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A Rollicking Read: Review of Atticus Van Tasticus

September 3, 2019

Who hasn’t fantasised about becoming a pirate and sailing the seven seas, plundering ships for gold and finding a treasure map?  If this is your little readers deepest desire then they will enjoy living the dream through a new character on the block – Atticus Van Tasticus!

Created by Andrew Daddo and Stephen Michael King, Atticus starts out as a pretty normal boy with an extremely wealthy grandnan. Everyone in the family wants to get their hands on her cash but she isn’t forthcoming. However, on their tenth birthday each of the grandkids are invited to choose something from her vast collection of things – some valuable and useful others not so much.

Atticus’s brother and sister made a mess of this and now the future survival of his family is dependent on him choosing something sensible that will lead them to great wealth. No pressure of course!

When his turn comes Atticus decides that a ship, a pirate ship would be the best thing for it and so he subsequently becomes a pirate. We can safely assume that the search for treasure will be high on his list of priorities.

He gathers together a crew, finds a treasure map and sets sail. There is a lot to learn but he has a great first mate and there’s nothing better than living a piratin’ life. That is until things don’t go exactly to plan…

Author Andrew Daddo has created a rollicking read and many little adventurers will want to join Atticus Van Tasticus on the high seas.  Vibrantly illustrated throughout by Stephen Michael King, with the addition of a comic strip about a puppy that stows away on the ship and directions on how to draw Atticus at the back of the book – the illustrations add so much to the flavour of this seafaring tale.

This is Andrew Daddo’s 25thbook and the first of a new series and it’s clear to see why young readers keep coming back for more. Expect to hear some arrrrrs and some m’hearties around the house after they’ve devoured this.

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Andrew Daddo has managed to have a crack at just about every aspect of the entertainment industry. He’s appeared on TV and stage, presented radio programs and podcasts, and even made movies.
Best of all, Andrew is an accomplished author. He has written 25 books including picture books, chapter books, short story collections, novels and a vague biography – he’s hard to pin down. He also talks up literacy in schools.

Stephen Michael King is renowned worldwide for picture books like The Pocket Dogs and Where Does Thursday Go?Books he has both written and illustrated include The Man Who Loved BoxesHenry and AmyEmily Loves to Bounce, and most recently Mutt Dog. Several of his books have been shortlisted by the CBCA, and they frequently appear on children’s own voting lists like YABBA. Stephen has previously illustrated The Magic ViolinFollow That Lion!Duck Sounds and The Gorilla Suit for the Aussie Nibbles range, and more recently illustrated the classic Robin Klein story: The Princess Who Hated It, for the Aussie Nibbles series.


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