Exciting New Reads

Exciting New Reads


Over the last few weeks there have been some very exciting new books on offer so to make things a bit easier for you we have narrowed it down. Take a look at our highlights and explore a quirky hotel, the subterranean world of monsters, mud, magic, gods and so much more…

Toffle Towers: Fully Booked by Tim Harris and James Foley

Why we love it: Fawlty Towers was the inspiration for this quirky story full of equally quirky characters.  This very funny and inventive book will stretch little imaginations to their limit. Aside from an engaging plot, there are funny conversations, pages filled with thought bubbles, lots of word play, lists and letters that will captivate the 8+ reader.

What it’s about: 10-year-old Chegwin Toffle, a daydreamer of the most advanced kind has inherited an entire hotel – out of the blue! If he declines to accept the hotel will be sold and all the employees will be out of a job. However, Toffle Towers isn’t your typical hotel and it hasn’t had a booking for two years… Can Chegwin save the day?

8+ readers

The Monster Who Wasn’t by T.C. Shelley

Why we love it: T.C. Shelley has created a richly layered world above and below ground, with truly moving characters. The story covers themes of family, loyalty, choice and belonging and it hurtles along at a fast-pace.

What it’s about: You may be familiar with the idea that a fairy comes from a baby’s first laugh but did you know that a monster is created by the regret in someone’s last sigh?  When elderly Samuel’s last sigh combines with his 10-week-old granddaughter’s first laugh a creature is born that is an unprecedented mix of both good and bad. With unknown but highly desired powers, can he show strength and choose to be who he really wants to be?

9+ readers

The Peski Kids: Stuck in the Mud by R.A. Spratt

Why we love it: Spies, criminal masterminds, lots of laughs and mud – what more can an 8+ reader ask for?

What it’s about: The Peski Kids Stuck in the Mud is the hilarious third instalment in the series following the lives of three siblings April, Fin and Joe who after discovering their mother is an international spy have been banished to the Australian country town of Currawong to live the quiet life with their father. This time they’re taking part in a Mud Festival. But all is never as it seems when the Peski family is involved…

8+ readers

Jinxed! by Rebecca McRitchie

Why we love it: This is a very appealing new magical series from the author of Whimsy and Woe and beautifully illustrated throughout by Sharon O’Connor. Filled with all manner of magical creature and exciting worlds it’s the perfect new fantasy series for the 8+ reader.

What it’s about: Cora is 11 years old and doesn’t remember anything before Dot a collector saved her from the streets five years ago. When she embarks on her first mission alone things don’t go as planned. She finds herself in the company of two fairies and being pursued by a very dark creature. Can she escape and does she actually have some magical powers herself?


Fly by Jess McGeachin

Why we love it: Fly is a beautiful story of determination no matter the odds, and love in the face of loss.

What it’s about: Fly is a metaphor for Lucy learning to fly and be joyful again in her world after the loss of her mum. McGeachin takes us on the adventure through Lucy’s experience which is truly beautiful and will warm the hearts of all readers.

3+ readers

Monuments by Will Kostakis

Why we love it: A mix of school legend, mythology and fantasy, Monuments also explores friendships, family relationships, loss and grief – there’s lots of fun and a lot of dry humour but also a chance to reflect on real life issues.

What it’s about: 16-year-old Connor finds a trap door under his school that leads him to discover a Monument (an ancient being or God) that has been hidden away for many years. When he learns that there are five of them and they are in danger, he joins with Sally and Locky to find and move them all to safety but there are a few things that get in their way…

14+ readers


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