Explosive and Action-Packed: Take a Sneak Peek of The Chase by Bestselling Author Candice Fox

Explosive and Action-Packed: Take a Sneak Peek of The Chase by Bestselling Author Candice Fox

From where she sat at the back of the bus, the driver’s death was a confusing spectacle to Emily Jackson.

She had a good view down the length of the vehicle from her position, leaning against a window smeared with the finger­prints of happy children. Her seat was elevated over the rear wheel axle, so as she rode she could see youngsters jumping and crashing about the interior, playing games and teasing each other across the aisle, occasionally throwing a ball or smacking a catcher’s mitt into a rival’s head.

Half of the other parents on the bus were ignoring their children’s activity, gazing out the windows at the Nevada desert, some with AirPods in their ears and wistful looks on their faces. Others were making valiant attempts to dampen the chaos and noise: confiscat­ing water bottles, phones and toys being used as weapons, or dragging wandering toddlers back to their seats. Forty minutes of featureless sand and scrub beyond the garish structures and swirling colours of Vegas was a lot for kids to endure.

When the bus bumped over a loose rock on the narrow road to the prison, Emily saw all the other passengers bump with it, the bus and its riders synchronised parts of a unified machine.

She didn’t have to nudge her son, Tyler, as they approached the point at which Pronghorn Correctional would come into view. Tyler had been coming to the annual pre-Christmas softball game at the facility since he was a kindergartener, and had only missed one year, when his father strained his back fixing the garage door and couldn’t play second pitcher against the minimum-security inmates as he usually did. Tyler’s familiarity with the journey seemed to give him a sixth sense, and she watched as he flipped his paperback closed, shifting upwards in his seat. No landmark out there in the vastness told mother and son they were approach­ing the last gentle curve in the road. Hard, cracked land reached plainly towards the distant mountain range. Then the pair watched through the bus’s huge windshield as the collection of wide, low concrete buildings rose seemingly out of the sand…

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Your Preview Verdict: The Chase by Candice Fox

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30 March 2021

Your Preview Verdict: The Chase by Candice Fox

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        Publisher details

        The Chase
        Candice Fox
        Crime Fiction
        30 March, 2021


        Candice Fox has been described by the Sydney Morning Herald as 'one of Australia’s finest new-gen crime writers' and her latest novel is another thrilling ride, as a mass prison breakout lets loose 650 of the country's most dangerous prisoners. When more than 600 of the world’s most violent human beings pour out from Pronghorn Correctional Facility into the Nevada Desert, the biggest manhunt in US history begins. But for John Kradle, this is his one chance to prove his innocence, five years after the murder of his wife and child. He just needs to stay one step ahead of the teams of law enforcement officers he knows will be chasing down the escapees. Death row supervisor turned fugitive-hunter Celine Osbourne is single-minded in her mission to catch Kradle. She has very personal reasons for hating him – and she knows exactly where he’s heading . . .
        Candice Fox
        About the author

        Candice Fox

        Hades, Candice Fox's first novel, won the Ned Kelly Award for best debut in 2014 from the Australian Crime Writers Association. The sequel, Eden, won the Ned Kelly Award for best crime novel in 2015, making Candice only the second author to win these accolades back to back. All her subsequent novels – FallCrimson Lake, Redemption Point and Gone by Midnight – have been shortlisted for the Ned Kelly Award.In 2015 Candice began collaborating with James Patterson. Their first novel together, Never Never, set in the vast Australian outback, was a huge bestseller in Australia and went straight to number 1 on the New York Times bestseller list in the US and also to the top of the charts in the UK. Their subsequent novels Fifty FiftyLiar Liar and Hush Hush have all been massive bestsellers across the world. Their most recent collaboration, The Inn, was released in August 2019.Bankstown born and bred, Candice lives in Sydney.

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