Try a Sample Chapter of B. Michael Radburn’s Gripping New Rural Crime Thriller, The Reach

Try a Sample Chapter of B. Michael Radburn’s Gripping New Rural Crime Thriller, The Reach

A story is never far away … you just have to dig a little. The journalist tells the story, while the photographer shows it. But, given the right photo, that one glimpse of time can speak volumes. That was Brewer Hutch’s quest … to capture the picture that roared.

Hutch struggled through the marina service station’s front door, his camera bag slipping from his shoulder and spilling hot coffee all over his hand. ‘Shit!’ he hissed, letting the screen door snap shut behind him as he eased the bag onto the veranda floor. Hutch sat, composed himself, licked coffee off his thumb and sighed.

The morning sun, low on the eastern horizon, glimmered off the wake of the river ferry across the way. Its engine burbled faultlessly, a gentle drone in the crisp, quiet air. But the relative peace was soon disrupted by the squeal of brakes from a midnight-black Kenworth hauling logs from the mill in the high country. Hutch recalled the sign he’d seen coming into town yesterday: Big River Logging Co. The Kenny stopped at the ramp’s T-junction and turned off its motor with a monstrous exhale from the airbrakes.

Hutch squinted against the light, fished a pair of Ray-Bans from his battered leather jacket, and polished them clean on the hem of his faded Motorhead T-shirt. He held the glasses up to the light and observed the weary reflection staring back at him. His face appeared to be a decade older than his thirty-five years, the consequence of a restless night in an unfamiliar bed. He slipped the Ray-Bans on…

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Q&A with B. Michael Radburn, Author of The Reach

Review | Author Related

10 February 2021

Q&A with B. Michael Radburn, Author of The Reach

    The Reach by B. Michael Radburn is Rural Crime at its Finest

    Review | Our Review

    9 February 2021

    The Reach by B. Michael Radburn is Rural Crime at its Finest

      Publisher details

      The Reach
      B. Michael Radburn
      Pantera Press
      Crime Fiction
      02 February, 2021


      An isolated town with a dark past. In secluded Devlins Reach, on the shores of the Hawkesbury River, three bodies are unearthed in an excavation site. When a wilderness expert, Park Ranger Taylor Bridges, is called in to assist local police, he soon discovers the town has an unsettling history – one to match Taylor’s own haunted past. But the quiet location and picturesque beauty of The Reach are hiding something darker than Taylor could have anticipated. Within the town’s tight-knit community of loggers, store owners and tight-lipped locals, someone is targeting the residents one by one. As a torrential storm surges ever closer, and the river swells at the levee walls, The Reach goes into lockdown. With no way in or out, Taylor finds himself in a race against the power of nature to find a desperate killer before the whole town goes under.
      B. Michael Radburn
      About the author

      B. Michael Radburn

      B. Michael Radburn lives with his family in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW. In his spare time Radburn enjoys farming his small property and taking road trips on his Harley Davidson. Aside, of course, from writing, he possesses a deep passion for music and treasures the time he spends with his guitar, banjo and harmonica.Radburn has been writing successfully for many years, having published more than 80 short stores, articles and reviews in Australia and overseas.Through the late '80s he was Publishing Editor of the Australian Horror & Fantasy Magazine and founder of Dark Press Publications.

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