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by Kim McCosker

With a busy lifestyle, you can rely on Thermo-Struck when preparing dinner for your family or entertaining your friends. A bounty of healthy meals, home-cooked from scratch and full of nutrients, in just a fraction of the time traditionally required.

Discover why the original, lightweight Thermo-Struck is the biggest selling Thermo cookbook online. Now Thermo-Struck covers so much more!

Falafels – Always been too hard? Not anymore!
Crumpets- That will melt in your mouth.
Sausage Rolls – With over 2 cups of veggies smuggled in!
Citron Tartlets – You will LICK the bowl (literally!)
Tim Tam Truffles – MAKE DOUBLE!
Thermobambino – A chapter of delicious, nutritious baby recipes.
Tomato & Lentil Soup – A ‘hug’ in a bowl.
Toblerone Cheesecake – A real crowd pleaser.
Herb & Garlic Foccacia – Just as your baker would make it.
Quick Fire Tomato Jam – Perfect to bottle as a gift.
Over 6 delicious Risottos – For people who LOVE to eat.

Plus 200 more quick, easy and delicious Thermo-Mazing Recipes!


01 August, 2015


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