Feed Your Reading Habit: 8 Deliciously Evocative Books for Food Lovers

Feed Your Reading Habit: 8 Deliciously Evocative Books for Food Lovers

Some of our favourite books involve food, and what a delicious treat they are. Authors can use food in myriad magical ways, either through setting, plot devices or character. Here’s are a few of our favourites that will make you hungry for more. Enjoy with an appropriate snack!

Debut Fiction Shortlist

Mr Wigg by Inga Simpson is possibly the most charming book ever written. Set in 1971, Mr Wigg lives by himself on what remains on his orchard, deeply missing his late wife. In a book where not much happens, the characters are so beautifully done, you won’t be able to put it down. Mr Wigg’s recipes are also absolutely recommended as well.

The Hundred-Foot Journey by Richard C Morais is a charming, funny and compulsively readable novel. A delicious tale of restaurant rivalry, the desperate quest for Michelin Stars and the hundred-foot distance between a new Indian kitchen and a traditional French restaurant in Paris. Describes smells perfectly.

In Monica McInerney story A Taste For It, set in both Ireland and Australia, Maura Carmody’s off on the trip of a lifetime. A talented chef, she’s travelling around Ireland for a month to promote Australian food and wine. She’s expecting a straightforward business trip, but instead she gets a whirlwind of mishaps and misunderstandings – and the handsome Dominic. xthe-chocolate-tin-jpg-pagespeed-ic-i6po69jjuf

You may have seen our recent video interview with Fiona McIntosh talking about her new book, you can find it here. From the battlefields of northern France to the medieval city of York, The Chocolate Tin is a heartbreaking tale about a triangle of love in all its forms and a story about the bittersweet taste of life . . . and of chocolate.

While we could include a few of Roald Dahl’s books (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory anyone?), James and the Giant Peach is also a winner. One of the most imaginative stories around, James lives with his horrible aunts – until a giant peach grows in the yard and he goes on a magical adventure. Not just for kids!

xthe-tea-chest_jpg_pagespeed_ic_4-w_c2mucvThe Tea Chest by Josephine Moon is a beautifully engaging novel set in the world of a boutique teashop. With rose petals, cinnamon bark and orange peel scenting the air, three women come together from very different backgrounds and learn to trust themselves, and each other.

A modern classic, The Joy Luck Club was formed of four Chinese women recently moved to San Francisco who meet to eat dim sum, play mah-jong and to share stories. Forty years on they and their daughters tell wise and witty tales of hope, loss, family and history. This will definitely have you craving dumplings by the end. 064 Chocolat_stickered

Again, we could include a few different titles by Joanne Harris, but Chocolat is a particular favourite and another modern day classic. A woman of mysterious origins arrives with her daughter in a small, tightly knit, southern French village. She opens a chocolate shop, selling ‘dreams, small comforts, sweet harmless temptations’, to the fury of the village priest and his acolytes… This is a wickedly delicious, mouth-watering and alluring treat of a novel.


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