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School Camp Fun: Review Pippa’s Island Camp Castaway by Belinda Murrell

April 9, 2018

Pippa finds that life as a castaway with her school mates is much more than pranks, giggles and adventures, although there’s lots of those too.

“Be bold! Be brave! And be full of happy spirit!” is the motto of Pippa, Cici, Meg and Charlie ‘The Sassy Sisters.’

The girls are about to embark on their first school camp, five days on Shipwreck Island with 20 of their classmates.

While anxious about being away from home and her family, in this, the fourth book in the Pippa’s island series, Pippa is expecting to have a great time swimming, hiking and having fun with her friends.

Mrs Marshall and the camp supervisors have a long list of physical and mental challenges lined up for each day, starting with the two-hour sail to the Island. The plan is to learn new skills and work with their classmates to survive as castaways.

On arrival Pippa’s hope of five days of carefree exploring is quickly dashed when they are met with a long list of chores. Tents have to be put up, food prepared, and everything has to be shipshape.

Despite this, Pippa is over the moon that ‘The Sassy Sisters’ have been assigned a tent together, but they won’t be alone. When Pippa overhears bossy Olivia excluding Ariana, she does what she can to make Ariana feel a part of her group.

However, school camp is never without its surprises (or pranks) and the camp supervisors are determined to get the kids out of their comfort zones and teaming up with new people.

The next thing they know, Pippa and Meg are teamed up with Olivia and her two off-siders for orienteering.  ‘Perfect’ Olivia assigns herself the role of team leader and proceeds to get them lost. The personality clash between Pippa and Olivia doesn’t end well.

Pranks, tricks and secrets abound, but there are also many valuable lessons learnt about negotiating different types of personalities, getting the best out of others and taking responsibility for your actions.

Great for mid to upper primary students, ages 8-12, who will love the inclusion of interesting fact lists such as: nautical lingo and walkie-talkie lingo, recipes for the best ever homemade burger and instructions for a game of kick-the-can.

Also known for the Lulu Bell books, bestselling Australian author Belinda Murrell creates great stories, filled with strong, curious and adventurous girls who are also lots of good fun!

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Belinda Murrell has worked as a travel journalist, technical writer, editor and public relations consultant. Her overseas adventures inspired her work as a travel writer for the West Australian newspaper and Out & About With Kids travel magazine. Her work has also appeared in the Sun Herald, Sunday Telegraph and Sydney Morning Herald. While Belinda studied Children’s Literature at Macquarie University, her passion for children’s books was reignited when she had her own three children and began telling and writing stories for Nick, Emily and Lachlan. Belinda’s books include the Sun Sword fantasy trilogy, Scottish timeslip tale The Locket Of Dreams, French Revolution timeslip tale The Ruby Talisman, Australian timeslip tales The Ivory Rose and The Sequin Star, and Australian historical tales The Forgotten PearlThe River Charm and The Lost Sapphire. Belinda’s Lulu Bell series for younger readers, about friends, family, animals, and growing up in a vet hospital has sold over 200,000 copies. Pippa’s Island is Belinda’s latest series. Belinda is also an author ambassador for Room to Read and Books in Homes.



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