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Frederic Triumphs: Review Fearless Frederic by Felice Arena

April 17, 2018

Fearless Frederic, the latest book by much-loved Australian writer Felice Arena, is a wonderful concoction of adventure, murder, theft, revenge, heroism and of great friends who help each other overcome the odds.

Frederic’s father, a night guard at the world-famous Louvre in Paris has always encouraged him to be brave and show others what he is made of. His father’s dream is that one day Frederic will become a boxer, but Frederic is not so sure.

The life of a boxer would give him a chance to rise above the poverty he lives in with his seamstress mother and security guard father. Frederic however, has a gift for handling difficult horses and wants to pursue a job at the stables.

When, as a birthday treat, Frederic is allowed to accompany his father to work, he is excited and overwhelmed by the amazing art works that his father shows him, but the night rapidly takes a tragic turn when Frederic and his father happen upon a group of thieves in the process of stealing one of the priceless artworks.

Immediately his father swings into action but Frederic is scared and flees to seek help, leaving his father to deal with the three men on his own. While he is only a thirteen-year-old boy, Frederic shoulders the blame for the death of his father that night.

The now family of two struggle on together until floods engulf the city of Paris and they find themselves not only without a father and husband, but also homeless. In the face of extreme adversity, Frederic begins to find courage and sees a way to begin living up to his father’s aspirations for him.

Despite the rising flood-waters Frederic and new friends Claire and Thierry set out to rescue an old lady’s cat, a child who has fallen down a stormwater drain and fend off looters and pick pockets. With his new-found bravery, there is no challenge he won’t take on. That is, until he comes face to face with his father’s killers.

Fearless Frederic is high adventure, fast paced and hard to put down. Dealing with courage, loyalty, integrity and true friendship, this book offers many valuable lessons for kids to take away while enjoying the entertaining, fast-moving plot.

It’s easy to see why Felice Arena, author of the huge bestselling Specky Magee series, is a hit with young readers.

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Felice Arena is one of Australia’s best-loved children’s writers. He is the author and creator of many popular and award-winning children’s books for all ages, including the acclaimed historical adventure The Boy and the Spy, the bestselling Specky Magee books and the popular Andy Roid and Sporty Kid series.



  1. Kathryn

    What age group is this book recommended for?

    1. Andy kellymaison piano

      Fearless Fredric will appeal to almost everyone . Its a rip roaring yarn that takes you on an epic journey through Paris. Intrigue and murder… friendship and kindness .it’s gripping stuff crocodiles and stolen gems etc its fun and fast paced . I highly recommend it ..

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