Your Preview Verdict: The Way from Here by Jane Cockram

Your Preview Verdict: The Way from Here by Jane Cockram

A cache of letters from beyond the grave leads a bereaved sister on a journey from Australia to an idyllic French coastal town – and back in time to a golden summer where it all went wrong. An addictive, atmospheric and evocative mystery that examines how we become who we are and whether we can truly know those we love.

Growing up, the Anderson sisters were close, even though they were different. Susie, the wild one, wanted an adventurous life while Mills followed a safer path.

When Susie dies suddenly from a fall when hanging a string of lights for her fortieth birthday party, Mills is grief-stricken, even though they had drifted apart. Then Mills receives a bundle of mysterious letters from her sister to be read in the case of her death. Each letter instructs her to visit a place special to Susie, both to spread her ashes but also to uncover some truths Susie has long kept hidden from her family. Truths that seem to date back to one golden summer in an idyllic French coastal town, where a dark and shocking event was the beginning of an unravelling thread. A thread that leads both to Mills’ present and her mother Margaret’s past.

What choices connect the past to the present? What family secrets will surface and change the future?

In this twisty, evocative mystery, Jane Cockram flips the looking glass to reveal the lines of deception and love, truth and regret that run through families.

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The Way from Here is my favourite book of 2022 so far. I felt like the characters were all realistic and easy to relate to. As soon as I started, I couldn’t put the book down, I was travelling with Camilla and the many twists and turns kept me interested and invested. I can’t wait to find out what the author writes next! Marjolaine, WA, 5 Stars

This book is a page turner! Intriguing and wonderfully written, I loved the relationships between each of the women in the family. Highly recommend this lovely book. Lauren, QLD, 5 Stars

Wow, I’m still a little shell-shocked by this one but in the best possible way! When a book is endorsed by the amazing Sally Hepworth you know you’re in for an enjoyable twisty ride, and ‘The Way From Here’ was definitely that, and one I absolutely loved! When Susie Anderson suddenly dies, her sister Mills receives a bundle of mysterious letters instructing her to visit and spread her ashes at special places that a young Susie travelled to two decades ago. We follow Mills as she pieces together the secrets of the trip that forever changed her sister, uncovering not only Susie’s secrets and that of the idyllic French island Ile de Claire, but ultimately that of their family. It was tense, thrilling, fun, emotional and addictive with so many twists, turns and mysteries to unravel, but it is also so much more than that. It is a captivating unique story exquisitely written of family, sisters, self-discovery, life regrets and redemption, and the secrets and decisions that can impact a family through the generations. I loved the slow reveal of Susie’s letters at each destination, the multiple timelines, and was totally immersed in the characters and exotic landscape. Highly recommend! Yvette, NSW, 5 Stars

This is an excellent story from a new author which captivated me from the start. When Susie dies suddenly from an accident at home her sister Mills is understandably devastated followed quickly by intrigue when she is given a series of letters from Susie with instructions to be carried out in the event of her death. Mills embarks on a journey into Susie’s past in England and France and a family secret is revealed. Will keep you guessing until the final pages. I recommend this book. Elizabeth, NSW, 5 Stars

How can I find the right words to convey how much I LOVED reading this book? Watching Suzie’s adventures through Europe was like reliving my own backpacking days. (Mine were less… eventful, but the descriptions of long ago European summers really took me back!) Jane Cockram’s writing was brilliant, skillfully weaving multiple stories together across the generations. She had me turning those pages obsessively to see how the plot lines would be resolved! I will admit that I shed a tear – I think only the hardest heart would not be moved by a loving sister’s letter from beyond the grave. I look forward to reading more of Jane’s writing. This one was a hit for me! Yvonne, NSW, 5 Stars

Jane Cockram effortlessly takes you on a journey through time and space. The characters are raw, vulnerable and very human. You feel invested and want to follow their multigenerational secrets. Sally, QLD, 5 Stars

The Way from Here is a novel about family secrets and is a twisty novel, with the secrets unfolding through a cache of letters. The story had me from the very first letter from Susie to her grieving sister Camilla(Mills). Beautifully written it sweeps you away on the journey through London, Ille de Clair in France, to outback Australia, as the further letters are read and hidden family secrets explored. I could not put it down as I just wanted to find out what happened to Susie I loved that Susie reached out to Mills in her letters seeking “to know that the darling girl inside (her) might have one last chance to break free” Right through to the last sentence in her last letter to Mills where “your lightness has always been you gift to me” Teresa, VIC, 5 Stars

This was such a great read. I was totally absorbed in the life of Susie and her mysterious past on the île de Clair (which was so beautifully described I had to look up if it actually existed!) I was kept guessing about how the family secret would unfold right until the final unravelling at the end. The characters are so believable and this is a compelling take on the relationship between sisters and their mother. I loved it! Anne-Marie, VIC, 5 Stars

I absolutely adored this book! It has just the right mix of relatable characters, intriguing plot twists and stunning scenery to captivate until the very end. I loved the descriptions of the various locations, from the Kimberley to the Mediterranean, and London to the Devon countryside. Left me longing to jump on a plane and escape! Ruth, NSW, 5 Stars

This is the first book I have read from the Australian author Jane Cockram, and I certainly hope not the last. The story intrigued me from the first sentence, and drew me into the lives of several generations of women from the same family. The book jumps between several decades, and oceans, exploring the connections between each woman. Without spoiling the plot, there were a few twists that I did not anticipate, and kept me further invested in the lives of the three main characters. The book is written in two parts, and I probably favoured the second part, as this is where the story truly unfolds and the connection’s begin to evolve. I loved the descriptions of the places the women all visited during various times in their lives and how their personalities and experiences gave a different perspective of each location. I could almost imagine myself strolling the streets of London or relaxing on the French coast. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, both the story and the captivating writing, and would certainly recommend it to others. Kelly, VIC, 5 Stars

The Way from Here by Jane Cockram was a very enjoyable read, an absolute page turner! In the few days it took me to finish the novel, I lived vicariously through the character of Camilla Anderson as she travelled from outback Australia to London, France, Devon and home again. The trip is the final request of her older sister Susie who falls to her death from a ladder just before her fortieth birthday. Camilla receives Susie’s ashes along with six letters, each to be read at a specific time and place. What follows is a very captivating, suspenseful journey that uncovers some long held, shocking Anderson family secrets and keeps the reader questioning who, what, why and how? Part 1 of the novel switches perspective between Camilla, present day and Susie’s European summer vacation of 1998 full of superbly detailed sunny beach days, gourmet food and wine and fascinating friendships, but there is more than meets the eye. Part 2 of the novel is where the puzzle pieces come together, with lots of aha! moments for the reader. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who enjoys a mysterious family drama, it has the potential to be quite relatable! Rebecca, NSW, 5 Stars

This is a great book from a new author. An interesting plot, family and friend dynamics and past secrets are all woven together into a book I found hard to put down. The relationship between two sisters is challenging but when one dies the other is pulled against her better judgement to fulfil her sister’s last wishes and she is drawn into a story stretching back to her grandmother’s past. The description of the places in England and France forming the basis of the story are luminous. I was transported there as I was reading. The slow unwinding of the secrets ends in a reunion so touching that I cried. This is one of those books that make me want to know what came next as I reluctantly read the last page. Lyn, SA, 5 Stars

The Way from Here is such a wonderfully written novel. I loved it from the very first page, the very first letter from Susie to her grieving sister Mills. This very first letter sparks an unexpected journey for Mills to grant her sister’s last wishes. It takes her to England and France where Susie had the best time of her life 20 years earlier. But what really happened all that time ago? Mills is thrown into a mystery that involves Susie and a group of people that spans generations, and she is faced with finding out the unforeseen truths which involve her just as much. This novel was beautifully written, it explored loss and hidden family secrets and because of this, I could not put it down as I just wanted to find out what happened to Susie. I loved the depictions of the locations, especially the Île de Clair, with its winding paths and secluded coves it highlights the similarity of the twist and turns and secrecy that this novel explores. Looking forward to recommending this novel by Jane Cockram. Julie, VIC, 5 Stars

Long-hidden family secrets, mystery, adventure and romance; this book has it all! I loved following the path of the young Susie, then found myself in her sister Mills’ shoes as she visits each place as instructed by Susie in her letters from beyond the grave. These characters became very dear to me as their lives unfolded and I discovered the hidden secrets as they were revealed, like peeling back the layers of an onion. Just when you think you have uncovered all there is to know another secret pops up. It was good that these twists weren’t obvious, keeping me guessing all the way through. The character development, descriptions of the scenery, the sights, scents and sounds all enabled me to envision that I was there, watching the events happen around me. I haven’t read Jane’s first book, The House Of Brides, but it is now on my TBR list and I will certainly be looking out for future novels as well. Maree, QLD, 5 Stars

A wonderful novel by Australian author, Jane Cochran. Three generations of women and three generations of secrets which all tie together in the end. Set in country Australia, London and France, “The Way From Here” takes the reader on many twists and turns! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and could easily see it being made into a Netflix movie. Margie, QLD, 5 Stars

Letters from the past is an intriguing premise itself, but nothing prepared me for what this book presented! Three generations of women and their secrets, with the plot flowing in alternative POVs, takes the reader on an unexpected journey. From London to Île de Clair, and outback Australia, there is beauty, serenity, youthfulness, love and bonds that are broken and mended. I loved reading about the flawed sisters, mothers with their secrets and how friendships and love can make you and break you. This book is definitely a great one, an unmissable journey through emotions. Fasmina, NSW, 5 Stars

Jane Cockram’s latest novel, ‘The Way From Here’ takes the reader on a well-constructed journey linking past events to the present day. The novel explores the experiences of Susie as she travels alone from remote Australia for the first time and what follows two decades later following her accidental death. Her elder sister Camilla must follow a series of intriguing letters to try to unravel and understand that summer from long ago. Cockram’s employs the voice of each sister as we see the past converge with the present, leading to secrets from beyond the grave. The characters are authentic and the narrative beautifully structured -” … There were layers of secrets to be peeled back, and she suspected they would expose something darker than she anticipated…” “The Way From Here” contains enough twists and links to keep the reader guessing – and perhaps jumping to the wrong conclusions! This is a definite page-turner which will keep some surprises to the very end. Highly recommended. Chris, QLD, 5 Stars

The Way From Here is based around two sisters that are polar opposites, Susie carefree and Camilla (Mills) careful. Susie unexpectedly dies which triggers letters being sent to Mills sending her on a journey, perhaps this was Susie’s away of getting Mills to live a little. The reader goes on a journey from the swinging sixties to current, and the idyllic scenes are set throughout the book’s locations in rural Australia, UK and the Ile de Clair (France). Even though the story is told through multiple POV’s and dual timelines, it flows easily allowing the reader to connect to the characters and there is plenty of secrets and scandals to keep you interested. Jane Cockram has created realistic characters that are so relatable that it could be your own sister or mother. The story invites you in with all its charm, gets you comfortable then dumps an unexpected twist…a perfect plot. I fell in love with this book before I read it based on the fact it involved letters and it didn’t let me down. Donna, NSW, 5 Stars

Wow! From go to woah, I was hooked. The plot was so thoroughly thought out. The characters each had such unique personalities, and it felt as though I was on this journey with them. I loved the storylines from different time periods, it just helped to create more intrigue and suspense. To put it in context, my father, who hasn’t been interested in reading for 40 years, picked the book up and can’t put it down! Lauren, QLD, 5 Stars

What a brilliant first novel by Jane Cockram. It took me a little to get into the book but once I was a few chapters in I was hooked. The story travelled back through time with a great twist at the end. Highly recommend this read. Claire, VIC, 5 Stars

Fantastic book, very cleverly written, easy to follow with the chapters named with each character that the chapter is about. Keeps you in suspense right through the book, and takes you to a place of mystery and intrigue. This book is so different, so refreshing and so entertaining. Twists that you do not see coming and the final chapters all fit into place and solve the mystery. Highly recommended. Linda, VIC, 5 Stars

I really enjoyed this book. The characters were believable and engaging. The jumping between time lines was done very well and was easy to follow. The generational story told emerged powerfully as the story unfolded. I was drawn into the lives of all the women and wanted to know more. The story was captivating and had me wanting to keep reading. There was a perfect balance of emotional investment combined with family drama. I enjoyed the descriptive language that Cochram used, without being flowery or adding superfluous detail. There were a few details at the end that I would have liked clarified but overall, it was an excellent novel. I would highly recommend it. This is the first novel I have read of Jane Cochram but it will not be my last. She is an excellent writer and I thoroughly enjoyed the untangling of secrets and family connections as they unfolded in the novel. An excellent read! Maree, ACT, 5 Stars

I really enjoyed reading this book, the blurb had me intrigued. I liked the storyline. From the first page right through to the last page there were lots of twists and turns keeping me interested in seeing how the story would pan out. It was a great read, the book flowed beautifully and I’ll definitely read more of Jane Cockram’s books. 10 out of 10 from me. Rene, WA, 5 Stars

Part mystery, part family drama, The Way From Here moves between two decades and two continents -harsh, outback Australia, England and an idyllic French island village. Susie, the free spirited younger sister of polar opposite Camilla (Mills), dies unexpectedly on the eve of her 40th birthday, and leaves Mills with an uncharacteristically detailed and precise request involving 6 letters to be read in specific places in England, France and Australia, scattering Susie’s ashes as she goes. Each letter uncovers secrets from Susie’s overseas trip when she was 19, cut short for an unexplained reason, bringing Mills closer to understanding her sister than she ever did when she was alive. The characters and writing style are engaging, I was hooked from the first page. Not to mention the escapism of travelling to the (sadly imaginary) Ile de Clair. Thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you Betterreading for my advanced readers copy. Juanita, NSW, 5 Stars

Beautiful descriptions of locations in France, England and Australia are a key stone of this lovely book. I was particularly taken with how Jane Cockram was able to bring to life the beauty and atmosphere of ‘Ile de Clair’, an (I think imaginary) island off Brittany, France. The main characters were real and endearing. This book has a few underlying mysteries which kept me guessing until the end. I love good mysteries and delight in being transported to another place and time – ‘The Way From Here’ achieved both. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Sandra, ACT, 5 Stars

The Way From Here was a great book which I really enjoyed. I love a good mystery and it kept me wanting to turn the page to try to make sense of what was happening. It’s a story of family secrets and major life changing events moments and how they shape the people we become as adults. It’s the story of two sisters, one responsible and considered and the other flighty and irresponsible. It’s follows the journey of the responsible sister after the death of the younger sister and the uncovering of why she was the type of person she was. It was a thoroughly enjoyable read. Kim, VIC, 5 Stars

I was hooked from the first few pages and read the book in two days. Cleverly interposing the past with the present, Jane Cockram draws us into a story of three generations of women, each strong and fragile in turn, and the mysteries of their past. It’s a beautiful written tale of love, loss, secrets and above all family. I highly recommend “The Way from Here”. Linda, VIC, 5 Stars

What an intriguing story with more twists and turns than the Great Ocean Road but more than that it was a story about relationships and also what can happen when secrets are being kept. Highly recommend this book. Andrea, VIC, 5 Stars

Dear reader to be, this book will not let you down. I wanted to read this book from cover to cover. It is unique in its style and set partly in Australia with interesting characters that will intrigue you. The twists and turns will keep you hooked and it will resonate with every family with complicated female roles and dynamics. I look forward to new books from Jane Cockram. Highly recommended and enjoyable. Dione, SA, 5 Stars

The Way from Here by Jane Cockram had me hooked from Page 1. Sister relationships are dear to my heart and a dead’s sister’s letter to her quieter, more sensible sibling and the tasks she sets for her following the directions set out in 6 letters that take her to different locations significant to her sister arouses my curiosity. I know this will be a journey I will relish. Jane writes in an easy flowing style and captures the settings vividly. I find myself reluctant to put the book down and wanting to know what revelations will be revealed. I loved the way the journey evolves with chapters written in the present and then in the past following each sister’s perspectives. The well drawn characters of the sisters and their friends come alive for us and the author doesn’t disappoint in holding our attention right to the finish which an ending that satisfies and all mysteries explained. Generational links and parallels in the sisters’ female line are discovered too. I would have read the book in one sitting, but life called half way through. I couldn’t wait to get back to it the following day and proceed to the finish which didn’t disappoint. I thoroughly recommend this book. Fran, VIC, 5 Stars

This story is full of twists and turns that you won’t see coming. I highly recommend this book and assure you, that it is hard to put down and definitely will make you want to read it in one sitting. A multi-generational saga luring you with family secrets set in Australia, England and France. Camilla follows six letters from her deceased younger sister, Susie, to discover mysteries from the past. Thank you to Harlequin Marketing and Better Reading for an advance copy in exchange for my review. Vicki, QLD, 5 Stars

Two sisters, with two different characters. Camilla is more sensible, serious and organised, married with two children. While, Susie is more an outgoing person, spontaneous and adventurous. 📄✈🏝 Susie, passed away unexpectedly just a day before her fortieth birthday. Camilla is heading for a trip following her sister’s last requests which written into six letters. She has to open the letter in sequence and in the places that written down in the envelope of the letter, while also scattering Susie’s ashes. Susie visited those place when she did her solo travel for her gap year in 1998. 📄✈🏝 So, here is Camilla starts her journey to London, and continue to France, to a little island, Ile de Clair, where she will find her family’s past and secrets. 📄✈🏝 I love how the author put “cliff hangers” moment at the end of a few chapters before continuing to a new chapter with different time line. This really makes the book unputdownable! This book is also full of twists and secrets revealed however the author will give them to you little by little and you’ll be WOW again and again. Vivi, NSW, 5 Stars

The Way From Here by Jane Cockram is the first book I have read by this author. What a great read. A series of letters written by Susie to her sister Camilla (or Mills) in the event of her death asks her to travel in her footsteps from 1998, spreading her ashes along the way at the National Gallery in London, the Ile de Clair off the coast of France and Pond Cottage in Cornwall. It becomes a journey of discovery for Mills. She meets people that were important to Susie and learns more about herself as well. With surprising developments throughout the story, it kept me on my toes and engrossed. I found it great writing and could picture the beautiful scenery and also the people throughout. Loved it. Thanks to Harper Collins and Better Reading for the ARC. Maureen, QLD, 5 Stars

I enjoyed reading the book The Way From Here by Jane Cockram. It wouldn’t be a book that I would usually choose to read but I was intrigued by the characters and the journey throughout the story. It is full of twists and turns with family, secrets and suspense. Looking forward to Jane’s next novel. Christine, WA, 4 Stars

I really enjoyed ‘The Way from Here’ – a lovely story about family connections and a good reminder that all is not as it seems! I was especially drawn to ‘Mills’ and felt all of her emotions with her. Some fun twists and turns in this book that kept me intrigued and excited to find out the truth. I found it easy to get involved in the book and imagine all the beautiful places through the descriptive language – a real joy when you’re stuck at home. Overall an impressive tale and a fun read! Bianca, NSW, 4 Stars

Jane Cockram’s The Way from Here was an amazing mini-escape from life. Spanning multiple generations and picturesque locations, Cochram has eloquently weaved a mystery to captivate readers. Her writing style beautiful transports you to the Île de Clair, London and the middle of the Australian outback. The novel follows Camilla as she embarks on a journey to scatter the ashes of her younger sister Susie and to uncover the mystery of what happened to her sister on a trip she took as a teenager. Told from multiple points of view, the reader is soon deeply invested in the lives of all the Anderson women. Jane Cockram is an author to look out for. Jaclyn, WA, 4 Stars

Mothers and daughters, past lovers, letters from a deceased sister – following her untimely and unexpected death – every family has its secrets! Jane Cockram’s novel takes the reader travelling, which after years of enforced lockdowns, is quite a pleasurable experience, as this generational mystery unfolds. Susie’s letters to her sister contain an autobiographical narrative of sorts, they are filled with clues to her past, bohemian life that demand Camilla journeys to once important destinations. Mills’ duties involve meeting people and scattering Susie’s ashes … a daunting task, which only becomes more confusing when her mother turns up at the little, old hotel in the quiet French seaside town. What is Margaret doing at Ile de Clair and what does her own past reveal? Cheryl, NSW, 4 Stars

Family secrets spanning three generations of women are revealed in this engrossing and captivating novel. When Susie unexpectedly dies, she leaves a series of letters to sister Camilla that takes her on a journey from the Western Australian outback, to the UK and the fictional idyllic French island (though I wish it were real!) Ile de Clair. It’s these letters that set off the chain reaction in unravelling the secrets that have been kept closely guarded for decades. I didn’t expect the story to unfold the way it did, leaving me in a pleasant combination of shock and surprise. Told through the eyes of Susie in 1998 and Camilla and the letters in present day, I never could have guessed the depths and complexity of how the lives of two families are so intertwined. A cathartic journey for Camilla and her mother Margaret, emphasising the bond they have; one that seems to strengthen as the truth comes to light. A highly emotional, bittersweet and uplifting read that I thoroughly enjoyed. Christine, VIC, 4 Stars

When free spirited Susie dies unexpectedly, she leaves a bundle of letters that send her sensible sister Camilla on a journey. Camilla sets out on a trip revisiting her sister’s journey twenty years earlier. Travelling from Australia to London, a remote French island, and Devon, gradually Camilla uncovers not only the untold story of Susie’s time in Europe as a young woman, but also deeply buried family secrets about her mother Margaret. The intergenerational story is revealed through Susie’s letters, and flashbacks dividing Camilla’s scenes in the present with chapters told from the perspective of Susie and Margaret. There are some unexpected dark turns and the author has successfully conveyed a real sense of mystery and uncertainty. These are great characters. I was charmed by Susie’s youthful enthusiasm and cared about what happened to her. The Way From Here is at its heart a story about sister love, and a search for truth after a lifetime of family secrets, fear and misunderstandings. Karen, NSW, 4 Stars

Despite the rather unbelievable story line (it is fiction after all!) this is a gripping read that has you turning the pages to find out what happens to the main characters in their next chapter. Three generations of the same family in Australia are linked to the Rowes, an English family from WW2 to the present day; this is the bit I find a little far fetched. But I cannot fault the character building, the descriptions of the different landscapes and the suspense that the author manages to build throughout the book until the final revelations of what happened to Susie back in 1998. I think the author could of done without the somewhat soppy & highly predictable final chapter, however. A good holiday read. Mary, WA, 4 Stars

The Way From Here by Jane Cockram. As an Australian who, as the main character in this book did, made the post school pilgrimage over to Europe, I was really looking forward to this book. And it did not disappoint. Jane Cockram perfectly captured the yearning and excitement that a young Australian feels on embarking on a trip overseas. However Susie, the feisty main character, is soon swept up by unexpected experiences – love, friendship, travel, experiences more intense and confusing than she could have anticipated. The author skilfully allows the stories linking three generations of women to gradually unfold. Different narratives as well as letters, allows us to gradually join the dots on haunting mysteries from the past. We also learn how past events can shape and mould present experiences. Jan Cockram writes beautifully, her prose clearly painting pictures of one idyllic summer on a secluded French island, and how everything went terribly wrong. We sympathise with the strong female leads, who made decisions that they hoped would best protect those they love. A beautiful, unputdownable read. Kate, VIC, 4 Stars

Quite liked this book, it had a different than usual storyline. Kept your interest & enough twists & turns in the story, the various letters to read from Susie were intriguing. Susie & Camilla were both likable, & Margaret & her mother. But I thought David & the mother & father who adopted him were all rather weird people. Was expecting David to be a kinder & more interested in his birth mother, hopefully another book by Jane Cockram shall be just as good. Dianne, VIC, 4 Stars

The Way from Here tells the story of family secrets, the sisterly bond and how small events in one’s life can cause a ripple of tales for many years to come. An unpredictable story that transports you to several idyllic locations on the quest to find the family truth. A great read that’s certainly worth the journey! Jody, QLD, 4 Stars

I really enjoyed the premise of this book – an unusual request from a loved one to scatter her ashes in locations that had significance for her, which leads to some new discoveries for her family. The book was easy to read, and the pace of the story was perfect. My only 2 criticisms would be that occasionally the foreshadowing became a little overdone and the resolution of the story felt somewhat contrived. But overall, I really enjoyed the story and would recommend it! Clare, NSW, 4 Stars

The Way From Here is a book which has you take a journey with family secrets. It has interactions in the present form and from the past. This novel starts in a sad way with Susie dying. Susie’s sister Camilla also known as Mills has letters which are meant to be read after Susie’s death. Susie died unexpectedly from a fall on a day which was meant to celebrate her 40th birthday. The letter states that Mills must travel from Australia to England where there is a second letter to be read. Although it is an unusual request Mills will do as Susie has expressed. Mills will travel to England even though her marriage is at risk. Throughout the book we see and learn things through the letters and so you get to see Susie’s personality and what she was like. The novel also takes us back to 1998 and you read about Susie’s life. You also learn about her journeys including the journey that her grandmother Nellie commanded. It starts at the National Gallery in London and an island goes off the coast of France on a tiny island. The novel also goes back to 1968 where Margaret their mother also discloses another part of the story. The Way From There is a story of women at unsimilar times of history and different classes. The relationships they have are in support of each other with love, even though they are complex. I found the novel entracing and I was eager to find out how their relationships came together. I also found it shows how strong women are and they will do anything to safeguard themselves and their families. I found all the ladies indestructible but also they had failings. I found Susie could not get over some events in her life that were tragic. Mills I found was too organised and inflexible. Margaret was regretful about things she has done in the past. I did enjoy this book but I found it a bit perplexing because of the time lines. Freda, QLD, 4 Stars

A cache of letters from beyond the grave leads a bereaved sister on a journey from Australia to an idyllic French coastal town and back in time to a golden summer where it all went wrong. This book really got me thinking about what I would do if this happened to me. Would I do this for my sister? Absolutely! This book has been written so well, each chapter gave more of Susie’s story, her life, her sister, her loves. The secrets of this book were so subtley placed within other secrets. The chapters of her past slotted in so well with current life chapters, you never get lost. The vivid landscape details had me ready to pack up and fly to France 🇫🇷. An absolutely beautiful book to read. I will definitely be reading more by Jane Cockram. Thanks to @betterreading preview for this copy. #BRpreview Ali, TAS, 4 Stars

A tale of sisterly love and family mysteries. Shortly after her free-spirited sister Susie dies on the eve of her fortieth birthday party, rule-abiding Mills receives a bundle of letters. Susie’s instructions, apart from declaring they’re only to be read in the event of her dying young, stipulate that Mills must read these letters one at a time, traveling to the place mentioned at the end of each letter – starting by leaving Sydney for London. At each place, as well as scattering a portion of Susie’s ashes, she will uncover more of her sister’s story – and a totally unexpected family mystery. The reader sees even more, as much of the story is told directly from Susie’s past. The settings are evocative and skillfully painted, and although I was never able to completely suspend disbelief in the characters, it was well plotted, well written and a thoroughly enjoyable read. Wendy, VIC, 4 Stars

The Way From Here, It took me around the world some wonderful places I would love to go and see, A journey that 3 generations took, Entangling with the same people without even knowing, it kept me reading right to the end, and yes I even may have shed a tear or two, Once I started reading I found it hard to put this book down, from the picturise place it took you, and the wonderful way its written, the emotions of some of their traumas. It wonderfully written and well worth a read. Jacinta, QLD, 4 Stars

An intriguing story of three generations of women tied together by secrets and misunderstandings. After her sister Susie tragically dies before her 40th birthday Camilla, her older sister, is left with a number of letters instructing her to seek out people and places in Susie’s past. Camilla discovers along the way things about her sister and her entire family that explain why Susie chose her path in life. A most enjoyable journey and I will definitely look forward to reading the next book from Jane Cockram. Sue, NSW, 4 Stars

Wow, fast paced, unpredictable and addictive, The Way From Here is a beautifully written story filled with fascinating characters, some loveable and some not so much, that had me laughing, crying and shaking my head with shock. Loved it. Rebecca, NSW, 4 Stars

I really enjoyed this book. As the reader we learn about our main characters past and her secrets with the help of letters she prepared to be delivered to her sister in the event of her death. It was so intriguing especially with the multigenerational aspect as well as the beautiful European location. My only complaint would be that there are some key plot points which I didn’t find very realistic. I would still definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for an easy and captivating read. Rachelle, TAS, 4 Stars

I was very excited to read this one as the synopsis had me very intrigued. I loved the idea of getting letters from a loved on after they passed. This definitely lived up to expectations. A beautifully written novel set with the backdrop of stunning locations. I could feel myself in the hustle bustle of London, see myself eating crepes and visiting the beaches on the Ile de Clair and seeing the differences between rural UK and Australia. Told in alternating point of views and over dual timelines with some letters thrown in I enjoyed watching the tangled web of storylines slowly unravel and see the family secrets exposed. Whilst there was a lot going on it was very easy to follow and very engaging. I loved getting to know both of the sisters, learning about their different personalities and felt sadness as they grew apart. I enjoyed seeing Camilla’s personal growth as she faced the challenges her sister set her. I found myself very emotionally invested in the storyline. An amazing novel of complex family dynamics combined with mystery and intrigue. Kirsten, ACT, 4 Stars

I love a good book about family, siblings and secrets and this is all that and more. The story of sisters Susie and Mills, a stash of letters and a journey into the past. This is an unputdownable read, it reels you in and you just want to keep reading so you can find out where all the twists and turns end up. It is an emotional story of family, past and present, of finding truth in sadness and grief and in being able to put things to rest. This is a well written book that flows seamlessly with characters we can all relate to. I love that the two sisters are so different and that they each have their own personality. I enjoyed hearing about the three generations and how their lives panned out and how the secrets they kept affected each other and each generation. This is a complex read to a point but it doesn’t lose you as the author (Jane Cockram) has written it in a way that helps you to understand each person and what happens at each point in this story. Well worth the read. DonnaRae, TAS, 4 Stars

The Way From Here started off so well and i was really enjoying the idea of Susie sending Camilla off to “break free” from the normalities of her life despite the reasons for this to happen. The book flowed and i appreciated the different chapters taking us along each sisters’ journey. However, the novel made me lose interest when Margaret arrived. It did add another twist, but it made the novel change pace and become unenjoyable. Sharnee, QLD, 4 Stars

The Way From Here is a slow build mystery that had me guessing and re-guessing until the end. I really liked the way the story was told, via letters and each characters experiences, across different timelines. At times there was possibly too many characters in play as their inclusion didn’t add anything to the story. The characters were well written and their similarities, and differences, helped make the story all the more real. My one criticism, was a typo in which the sisters names were interchanged, had me reading back repeatedly to work out how she’d reappeared on a different timeline. Jodie, WA, 4 Stars

2 Generations, 2 deep secrets but how will they be revealed. The death of a loved daughter/sister Susie and the letters she left takes Mills back in time and to Susie’s favourite places and special people. But there is also a special request to leave some of her ashes in each place. On her sister’s quest to fulfil her requests she unravels secrets from the past. From Australia to England to France this book led you on an intriguing mystery and past loves and lives. Margaret, NSW, 4 Stars

The locations in Jane Cockram’s book ‘The Way from Here’ take the reader to idyllic places of interest with spectacular scenery. It is not hard to imagine actually being there. The author has cleverly woven the characters into the story. Reading letters her sister has left for her before she died brings a better understanding of the life she led and places she lived in. The characters are believable with each of them playing their part in keeping family secrets. The past is re-visited by mother and daughter with different agendas, who are determined to find out answers. Their journey to seek the truth behind the mystery keeps the reader waiting to find out more. The story has an interesting contrast between characters and locations. Descriptions are vivid, inviting the reader to imagine what it would be like to experience a simpler way of life in a different time and place. I enjoyed reading this book with it’s twists and turns, sadness, love and joy. It tells how some people are manipulated in order to satisfy those with power. Regrets bring sadness while hopes and dreams keep alive the chance of achieving a life worth living. Cherylene, QLD, 4 Stars

This was such a captivating story from start to finish! I instantly connected with the sister storyline, myself much like Camilla – organised, rule abiding, and my sister much like Susie – spontaneous, carefree. The story switches from past to present, but Jane made the transitions seamless and easy to follow. I liked how although it was uncovering much of Susie’s past, in a way Camilla learnt more about herself. And of course – the twists along the way! I thought I had pieced it together early, but I was left pleasantly surprised by the end. There was enough romance without it overtaking the story and focuses more on the interconnectedness of all the characters. Jane’s writing was entertaining – I could easily picture each character in my head as I was reading, especially Lucinda, with her dramatic personality. The ending provides closure, but as any good book does – I have more questions!! Laura, NSW, 4 Stars

The story grabbed my attention from the first page, a letter from one sister to another admitting that she was “dead”. An interesting concept to have actually written letters to her sister. I loved the descriptions of places. Worded so you could actually visualise yourself there. Written in the past and current and very well done with the letters from Susie (dead) to her sister Mills. Suddenly I felt my interest in the story waning but fortunately not for long. It was then a page turner to find out what the family secrets were. The author Jane Cockram is new for me. Jane obviously likes to use descriptive words some unknown to me so time spent looking up the word meanings so a learning curve along with a reasonably good story. Having had an older sister myself I definitely identified with both Susie and Mills and loved the fact they that their mother came into the story at the right time to make it more interesting showing a side of herself that her daughter Mills had never seen. A little predictive towards the end but would definitely read another book by Jane Cockram. Not a story for our male readers. Elaine, NSW, 4 Stars

The Way from Here was a captivating read interspersing three generations of women set in idyllic locations. Beautifully descriptive, this book was suspenseful, yet heart warming. It was hard to put down. Phoebe, VIC, 4 Stars

What a surprise package. I thought I was going to be reading a typical chick lit novel; boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl. How wrong was I? This story by Jane Cockram has as many twists and turns as the lovely lanes she transports us to in England and France. It’s a tale of two very different sisters who end up travelling the same path though years apart. But it’s more than that, it’s about the characters they meet along the way and the pivotal role they play in their destinies.”The Way from Here,” is a novel about love, family, secrets and redemption. Go on the journey through Australia, England and France with sisters Susie and Camilla. You won’t regret it. Susan, NSW, 4 Stars

I loved the way story was told – present , past and in the form of letters left by the late Susie to her sister, in which susie tasks her sister with going on a journey to scatter her ashes. A very intriguing family mystery unfolds. Rachel, QLD, 4 Stars

The Way from Here by Jane Cockram is a wonderful read that I quickly devoured in a few sittings. I really enjoyed the layout of the book that takes you on a treasure hunt of family secrets. Through letters, a trip across the globe and the different characters perspectives we are expertly led through a complex tale that is darker than it first appears. A book about love, happenstance and how events from the past can shape our lives. This is your next book to read. Sam, ACT, 4 Stars


Family Secrets Unravelled: Read and Extract from The Way from Here by Jane Cockram

Review | Extract

10 March 2022

Family Secrets Unravelled: Read and Extract from The Way from Here by Jane Cockram

    Beguiling Family Drama: Read Our Review of The Way from Here by Jane Cockram

    Review | Our Review

    7 March 2022

    Beguiling Family Drama: Read Our Review of The Way from Here by Jane Cockram

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            Publisher details

            The Way From Here
            Jane Cockram
            HQ Fiction
            02 March, 2022


            Growing up, the Anderson sisters were close, even though they were different. Susie, the wild one, wanted an adventurous life while Mills followed a safer path.

            When Susie dies suddenly from a fall when hanging a string of lights for her fortieth birthday party, Mills is grief-stricken, even though they had drifted apart. Then Mills receives a bundle of mysterious letters from her sister to be read in the case of her death. Each letter instructs her to visit a place special to Susie, both to spread her ashes but also to uncover some truths Susie has long kept hidden from her family. Truths that seem to date back to one golden summer in an idyllic French coastal town, where a dark and shocking event was the beginning of an unravelling thread. A thread that leads both to Mills' present and her mother Margaret's past.

            What choices connect the past to the present? What family secrets will surface and change the future?

            In this twisty, evocative mystery, Jane Cockram flips the looking glass to reveal the lines of deception and love, truth and regret that run through families.

            Jane Cockram
            About the author

            Jane Cockram

            Jane Cockram was born and educated in Australia, where she studied Journalism at RMIT, majoring in Literature. After earning a post-graduate diploma in Publishing and Communication at Melbourne University, she worked in sales for Pan Macmillan Publishers and then as fiction buyer at Borders, fulfilling a childhood dream of reading for a living. Cockram spent a year living in the West Country of England, where The House of Brides is set, and still daydreams about returning.  In the meantime, she resides in Melbourne with her husband and two children. The House of Brides is her debut novel.

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