10 Family Cooking Favourites

10 Family Cooking Favourites

Cooking for families can pose some unique challenges – it can sometimes be a fine line between cooking something tasty, something that’s nutritious and something that everyone wants to eat! In this list, we’ve come up with some of our favourite cookbooks that involve cooking for the whole family – hopefully you’ll find one in here to please everyone.

xsuper-food-family-classics.jpg.pagespeed.ic.9anGJp2ykYArguably one of the best known chefs today, Jamie Oliver is back with Super Food Family Classics, his follow up to last years Super Food. Each recipe includes the number of fruit and veg portions in each dish, and should be a hit with adults and kids alike.

Once A Month Cooking comes from the founder of the Stay at Home Mum online community. The premise behind this book is that all the cooking for the month can be done in a single day, then frozen, saving both time and money.kindy-kitchen

In Kindy Kitchen, you can create some exciting creations using fruit and vegetables – from a rainbow fruit serpent to a cucumber frog. This book also includes illustrated rhymes and recipes, and is a good way to get little ones interested in healthy food.

On the other end of the healthy spectrum, there’s the classic Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book. This was first published in 1980 and has sold half the-australian-women-s-weekly-children-s-birthday-cake-booka million copies, making it a definite classic. This one brings back some fond memories of childhood birthday cakes…

Sarah Wilson returns, this time with I Quit Sugar: Slow Cooker Cookbook. Slow cookers are a massive help in the kitchen no matter how many you’re cooking for, and perfect for winter months. You’ll also know these recipes will be good for you.

On the other side, we have Thermo-Struck, the bestselling thermo cookbook. A bounty of healthy meals, home-cooked from scratch and full of nutrients, in just a fraction of the time traditionally required.homemade-takeaway

Family Food is filled with Pete Evans’ go-to recipes when he’s looking for something quick, tasty and nutritious to cook for his own loved ones, and these meals are sure to become favourites in your home too.

In Homemade Takeaway, one of Australia’s favourite cooks Julie Goodwin, shows you how to make your favourite takeaway dishes at home from scratch, providing a healthy and cheap alternative to favourite takeaway dishes.

leftoversDip in and taste this edible adventure by Alice Zaslavsky, former MasterChef contestant. Alice’s Food A-Z is packed to the brim with funny food facts, clever cooking tips and kidfriendly recipes, this is a book for the fact-hungry, food-obsessed or those who like to mess about in the kitchen.

River Cottage: Love Your Leftovers offers nifty and creative ideas to transform leftovers into irresistible meals. With practical advice for cooking on a weekly basis with leftovers in mind and tips on how best to store your ingredients to make them last for as long as possible.


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