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Podcast: From Fact to Fiction with Cassie Hamer

March 15, 2019

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Cassie Hamer, first-time author with a professional background in journalism and PR, joins Cheryl Akle to discuss her debut novel After the Party. Together they discuss Cassie’s career journey, and how she came to be a writer.

Podcast Guest: Cassie Hamer

Cassie Hamer has a professional background in journalism and PR, but now much prefers the world of fiction over fact. In 2015, she completed a Masters in Creative Writing, and has since achieved success in numerous short story competitions. After the Party is her first novel.

Cassie lives in Sydney with her terrific husband and three, mostly-terrific daughters, who still believe piñatas are a fun and effective method of lolly-distribution. She is working on her second novel, but always has time to connect with other passionate readers via her website – – or through social media.

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