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Looking for a good beach read? Start reading Meet Me at Beachcomber Bay

January 30, 2017

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xmeet-me-at-beachcomber-bay.jpg.pagespeed.ic.bQu_U8Pt51There’s nothing better than lying on the beach with a great book and bestselling author Jill Mansell brings us an addictive, plot twisting, humorous novel about two sisters, one handsome man and a tiny town where everyone is keeping a secret.  Warning:  Meet Me at Beachcomber Bay by Jill Mansell is the ultimate summer read that you will get so caught up in, you will forget to re-apply sunscreen and end up burnt to a crisp with only two chapters to go.

When Clemency (Clem) finds herself sitting on the plane next to a gorgeous rude stranger that doesn’t seem to like her witty conversation, she decides he’s not worth her time. After a red wine incident that leaves the man coming to her aid, sparks fly and they find themselves infatuated with one another. However as luck would have it – he’s married. Saying their disappointed goodbyes at the airport, she leaves wondering if she will ever see her mysterious plane man again.

Three years later Clem is working as a real estate agent in St. Carys, a quaint little seaside village, thanks to her mum and stepfather. When her I’m-Better-Than-You-At-Everything glamorous stepsister Annabelle (Belle) calls asking Clem to help her wonderful new boyfriend Sam find a new holiday home, the last thing Clem expected is for her sister’s new boyfriend to be the man on the plane three years ago! With the instant attraction with Sam still there, Clem decides to rope in her handsome best friend Ronan to pretend to be her boyfriend – but she’s not the only one pretending. Belle has a secret, one she’s kept hidden all her life, and sooner or later it’s going to come to the surface.

Ronan, always compared to a young ‘Barrack Obama’, has no problems getting the girls – until Kate. After a night neither of them will forget, Ronan quickly falls for her, but when an ex comes banging on his window (literally), Kate assumes he’s someone he’s not and tells him it was a mistake. With his adoptive mother always nagging him for grandchildren, his love life in tatters and his best friend needing someone to kiss and hold hands with in public, Ronan decides there’s no harm in pretending to be Clem’s boyfriend. Little does he know, this pact will cause wires to become very crossed, a life changing moment to happen and someone he never expected to know or meet, to become revealed.

Meet Me at Beachcomber Bay hosts an abundance of charming characters that you will fall in love with. Clem, a girl who puts her family and friends first, has strong morals that she maintains, even when it causes her heartache. You are rooting for her to get Sam the entirety of the book, despite knowing he’s with Belle. Ronan is a charming Casanova and the banter between Clemency and Ronan was a delight to read, with their relationship bringing in the comedy gold. The sibling rivalry will keep you on your toes as it divides the sisters, and Belle, without knowing it due to her superficial personality, is the most in depth character in the book. When her secret is revealed, you will want to go back and re read just to see how you missed it.

It’s not just the main characters that will take the spotlight, Jill Mansell creates a sea-side town of quirky villagers that will have you roaring with laughter. From the workers in the chemist that can’t stop gossiping, the painter who came for a new life, the ex husband who thinks he is god’s gift to women, the band whose lead singer has bright pink dreadlocks, the list continues on and on. There is not a dull moment or character in this witty novel.

An absolute joy to pick up, you will have a hard time putting it down as it has everything you want in a page-turning read. While you will be racing through this book to find out what will happen to each character that has wiggled their way into your heart, you will also want to take your time so it’s not over too soon. Whether you are a fan of Jill Mansell or this is your first of her books, it will not disappoint. With its strong plot of twists and turns, the rivalry between siblings, the love cross overs, and not to mention the juicy secrets, it’s an overall winner.

Jill Mansell is the author of over twenty Sunday Times bestsellers including THE ONE YOU REALLY WANT, TO THE MOON AND BACK and YOU AND ME, ALWAYS. TAKE A CHANCE ON ME won the RNA’s Romantic Comedy Prize, and in 2015 the RNA presented Jill with an outstanding achievement award. Jill started writing fiction while working in the field of Clinical Neurophysiology in the NHS, but now writes full time. She is one of the few who still write their books by hand, ‘like a leftover from the dark ages’. She lives in Bristol with her family.

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