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The Rosie Result by Graeme Simsion Preview Reviews

February 6, 2019

Our latest Preview title is The Rosie Result by Graeme SimsionHilarious and thought-provoking, with a brilliant cast of characters, The Rosie Result is the triumphant final instalment of the much-loved and internationally bestselling Rosie trilogy. Take a look at what our Preview reviewers thought of the book:

‘After having read “The Rosie Project” and The Rosie Effect” I was so looking forward to reading more. Graeme Simsion’s third book, “The Rosie Result” about Don Tillman, Rosie Jarman and their son, Hudson, does not disappoint. I loved the way other characters from the first two books are brought back into the story. It also helped that Don Tillman would mention an incident that happened previously which ties in with the plot. The struggles Don and Rosie have with raising an 11 year old is something that many parents can relate to, and Graeme Simsion writes about this with a lot of compassion, empathy and understanding. There are times when you wonder how Don will get himself out of strife in various scenarios. Somehow he manages to get through it all. “The Rosie Result” is a very enjoyable read and a great way to finish the story of Don and Rosie. I read the last few pages feeling as though life has turnout out very well for them.’ – Sherry, NSW

‘The Rosie Result sees the return of the Tillman family. Don Tillman, the renowned genetics professor, marital-arts expert, cocktail inventor and world’s best problem solver (according to him) relocates to Melbourne to grapple with his latest project: the Hudson project. Hudson is the now 11 year old son which resulted from the successful Rosie Project. At school he is identified as displaying signs of autism and Don decides to tackle this perceived problem in his usual, analytical manner. He takes leave from work to devote to Hudson, conducts research into autism and rallies his friends and family as participants. His cocktail making skills are revisited as Don becomes a partner in a hip bar and makes new acquaintances. A coterie of unique characters abound including an albino classmate, a Vietnamese bar manager, an autism activist, an ex-alcoholic app developer and domestic violence offender. Unsurprisingly, the results are often hilarious. The premise of the novel is to articulate a discussion around the topic of autism. In the first of Graeme’s novels the term “Aspies rule” rang out loud and proud, however I felt this novel displayed a more didactic approach to the topic and lost some of its impetus. Incidents were examined thoroughly to determine if evidence of autism existed and sometimes these were explicitly stated. “ Autistic people often to not get jokes.” The prose was at times difficult to navigate and felt like struggling through a very thick porridge of words. The final book in the Rosie trilogy was disappointing and did not live up to the quirky, insightfulness of the first. Don would conclude that the outcome of the parenting problem was successful….and Rosie, as always, would support this result.’ Ros, QLD

‘Hilarious, warm and thought-provoking – The Rosie Result by Graeme Simsion is the third book featuring Don Tillman, brilliant scientist, navigating his way through the social obstacles of modern life. Don and Rosie’s eleven year old son Hudson is struggling socially at school and Don embarks on the ‘Hudson Project,’ determined to help his son overcome social issues that he himself faced growing up. Enter a bumbling teacher, a well-meaning school principal, an angry parent and Don is dealing with more new situations than he imagined. In the middle of all this, he has a genius idea for a cocktail bar and opens ‘The Library’. Don is as enthusiastic and loveable as when we first met him in The Rosie Project and tackles these new challenges with gusto, providing results that are often comical and sometimes surprising. There are laugh out loud moments, but there are also underlying themes, such as stereotyping and self-acceptance, that give another dimension to this book. The Rosie Result is a thoroughly entertaining read that provides everything that is loved about the previous Rosie books, but with a freshness and vibrancy of its own.’ – Linda, NSW

‘What a delight it was to get back to the quirky world of Don Tillman. After reading and enjoying the first two books in the Don Tillman series I have been eagerly awaiting the third, and was not disappointed. It throws you into the lives of Don, his wife Rosie and his now eleven year old son Hudson. Hudson is having some issues at school and Don decides to take charge in a typically Don style. He shows you a different way to tackle these problems, with Rosie there to balance with a more conventional approach. Together they make plans to get through things with a few surprises along the way. Don’s approach makes you think about the effects labels and stereotypes can have on a person, while having good intentions they may not always be in the persons best interests. With Don telling the story, people are introduced with an approximate age and BMI, which I found hilarious! For me it painted a fantastic picture in my head of this person and now I can’t imagine a better was to describe someone! A lovely ending to a thoroughly enjoyable, funny and entertaining book. I would highly recommend.’ – Rebecca, SA

‘I read the first book in this series when it was published and I found it highly amusing. I admit I laughed AT the antics of the character Don with only a little empathy. The third and final book in this series, The Rosie Result, takes quite a different slant. While there is enough humour to keep the reader’s interest, it is begging for that empathy. It illustrates many of the challenges that people who are on the autistic spectrum face, as well as their families. Don is now the father of 11 year old Hudson, who has inherited many of Don’s traits. The author skilfully draws comparisons between how Don is treating Hudson, with how his father treated him at the same age. The underlining theme is not to treat people with autism as disabled. As a retired educator I found this book very thought provoking and wish I had read something similar years ago. This is a must read for all teachers, whether experienced or those in training as well as child psychologists. Many parents would find this valuable as they encounter their children’s friends at school and socially.’ – Sue, WA

This gem is the final book in the Rosie trilogy, and it completes the set perfectly. Don’s honesty and straightforward approach to life is seemingly thwarted at every turn by mainstream expectations, and his attempts to prepare his son Hudson for high school lead to some laugh out loud moments. But amongst the humour is the sad realisation that some people feel the need to change their beautiful, unique personalities ‘to fit in’ and ‘get by’. Individuality is purported to be valued-except when it makes others uncomfortable. When others try to categorise Hudson, Don lets us know when his son does things that don’t come under the ‘autistic’ banner. For example, when Hudson laughs at a joke – ‘autistic people don’t get jokes’. His observation ‘that neurotypicals criticised autistic people for lacking empathy – towards them – but seldom made any effort to improve their own empathy towards autistic people,’ is very powerful. The Rosie Result is an extremely enjoyable, thought provoking read. The only negative is that there will be no more books in this series. Thank you Graeme for writing this fabulous trilogy and sharing it with us.’ – Kim, NSW

‘I am a big fan of the “Rosie” series and was very excited to read The Rosie Result. This book did not disappoint, it was full of all Don’s quirky humour and ways, well done Graeme Simsion in bringing together all the characters we have met in the other Rosie books and introducing some new ones, particularly Hudson and Blanche. It our world of everybody trying to “fit in” Graeme explores autism and other important issues in a heart-warming and thought-provoking way. The Rosie Result complete the series beautifully.’ – Susanne, QLD

‘Having thoroughly enjoyed Graeme Simsion’s ‘The Rosie Project’, but not ‘The Rosie Effect’, I approached the final book in the series, ‘The Rosie Result’, with some trepidation. However, I was instantly welcomed back into the quirky world of Don Tillman. Set several years on from the second book, and mostly back in Melbourne, ‘The Rosie Result’ made me both laugh out loud and develop a greater understanding of people who struggle to fit in. Simsion addresses some challenging issues, such as whether a diagnosis or label is helpful for a child who is different in some way. He also deals with topical subjects, such as racism, workplace pressure and domestic violence, in scenes that make the reader reflect on their own beliefs and prejudices. It is interesting that Simsion dedicates this book to, ‘… the many people in the autism community who have inspired and supported these books’. Autism is much more overtly discussed than in the earlier titles, perhaps reflecting a greater community understanding since the first book was written. All the familiar characters are present and the loose ends are satisfyingly resolved. I wish there was a cocktail bar like ‘The Library’ – I’d happily work my way through Don’s exotic creations.’ – Penny, QLD

‘There is a new character involved in Don’s life, and the subject of the Hudson Project. Simsion’s portrayal of Don and Rosie’s greatest project to date is heartfelt, emotional and comedic concurrently. Simsion has beautifully depicted the struggles many parents face in raising their children in society today, while navigating the trials and tribulations of adolescence. Hudson is a sprightly child who resembles many attributes of Don, and similar to Don is misunderstood. I was engrossed by Don’s determination to provide Hudson with a better opportunity to learn, make friends and be accepted by society, while admired Rosie’s strong-willed role as a mother to defend her son against the prejudices within the education system. Much like Don’s previous unconventional methods to find a wife and support a pregnant partner, he deploys similar methods to keep Hudson out of trouble, all while finding himself in a difficult predicament. I found myself on a roller-coaster of emotions as I rooted for Hudson, praised Don and Rosie, and questioned a system that is intended to support children.’ – Bree, VIC

‘Having not read the previous two “Rosie” books, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but fell in love with the strong, quirky characters and now want to get into the first two stories! Don Tillman is a character who proves that labels are meant for clothing, not people. Many load and embarrassing snort out loud moments (sorry to the lady next to me on my fight), mixed with some incredible insight into the thought processes and reactions of someone “on the spectrum”. This very engaging story gave me pause to consider how I react and interact with other people, regardless of who they are or how they define themselves. A great read, at once eminently entertaining and seriously though provoking.’ – Alanna, QLD

‘The Rosie Result, the third book in the Rosie series by Graeme Simsion, lets readers into more of Don’s life as he navigates moving continents, dramas at work, and parenthood. The main characters remain true to form, with Don facing the challenges dealt to him in his usual style, but with the introduction of new characters – some of whom you’ll find yourself cheering for, and others whom you hope will get what they deserve. Along with dealing with all the things involved in uprooting his life, The Rosie Result also delves powerfully into themes of self-reflection and acceptance. The Rosie Result is an enjoyable, easy to read book with possibly the best idea for a bar I’ve heard! Recommended reading for both fans of the series and new readers.’ – Cathy, VIC

‘The Rosie Result is a book that is light hearted and entertaining. It’s easy to empathise and laugh with Don Tillman – he’s a funny and intriguing character. Rosie is strong, smart and funny – she and Don complement each other well. Things can only get better now that they have a son together – Hudson. I like how this book was able to explore a range of social and family issues while remaining humorous and fun to read. There’s some good exploration into autism, but the message that comes across is that people are more than just labels and stereotypes, and limitations should not be placed upon people. I’m a little disappointed this is the last book in the series, but will keep an eye out for more Graeme Simsion books.’ – Antonia, NSW

‘The Rosie Result, last in the Rosie trilogy, picks up 10 years after The Rosie Effect left off. Don, Rosie and their son, Hudson, have returned to Melbourne. Hudson has not dealt with the transition well, causing Don to launch into The Hudson Project. In an effort to help Hudson adjust, Don tries to pass on his own wisdom, often to hilarious effect. But underneath it all, is a journey of being comfortable with who you are, no matter what. I really enjoyed the way that the issue of autism diagnosis was dealt with in the book. I’ve worked with a few children with autism over the years, some diagnosed and some not, and I’ve seen first hand how difficult it can be for them to adjust in a classroom environment. This book will hopefully raise some awareness for people, allowing them a glimpse at what is really a quite complex issue.’ – Amy, QLD

‘Well before I begin…my disclaimer. I am a neurotypical mother and wife to two beautiful young men and an amazing husband with autism. Oh, of course and my gorgeous neurotypical (at least for now) daughter. So Rosie and I have been on a very similar journey. Over the three books we have travelled with Don on his journey to self discovery and self-acceptance. In this last book, Don digs deep to endeavour to find out what it means to be a parent and how to use to the lessons and hard knocks he learnt as a child to help navigate an easier path for his son. But as often is the case…it is our children who are so often our best teachers. The Hudson Project becomes, in effect, the Don project as Hudson brings his Dad to ‘the light’ and helps Don to come to reconcile his ideas and see himself in a new way. Graeme sensitively and beautifully articulates some of the joys and challenges of living and loving on the autism spectrum. One of these ‘special challenges’ is the diagnosis dilemma that parents face when they suspect that their child is on a different wave length to other children. Graeme guides and navigates this rocky path with tenderness and great insight. And through Hudson helps Rosie and Don to see that often diagnosis need not be feared but embraced. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we each had a brilliant author such as Graeme Simsion to narrate and navigate our lives for us. Some tops tips from Don and Rosie’s story.. 1. Laugh, there is always a funny side. 2. Embrace your difference – its all relative. 3.’ – Kerri, WA

‘It was wonderful to return to Rosie and Don’s story 11 years later with their son, Hudson. I laughed and I also got a bit teary at times too! The Rosie Result tells the story of how Don and Rosie support Hudson in navigating the struggles and problems at school. In true Don Tillman form, he comes up with some unique and creative ways to help support his son and navigate some difficult situations. Some important themes around Autism were mentioned in the book, particularly stigma, whether a diagnosis is necessary and what is actually “normal”. This was an enjoyable read with a whole bunch of quirky characters. It was the perfect conclusion and further cemented this as my favourite series of books. Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this book early. It made my day!’ – Rosie, NSW

‘The Rosie Result, written by Graeme Simsion, is the third and final instalment of his best-selling Rosie Trilogy. Taking place ten years after The Rosie Effect, The Rosie Result sees Don and Rosie having to face the realities of raising their son Hudson, who may have Autism. The focus of the story is Don and his relationship with Hudson, and his potential diagnosis of Autism. The novel treats the topic of Autism with delicacy and respect, and it’s made clear to the reader how Hudson (and Don) displays behaviours that are associated with Autism, without reverting to stereotypes. I must admit, this is the first book of the Rosie Trilogy that I have read. However, I wasn’t left behind as Don gives important parts of the backstory, allowing the opportunity to catch up on the story without feeling like an excessive info-dump that needs to be trudged through. It also helps that the characters themselves are instantly endearing. Although I haven’t read the first two books, The Rosie Result seems like an appropriate ending to the series. Humorous, touching, and at many times, thought-provoking, The Rosie Result was a delightful and easy read that is definitely worth a revisit.’ – Sophie, QLD

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