Breaking News: The Tattooist of Auschwitz to be adapted for film

Breaking News: The Tattooist of Auschwitz to be adapted for film

The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris has touched the hearts of many readers since its publication in February this year. Having remained on Nielsen BookScan’s Australian top 10 bestseller lists for 24 consecutive weeks, and steadily maintaining its place in the top 10 fiction hardbacks on The Sunday Times bestsellers list for over 25 weeks, it is no surprise that The Tattooist of Auschwitz is now being adapted into a television drama miniseries by Synchronicity Films.

An impressive debut by Morris, the book is based on the true story of Lale Sokolov who worked as a tattooist at the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, marking his fellow prisoner’s arms with a series of numbers that destined them for hard labour or the gas chambers. It is in this concentration camp that Lale first tattooed Gita, a woman who would one day become his wife. The book commemorates the survival of their love in a period of great anguish and turmoil, and is a testament to the enduring strength of the human spirit and heart.

The project is currently underway, with plans for the miniseries to be broadcast in January 2020 to line up with the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

This news comes shortly after the announcement that My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante is also being adapted into a miniseries by HBO. We can’t help but wonder which exciting title will be next to grace our television screens…

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                    Publisher details

                    The Tattooist of Auschwitz
                    Heather Morris
                    Echo Publishing
                    Australian Fiction, Debut
                    01 February, 2018


                    The incredible story of the Auschwitz-Birkenau tattooist and the woman he loved. Lale Sokolov is well-dressed, a charmer, a ladies’ man. He is also a Jew. On the first transport from Slovakia to Auschwitz in 1942, Lale immediately stands out to his fellow prisoners. In the camp, he is looked up to, looked out for, and put to work in the privileged position of tätowierer – the tattooist – to mark his fellow prisoners, forever. One of them is a young woman, Gita, who steals his heart at first glance. His life given new purpose, Lale does his best through the struggle and suffering to use his position for good. This story, full of beauty and hope, is based on years of interviews author Heather Morris conducted with real-life Holocaust survivor and Auschwitz- Birkenau tattooist Ludwig (Lale) Sokolov. It is heart-wrenching, illuminating, and unforgettable.
                    Heather Morris
                    About the author

                    Heather Morris

                    Born in New Zealand, Heather Morris is an international number one bestselling author, who is passionate about stories of survival, resilience and hope. In 2003, while working in a large public hospital in Melbourne, Heather was introduced to an elderly gentleman who 'might just have a story worth telling'. The day she met Lale Sokolov changed both their lives. Heather used Lale's story as the basis for The Tattooist of Auschwitz, which has sold six million copies. Her follow-up novel, Cilka's Journey, has sold more than a million copies worldwide.

                    Books by Heather Morris


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                    1. Ricky Mellish says:

                      Just finished this book can’t wait to see the film

                    2. Karen Price says:

                      Have just finished the book, could not put it down, outstanding and a privilege to read hope the film does Lale’s story justice.

                    3. Sherry says:

                      This book, though disturbing, is proof that something good can come out of something so horrific.
                      Looking forward to watching the series.
                      Thank you Heather Morris for taking the time to share Lale and Gita’s story with us. It is very moving.

                    4. Dawn M says:

                      Found the book both informative and compelling. Having visited Auschwitz, I could picture the scenes described in the story. Well written by Heather Morris, and may both Lale and Gita RIP.

                    5. Geoffrey Gann says:

                      This book should be read by
                      Everyone my emotions were
                      All over the place I could not put it down
                      Can’t wait for the film

                    6. Laura says:

                      After having read many books about the Holocaust, this stands out. From the depths of my soul, I can’t imagine Lale and Gita’s time in Auschwitz. There story needs to be seen as well as read. I will keep looking for the moment when I can quietly sit and watch Heathers words come to life.

                    7. Ann marie Domeney murphy says:

                      I have just finished the book thank you Heather for telling lale’s story it was a very emotional read

                    8. Guy Néron says:

                      Excellent in all aspects. A beautiful love story in a hateful environment. I would read it again and would enjoy it all over.

                    9. Peter Hanssens says:

                      A great read. I have told everyone I know to get it and have even sent my copy to my brother in eastern Canada. My parents went through almost 5 years of Nazi occupation in Belgium and I know that my father if he were still alive would find this novel a point of fact in it’s emotional and compelling narrative. A must read for 2019.

                    10. Paulo Rey says:

                      I really loved this book. A great lesson of the power of love driving to an “impossible” survival. The kind of book to read more than once. Impossible to put down no matter the time of the day!!!

                    11. Chris Muhar says:

                      I love this book, I have read it twice once before and once after I visited Auschwitz, as I was reading I could visualise the scenes in my head. I would love to the see the film.

                    12. Laurie says:

                      I gave this book to my mom who is an Auschwitz survivor. She said it was the best, most accurate depiction of what it was really like.

                    13. Cecilia Miles says:

                      Just read this book. I could not put it down! Should be required reading for High School students in this very privelidged country of ours. Can’t wait for the movie!

                    14. Angela Cox says:

                      I have just finished reading the book & couldn’t put it down. I’ve not read a whole page nevermind a book in over 10 years & can’t wait to see it serialised on TV. Congratulations Ms Morris on a story well told. RIP Lale & Gita xx

                    15. Nick bartlett says:

                      This book should be a must read in all schools and made into a film

                    16. wes morris says:

                      Just when I thought I new it all, this amazing book appears, thank you to all concerned,

                    17. Theresa Kelly says:

                      One of the best books I’ve ever read. Cannot wait to the movie. Remarkable people.

                    18. Peter Thomson says:

                      Have just finished the book. I wish it was thicker or I was a slower reader. Even though it was a disgusting period of our history of what one human can do to another it is a beautiful story that displays the determination of the human spirit 🙏🏼

                    19. Ira Redmin says:

                      I just finished reading the book and despite being thinking of myself as having a tough resolution, after completing the book and reading the epilogue a had tears running down my cheeks. Tears of rage, hate, love and happiness.

                    20. michelle elliott says:

                      Read the book can’t wait for the mini-series.

                    21. Les Ayer says:

                      Out of the depths of hell surrounded by evil, the grace and beauty of the human spirt soars. Never has a book touched me to my core. Well done!!

                    22. Pamela Schneider says:

                      I started reading the book and could not put it down until the end. It’s a good thing it was a Saturday! I would love seeing it as a miniseries or movie, hopefully soon. Such an amazing story of love and hope in the throes of so much hate and evil left me emotionally drained and re-thinking the lives of the people murdered there and the survivors. The Holocaust never should have happened and NEVER AGAIN should not just be a slogan.

                    23. Kevin Ryon says:

                      This is the first book I have read in many years and I just couldn’t put it down after I started reading! What an awesome story showing the human spirit of the survivors.

                    24. Heather O'Malley says:

                      I have just finished reading the book “The Tattooist of Auschwitz” very powerful reading makes you feel you are right there with Lale and Gita. Just about to read “The Librarian of Alschwitz”. So looking forward to the series in January 2020. Beautiful discriptive book. Will not be taking this book to the charity shop.

                    25. Maggie Kelly says:

                      I am astounded that all of the comments above are in praise of this book. The writing was weak, poorly constructed, but worst of all , it demonstrated that the author showed no rigour in her exploration of the recollections of the main character.
                      He was a fantasist or a collaborator….he hid his “swag” under his mattress ? The tattooist , Pepan, “disappears” four weeks after Sokalov becomes his apprentice ?
                      There are worthy novels, biography’s and books which are honest in their telling/retelling of the experiences in the Nazi death camps……Primo Levi, Bruno Bettelheim to name but two giants in this field.
                      Neither Sokolov nor Heather Morris are fit to be mentioned in this genre

                    26. Malcolm says:

                      Powerful, Tragic, sad, moving, this book has it all. Read it

                      • Malcolm says:

                        Maggie, how Dare you criticise ether heather morris or Sokolov in that way, 1 any one that reads the book can tell it was written From the hart and with great feeling, and to criticise Sokolov in any way for Surviving the horrors of the death camp is Beyond the pale, you should be ashamed, great book Malcolm

                    27. Emma says:

                      I couldn’t put the book down. I still can’t imagine the horrors those people went through. Looking very much forward to the movie. May those 2 people be together and rest in peace. xx

                    28. […] 2/5 I said ‘who am I to judge?’ and yet I did… I’m in the minority on this book but I will see the movie. […]

                    29. Carol says:

                      I read this book with eyes wide open and realize that word for word there is a certain amount of assumption. However, I rejoice that the author and Lale were able to collaborate to create a sense of history that should be held up for all to see as we, the U.S. , become mired in our own petty details and refuse to help the innocents abroad still suffering at the hands of monsters. Thank you Ms. Morris.

                    30. Pete crocker says:

                      Could not put this book down, having been to Auschwitz gave me greater understanding of lale and gita’s horrors. Such a powerfull story of love and survival. Maggie has no soul

                    31. Jenny Emmons says:

                      The best book I ever read,and I’m sixty years of age and a avid reader.

                      • Max says:

                        As a 74 year old, I’ve always had an interest in WW I I history and have heard many descriptions of the camps and the activities carried out there but never have I read such a brilliant description of a very different angle of vision.
                        Excellent book – I hope the tv series does not detract from the whole experience.

                    32. Ross Kennedy says:

                      Congratulations Heather,
                      What a magnificent touching brutal book you have written. It just beggars belief the inhumanity to fellow man, this book should be read by all school children.
                      I am an avid reader and this is my favourite.
                      Lale and Gita… thank God they found each other and lived a happy life in Australia.
                      Can’t wait for the series/ movie.
                      Outstanding Heather Morris you have done so much more than just writing this book.

                    33. Gayle Boyanton says:

                      Just read both books, a must read for everyone. Can’t wait to see them in film

                    34. Margery Messenger says:

                      Absolutely incredible books/stories of courage, determination and love. Couldn’t put them down.. looking forward to the TV series.

                    35. Carol Barnes says:

                      What a story, I could not put this book down. RIP Lale and Gita x I would love to know which countries the series will be shown in and also when the movie will be in cinemas?