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January 10, 2017

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xhappy-healthy-strong-jpg-pagespeed-ic-uqqmyoi-xdWhy we love it: Packed with affirmations, recipes, wellness tips, down to earth advice and beautiful images, Happy Healthy Strong will help you feel all three.

If your resolution for 2017 was to be inspired to start feeling amazing inside and out, Rachael Finch is here to help. Rachael is a lot of things – a model, a TV personality, a certified health coach and a mother, and in her first health and lifestyle book Rachael shares everything she’s learnt from all her roles. It’s split into three sections, Eat, Move and Mind, and her aim for the book is to help women achieve their own goals, whatever they may be, and feel peaceful, healthy and amazing each and every day.

Rachael’s made a book that’s easy to dip in and out of, and different women may connect with different aspects. The first section of the book, Eat, has health and body tips, Rachael’s own experiences, and plenty of deceptively healthy recipes. Rachael reinforces that there is no one diet that will work for everyone, so she encourages searching for what works for you, and paying attention to what your body is saying. For example, Rachael learned when she cut our carbs that although she lost weight, it just made her cravings worse, leaving her completely drained. When she added them back into a balanced diet with protein and healthy fats, Rachael found herself eating less but enjoying it more, and her cravings for processed foods actually decreased.

p135-smoothie-bowl-minIt’s all about experimenting and balancing, and Rachael provides lots of nutritious (and delicious) options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There’s choc-chia pancakes, sweet potato hash browns, smoothie bowls and more. Check out some of Rachael’s recipes here!

In Move, Rachael writes about exercise, and how crucial just getting moving is for our health. ‘Strong beats skinny’, so her attitude to physical activity is to just do what you enjoy. If 30 mins a day is too challenging to fit in, go for 15! Do what you can, and value quality over quantity. She has tips for running, stretching, cardio, and dancing, among others. For Rachael, dancing is incredibly close to her heart – and not just because she met her now husband Michael (Misha) on Dancing with the Stars.

The final section of Happy Healthy Strong is Mind, which is about self-belief and self-love. She understands that unlocking your inner confidence can be challenging, and Rachael considers how to combat the things that may be holding you back, such as guilt, insecurities and anxieties. She shows how to embrace meditation and mindfulness, and how to apply those ideas throughout your daily life. With affirmations and inspirational quotes as well as Rachael’s own real stories and personal struggles, her encouraging and optimistic outlook really rings true in this section.


Rachael Finch’s positive attitude to life, health and beauty shines through her first book. Happy Healthy Strong is genuine and full of heart, as well as stunningly photographed. It’s one to keep at close reach for when you need a little pick me up – and a smoothie bowl to go with it.

Rachael Finch is one of Australia’s most popular media personalities. Currently signed to Seven Network, Rachael presents across a range of lifestyle, fashion and sports programming and is an ambassador for Myer. Rachael represented Australia at the Miss Universe competition in 2009, and cooked up a storm to place third on Channel Ten’s popular show ‘Celebrity Masterchef’ also in 2009.



Start reading here, click here to check out some recipes, or here to purchase a copy of Happy Healthy Strong!

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