it. It took me a little bit to get into this book as i haven’t read the others in the series. I found it an easy read -fast paced-couldn’t put it down once i got into it. 4 stars for me. Michelle, VIC, 4 Stars

Over My Dead Body is another fabulous novel in the William Warwick series. Archer has added to this storyline by continuing to develop his characters, expanding on this story and reminding us how very talented he is. I have enjoyed following William and his family. Again, his parents, sister, wife and children have become an integral part of this series. I have also enjoyed reading and learning about the different departments in the United Kingdom’s Police Divisions. Each of these novels in this series have introduced a different Department and highlighting a different focus. As always, Archer writes Court scenes and the dialogue included in these passages to an incredible standard. I almost feel like I am in the courtroom due to the detail, the suspense of his writing, the comprehensive dialogue and generally, as is the case in this novel the outstanding to and fro between the characters. Finally, what would a Jeffrey Archer novel be, without a twist? Any fan of Archer would know that few of his novels end without an “oh my goodness” moment! Over My Dead Body, and in fact, every book in this series definitely do not disappoint the reader. He just keeps coming up with the very best novels, characters, story development and detail novel after novel. I’m looking forward to the release of his next novel. Emily, VIC, 4 Stars

I thoroughly enjoyed Over My Dead Body. It had a feel of an old school crime novel, whilst also still feeling like a current day crime fiction book. I was hooked on this book from the first page and read it over one day. The opening scenes on the cruise ship drew me in the story and I needed to know what was going to happen, although I was expecting James to play a larger role in the story than he did and I would have liked to see his detective skills used further. The book ended quite abruptly and I wanted to know what happened to DI Hogan, however I expect that this is set up for the next novel. This is my first Jeffrey Archer book, however I am sure to seek out more William Warwick books to read after this great introduction to his story. Rebecca, ACT, 4 Stars

I have to confess this is the first Jeffrey Archer book I have read. The story was interesting with plenty of suspense, but I think I would have followed it better if I had read the previous books in this series, it certainly would have given background on the main story and characters. I am still struggling to work out how some of the first part of the book was relevant to the story. I felt cheated by the ending, an unsatisfying neatness to the arrest with a few threads left dangling. I am thinking there is at least another book in the wind. Kerrie, NSW, 3 Stars

Over My Dead Body by Jeffrey Archer was a book that I may never have chosen myself but I’m glad I got to read. I was familiar with him as an author although crime and thriller genres are not my go to choice. The book was fast paced, had several subplots and lots of characters, you choose who you liked the best and who you did not! I enjoyed the look into the workings behind the scenes of a police branch and also the villains interest in fine art. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader interested. I don’t enjoy women as victims used as plot points in crime books but that was kept to a minimum. He did have several strong female characters alongside the main male ones. Carolyn, SA, 3 Stars

Well written book. Easy to read. Starts with detective Warwick on holiday with his wife while a criminal he thought to be dead makes his come back. 3.5 stars. Would be a great read for anyone who loves their detective books. Amy, ACT, 3 Stars

Jeffrey Archer doesn’t disappoint with his latest novel. He takes you on an a thrill ride, not knowing where it will lead. Anne, NSW, 3 Stars

I found this to be a good read with murder, mysteries and cat and mouse chases. The story line follows a few different investigations and switches between different locations. The main character, William Warwick is a young up and coming detective in the police force and was a likeable sort of person. My favourite character though was probably Ross Hogan, brought back from his undercover role to be part of solving several closed case crimes. Overall, a well written novel with lots of twists and turns to keep it interesting. Anne, WA, 3 Stars

This book by Jeffrey Archer, is indeed a thriller as he is renown for. The cover page states, it is four cases, four killers and only one man can catch the killers. I found this complexity confusing for the first half of the book, maybe I was always reading when I was tired. Not only four cases but numerous characters as well, the main detective alone was known by, Christian name, surname, police rank and nickname. Whew, who is who? On top of this the author takes us all over Europe and England with a holiday in New York as well. We are educated to some of the best artists in history and the complications of running an art gallery. I did like the book once I understood there was meant to be four individual mysteries but this was confusing initially. Very “English” and I found myself reading with an “English” accent. Ally, TAS, 3 Stars

Over My Dead Body, the fourth of Archer’s William Warwick novels, continues the escapades of this fictional Met detective in 1980s London. His arch-enemy Miles Faulkner has escaped from gaol and changed both his name and face via plastic surgery to avoid re-capture. Faulkner remains engaged in fraud involving priceless masterpieces and is still assisted by his brilliant although dodgy lawyer Booth Watson QC. William Warwick is helped by a highly alert team of police officers and an even more astute wife. The methods of colleagues, however, range between rogue and double-crossing. DI Ross Hogan has an axe to grind and goes decidedly feral which DCI Warwick turns a blind eye. Other members of the team are on Miles Faulkner’s payroll helping the escapee evade the authorities. DCI Warwick travels across Europe in search of Mile Faulkner who seemingly remains one step ahead of the detective. The pace of the novel is notched up a gear by several subplots whereby the band of detectives are each assigned a local high-profile criminal to hunt down and sent to Pentonville prison. Roger, VIC, 3 Stars

This was my first Jeffrey Archer book. It was very entertaining, a bit more lighthearted than I expected from a crime novel, with some very witty dialogue. Likeable characters and a decent plot. Zephyr, WA, 3 Stars

A quick easy read where the posh English accents leap off the page and take you straight to the streets of England. A typical whodunnit in the Detective William Warwick franchise covering two main story lines, the first of which is used to introduce William Warwick to first time readers so that the book can be read as a stand-alone. Not always completely believable but that’s why we read – to visit a world other than our own. Fans of Jeffrey Archer and Detective William Warwick will not be disappointed. Jodi, QLD, 3 Stars

Over My Dead Body by Jeffrey Archer is the fourth book in the William Warwick series, and although this book does hold its own as a stand-alone, I might have enjoyed it more if I were more familiar with the characters. Many of the characters seemed unformed, more like window-dressing than truly part of the story. That being said, this story was easy to read and follow. It reminded me of my favourite Archer novel ‘Not a penny more, not a penny less’ in its structure. The way Archer writes does seem quite pedestrian to me, strolling along at an easy pace, and although I was happy to amble along with it, I never felt any urgency or pace in the story. Tracy, VIC, 3 Stars

Over My Dead Body by Jeffrey Archer is an enjoyable and fast paced tale of a cold case unit within the Metropolitan Police in London. The two main police officers are like chalk and cheese. CI William Warwick and DI Ross Hogan team up to solve not only cold cases but also want to arrest criminal, Miles Faulkner, who allegedly has died but they believe it was a scam. Once things become personal for DI Ross Hogan things move at an even more hectic pace. The action crosses to Spain and South Africa before the cold cases are closed. Both Warwick and Ross are likeable characters along with their team and inspector. Their domestic situations are interesting as are their relationships with the suspect lawyer and miles’ ex-wife. Anyone who enjoys police investigations and a light read will find this novel worthwhile. Thanks to Better Reading for my advance copy. Annette, ACT, 3 Stars

Detective William Warwick doesn’t believe criminal mastermind Miles Faulkner is dead even though he attended his funeral. He and his team have other cold murder cases to solve too. The book starts with Warwick and his wife on a holiday cruise just the right place to investigate a family murder. This section reads like a separate short story really. This was an easy read, it’s fast paced, the story isn’t too complicated and the resolutions of the various cases are well done. Enjoyable. Janelle, NSW, 3 Stars

Over My Dead Body has a potentially interesting plot, but is let down by mediocre writing. The result is a run of the mill, easily forgettable, crime novel. Archer simply didn’t execute it well. The biggest problem is the lack of characterisation. Every character is drawn lightly at best. I had no strong sense of any of them, and none came alive. The consequence is an impression of cardboard figures going through the motions of the plot. Indeed, there was no sense of urgency or tension to the plot. Things are rushed through, unconvincing characters go through the motions, and there’s no feeling of challenge to the police investigations. Another problem is the bizarre sense of time – or lack of it. The tone of the novel made me initially think it was set in the 1930s. Later it became clear that it was set closer to the present, but conflicting references made it unclear when. I think you’d have to be a die hard fan of Archer’s to truly enjoy this novel. In many ways it feels like an early draft, yet to be fleshed out. It’s not bad, exactly. It’s just not good, either. It’s a shallow novel. Lorraine, ACT, 2 Stars

I found this book harder to get into than all the other Jeffrey Archer ones I’ve read. It was quite slow and very stiff (maybe explained when we find out the book is set in 1988) As the plot and characters developed a bit more, it became more interesting, although i didn’t become attached to the characters. There are glimpses of Jeffrey Archer’s usual wit and cleverness, but sadly this book felt disjointed and disappointing to me . Thanks for the opportunity. Lisa, NSW, 2 Stars

I was so excited to read this book by such an acclaimed author but I was utterly disappointed! I was so confused by the characters and just couldn’t follow the story. Won’t be recommending this one! Emily, VIC, 1 Star

I haven’t read Jeffrey Archer since his original books, and found them both enjoyable and unputdownable. Sorry to be negative. I appreciated the offer to receive a proof copy and provide a review, however I’m sorry, it’s going to be negative. Agatha Christie-esque and rambling and too many villains. I felt no real empathy for any of the protagonists, and had no interest in the excessive twists and turns of a convoluted plot. In a word, underwhelming. Joan, VIC, 1 Star


A Rollicking Thrill Ride: Read an Extract from Over My Dead Body by Jeffrey Archer

Review | Extract

20 October 2021

A Rollicking Thrill Ride: Read an Extract from Over My Dead Body by Jeffrey Archer

    A Classic Cat-and-Mouse Chase: Read Our Review of Over My Dead Body by Jeffrey Archer

    Review | Our Review

    18 October 2021

    A Classic Cat-and-Mouse Chase: Read Our Review of Over My Dead Body by Jeffrey Archer

      Publisher details

      Over My Dead Body
      Jeffrey Archer
      13 October, 2021


      An unputdownable story of murder, revenge and betrayal from international number one bestseller Jeffrey Archer. THE CLOCK IS TICKING IN THIS ROLLERCOASTER RIDE OF A THRILLER…

      In London, the Metropolitan Police set up a new Unsolved Murders Unit – a cold case squad – to catch the criminals nobody else can.

      In Geneva, millionaire art collector Miles Faulkner – convicted of forgery and theft – was pronounced dead two months ago. So why is his unscrupulous lawyer still representing a dead client?

      On a luxury liner en route to New York, the battle for power within a wealthy dynasty is about to turn to murder.

      And at the heart of all three investigations are Detective Chief Inspector William Warwick, rising star of the Met, and ex-undercover operative Ross Hogan, brought in from the cold.

      But can they catch the killers before it’s too late?

      Jeffrey Archer
      About the author

      Jeffrey Archer

      Jeffrey Archer, whose bestselling novels span from Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less to Kane & Abel and The Eleventh Commandment, has sold over 135 million books throughout the world. The author is married with two children.

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