Preview Reviews: Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams

Preview Reviews: Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams

Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams is a not-quite-romance of near-misses, true love, and the power of the written word. Our Preview readers loved this light-hearted and fun book, with laugh-out-loud moments and called it a perfect summer read!

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Our Stop Laura Jane Williams A typically rom-com that takes place in London, Daniel a kind hearted man who wants what his mum and dad have had love but who has trouble approaching women notices Nadia a disorganised character who wants a lighting bolt moment they both catch the 7:30 train on the northern line into London, he places an ad in a London newspaper “missed connection” they both become known as “Train Guy” and “Devastating Cute Blonde” the story takes a modern path along the lines of You’ve Got Mail with this movie even being referenced in the book. The book moves through the theme of fate, missed connections, what ifs, and similarities, the characters just miss each other or life stops the meeting. A great part was from Nadia character a fantasy wanted ad “ wanted: man with strong sense of self, capable of having a laugh, healthy relationship with mother. Must,I’ve romance, reality television and be ready to champion and cheerlead as a partner through life, in extange for exactly the same” is that what we are all searching for…. I enjoy this title is was a short read that would make a perfect summer or holiday read, the story is written in short chapters from the perspective of each character so achievable in short time periods. Thanks for the opportunity to read and review x. – Crystal, TAS, 4 stars

I really enjoyed this book. I found the main character’s Nadia and Daniel relatable, likeable and i quickly became invested in their love story. The book felt like a modern day sliding doors to me. Complete with trains and chance path crossings. I am a hopeful romantic at heart and loved how the character’s lives enterwined to give an entertaining and easy read. – Claire, SA, 4 stars

It wasn’t until well into this thoroughly modern chick-lit offering that I looked up from having my nose in the book and admitted to myself that I was hooked and invested in the outcome for the slightly too perfect yet relatable lead characters. Up until this point, I felt the book was following a predictable pattern of light comedy romances aimed at the 30-something female target audience – a protagonist with a recent disastrous relationship and damaged sense of self-worth, embroiled in a series of near misses with someone who just might probably maybe end up being the love of her life, & dissecting it all over after-work drinks with her best girlfriends. Although I was eye-rolling in response to the various twists & turns in the narrative, I can’t deny Williams is skilled at building a tension that you long to have relieved. I also appreciated the portrayal of more rounded male characters that don’t conform to dominant tropes of masculinity, sending the message to all genders that this is the bar set for male partners. Ultimately, this is a light yet entertaining read that will especially resonate with anyone who has spent time living & working in London – Alison, VIC, 3 stars

Our Stop has an endearing premise with plenty of potential, however it took me several starts and quite a bit of skimming in the first half to get into this book. The second half definitely had better pacing and I was hooked in enough to see how this story would unfold. My main issue was the inner dialogue in the first half for both main characters, which often felt too long and quite repetitive to the point I had to jump every few sentences. This issue coupled with so many near misses between Nadia and Daniel made this read quite frustrating. Overall Our Stop didn’t tick all of my boxes but I’m sure there are plenty of romcom lovers out there who will enjoy it. – Filomena, NSW, 3 stars

I really enjoyed this light and witty RomCom. Twenty-nine year old Nadia has had a few had relationships and is disillusioned with love. Will she ever find her perfect guy? Her life was a bit of a muddle but she had a new plan and she will become a beacon of organisation and the rest will fall in place. On the first day of her new plan she sees an advert in the Love Connections column in the paper talking about “the cute blonde girl on the 7:30 train.” Could this be her? Daniel is a romantic at heart but he lacks confidence. Vowing not to remain the underdog he places an advert on the Love Connections column hoping to get the attention of the cute blonde girl on his morning train. It was fun to read their adds back and forward and see them have a few near misses as their paths crossed and almost crossed several times. An important part of the story is friendship and looking out for each other. Williams covers issues like gaslighting, consent and toxic relationships without sounding too preachy. Lots of laugh out loud moments, as both Nadia and Daniel traverse the minefield that is dating, kept me invested and lightened the tone of the sometimes heavy topics. – Veronica, NSW, 5 stars

Our stop is a lighthearted, warm and funny story that I could just picture as a Richard Curtis style rom com movie. The main characters Nadia and Daniel are relatable and sweet and I enjoyed the concept of the book – writing to someone you met but don’t know through ‘Missed Connections’ (a column in a paper about seeing someone on the London tube) and that you could have so many almost encounters with the perfect person but not realise. Whilst the ending was predictable from the start I enjoyed the journey – Daniel is the type of guy that you want your friends to meet, there are a number of side stories with the ancillary characters, the one with Lorenzo (flatmate) tries to highlight an important issue but the side story with her two best friends is not enjoyable as they effectively ditch Nadia. Thankyou to better reading for preview book #BRpreview. I would give this book 3.5 stars, highly enjoyable if not totally memorable. – Emma, VIC, 3 stars

3 and a half stars! Our Stop is a light romantic comedy which I really enjoyed as the story developed. This novel is a lighter read for me and I found this really refreshing after the normal crime/thriller books I usually go for. The two main characters in this book are Nadia and Daniel. Daniel notices Nadia on the train and too shy to speak to her in person, places a notice for her in the newspaper. The story develops from there and they nearly meet several times only to keep missing each other! The author is clever because in the end I felt I had joined the people in the novel cheering Nadia and Daniel on, hoping they will eventually meet. I found Nadia especially endearing, she’s funny trying to get her life on track and be successful, sometimes she’s on top of things but mostly not… but you can’t help but love her. Her friends are also great personalities and are fantastic supporting characters to the main story line. This is a lovely modern romance and I loved that this novel had me laughing out loud at some points during the book. Many thanks to Better Reading for this light refreshing read. – Kim, VIC, 3 stars

Thank you for the opportunity to review this book, it was a great, entertaining read that keep me interested all the way through. My only criticism is that I felt it dragged on a bit but it was full of drama and romance. I loved the characters of Daniel and Nadia, I felt that I could relate to some of the things that Nadia has been through as I’m sure a lot of people can relate to issues with relationships and dating. I congratulate the author on a great novel and would strongly recommend this novel. – Danielle, VIC, 5 stars

Our Stop Lighthearted, sweet, modern rom-com Nadia and Daniel are both on the 7.30 train every morning, that is when Nadia doesn’t sleep in and is then running late for work. Nadia’s intelligent, single and pretty but completely disorganised. She has a job in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and is trying to get her life into order. Daniel has a crush on Nadia and he just can’t work up the courage to speak to her on the train so in the hope to connect, he leaves a message in the ‘Missed Connections’ section of the newspaper, hoping she will read it. The question is will they ever meet up, so many near misses will have you frustrated in anticipation. The story plays on the idea of fate and true love. There are some memorable characters in the story. The clever artwork on the cover is an eye catcher. I think this book will appeal to those that love a fun, quirky and cute romantic story – Gloria, SA, 3 stars

This book! What an absolutely adorable read! I loved this book! I really loved Nadia, I felt right there with her throughout the book. Daniel is definetly a new book boyfriend for me. I was turning every page hoping they’d finally meet. This story was a real joy to read and had me smiling silly by the end! – Jennifer, WA, 4 stars

This book is for the lovers of love. And for those who need to fall in love with love again. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not overly soppy, it’s just well, rather lovely. This is a feel good book, which the world is in dire need of right now. The author’s use of chapters to provide each character’s perspective of things was great. Further exploring what was going on in the peoples’ lives surrounding the main characters was also enjoyable and engaging. I will be passing this book around to all my friends. Let’s share the love. – Janelle, NSW, 5 stars

I really enjoyed this modern day love story. The way it incorporated old fashioned romance was refreshing too. The way the tale was written from both sides was very clever and kept me reading to see what happened next. The characters were very likable and the author did a great job making the reader care about them. – Kim, NSW, 4 stars

A sweet funny, light hearted read. It is enjoyable but is very predictable but perfect for a summer read on the beach! – Emma, VIC, 3 stars

Disorganised Nadia is always making promises to change – to be on time, not hit the snooze button, go to bed at a reasonable time on a Sunday night. As a consequence of her behaviour, she often doesn’t make the 7.30am train to work. However, when she does, she’s noticed by Daniel who’s too shy to approach her so puts an ad in a special section of the newspaper. Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams tells of the missed opportunities and coincidences that finally bring the pair together. Set in London, this is an easy read that could easily be adapted as a movie. I found it a little difficult to believe that Nadia had a very responsible job but her relationships with her friends and family rang true. Daniel is an appealing character whose concern for his recently widowed mother makes him special. I can imagine reading Our Stop on the beach or by the pool as it’s undemanding and entertaining. – Penny, VIC, 3 stars

An easy to read romantic comedy aimed at a younger audience. Like most romantic comedies, the two lead characters lead very different lives. You get a real sense that the Nadia is an ambitious woman, with nothing to prove. Daniel, on the other hand, is insecure and a bit uncomfortable in his skin. The book is written from the viewpoint of both Nadia and Daniel and takes a while to get going. I felt that the characters personalities were credible, even if they deferred from the norm. For example, lots of romantic comedy books has a very strong male lead and a vulnerable, sensitive female lead, this book doesn’t. The book centres around a series of ‘lonely hearts’ newspaper messages and the angst of meeting someone in today’s busy world. The story was cute, sweet and at times, made me laugh. It’s a nice light summer read however, I struggled to relate to any of the characters. The book was also let down by several grammar/spelling mistakes. – Wendy, VIC, 2 stars

This is a Marmite book: you will either love it or hate it. Basically, it’s a rom-com for Millennials that commences with a man seeing a woman on a tube train and, in an effort to meet her, posts an ad in the “Missed Connections” section of a London paper which she sees and to which responds, although she is not entirely sure if she is the object of his interest. There follows many more missed connections and a tad too many coincidences. The author uses the vehicle of the book to convey her political views and, whilst some important issues are raised (e.g. women in STEM, the issue of consent to sex), they are done in a way that some may find sententious. In addition, I found the main female character so self-absorbed that she could not guess, as I did very early on in the book, what the issues were with regard to her friends. However, I am a sucker for a rom-com so enjoyed it for what it was thanks to Better Reading who sent me a copy. – Pamela, VIC, 3 stars

Thank you Better Reading for the ARC of this book. Unfortunately I was the wrong target audience for the story. I thought it sounded fun, but it was too ‘millennial’ and I found myself getting annoyed by the preachy tone of the book. The story had promise, but I was distracted by the side comments and the narration that kept going off in unrelated tangents. Overall a light romance story, and if constant millennial references are your thing, you will enjoy it, but it took too long to get going for me to enjoy it. – Pamela, QLD, 2 stars

I really wanted to like Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams but I must admit I had trouble getting into it. The main characters are quite one dimensional and too “millennial “ for my liking, the girls in particular were a bit like spoilt brats. It is a light hearted love story with touches of gentle humour but it just took too long to get to the station. The missed connections dragged on a bit and I found myself skipping to the end to confirm the conclusion. Saying that, it is not heavy and would be suitable to read on a plane and a young audience would most likely enjoy the popular culture references. – Janelle, NSW, 2 stars

A great, light hearted read that will make readers fall in love with London, as well as the main characters. – Georgia, VIC, 4 stars

An absolutely delightful tale of missed connections that had me wanting to yell at the characters when they were so close yet so far. The moment they actually met, happy tears fell and I wanted to stop reading as it was already a perfect moment. So glad I kept going as the extra little turns it took to meet again made the story even sweeter. – Jodie, WA, 5 stars

What an enjoyable book! A fun ‘Sliding Doors’ style of romance novel. Our Stop is well-written and keeps you in suspense, eager to read more! – Amanda, QLD, 4 stars

I was really excited to receive a copy of Our Stop. Because what female doesn’t love a good old romcom, unfortunately I found the storyline really long winded and quite difficult to connect with the characters as they seemed to have no depth and were all a bit wishy washy. – Renee, VIC, 2 stars

A light hearted easy to read summer novel. Perfect reading for laying by the pool. The storyline was interesting and filled with tidbits to hook you in. It makes you wonder how many times you nearly cross paths with your soul mate before actually meeting – Kay, QLD, 5 stars

From the beginning, I wanted to like his book. I often will gravitate to this genre when reading novels, but unfrotuantely my hopes were not met. This book is about a boy and a girl and the meeting of their love through an ad in the paper. It is like the current version of ‘Youve Got Mail’. The novel howver is very slow and not much really happens. I was waiting for the novel to grab me. The other thing I found was that I was occasioanlly distracted by the ‘out there’ discusisons around sex, such as the guy who liked to have oral sex when a girl had her period. The book just seemed like it wasnt edited properly and the authors voice was muted. What a shame, as I think the premise of the story was a great one. – Katarzyna, VIC, 1 star

The blurb was what attracted me to this book. While the plot did not develop as I expected I enjoyed the book. The characters were interesting and well developed. Well worth a read. – Margaret, NSW, 4 stars

Our Stop is a modern-day romance of missed connections. Knowing that Daniel and Nadia were destined to meet at some point I was quite happy to read through this tale of near misses and misunderstandings. Set in London and centred on The Tube, the pace is brisk, the lines snappy and the story tangled, a bit like The Tube itself. If you like your romance to be a teasing melange of will they/won’t they {and I do} then Our Stop is the read for you. – Daniella, QLD, 3 stars

This was a wonderful, light-hearted read. Nadia is a loveable, fun, romantic character. It made me so happy to sit down with a cup of tea and read. I give it 5 stars. – Lee, NSW, 5 stars

Sadly not a good read. The writing style felt immature and storyline written to solidify popular opinion on millennial self centered neurosis. So much promise, so little delivered. – Dianne, SA, 1 star

A modern day romance about two people trying to find love and each other through a newspapers Missed Connection section. This book is a light-hearted easy (but sometimes slow) read with brief mentions of other serious topics (date rape, drug use, gay relationships and mental health). I liked Daniel but found Nadia a little annoying and was frustrated with all the near misses and coincidences and just wanted them to get together, but I guess that would have made for a far less interesting (and shorter) book. I loved Romeo, he needs his own spin off book, would have liked more newspaper entries (I thought the book would have been more about these exchanges and not everything else), and I would be happy to read a sequel and find out what happens with Daniel and Nadia next. Overall, I give it a thumbs up (just wish I could have read it a on a train!) – Emily, VIC, 4 stars

This book originally appealed to the romantic in me, but I was quickly turned off by the sheer preachiness of the narrative. The consent scene was nothing short of bizarre. I understand the point it was trying to make but it felt like a random scene with the sole purpose of making this point. The main male character is involved in this scene which just showed how judgmental he is. There is no forgiveness from him, just a self righteousness about how he prevented a wrong. The female main character is just as judgmental and shallow. She continually makes the point that she’s woke, yet she, and all the characters, are solely focused on a persons look or ‘hotness’. The fear that train guy could be Quasimodo shows she lacks substance. Her ideal man must be woke, a feminist, not a tory and had to have voted ‘stay’, but woe to him if he is not drop dead gorgeous, even if he has a kind heart. If you prefer subtle political and social messages this book isn’t for you. If you like these messages figuratively shoved done your throat, read it today. – Alice, NSW, 1 star

Our Stop is a pleasant, light read for romantic comedy fans. The characters were fun and amusingly flawed and, having lived in London, I could relate to their fast paced lives and the distinct customs of the London Tube! I also enjoyed the alternating narratives and how they allow readers to experience (and become frustrated by) Daniel and Nadia’s multiple near misses. The novel, whilst predominantly light hearted, does touch upon some deeper themes of grief, consent and loneliness, but these are interwoven between a more playful and upbeat narrative. A good summer read if you’re looking for something with a happy ending! – Meg, VIC, 4 stars

I loved this book! I read it over a weekend and had a smile on my face the whole time. The characters are fun and honest, and it makes you feel hopeful about love and dating. – Cassandra, NSW, 4 stars

Our Stop is a light and fluffy, “Sliding Doors” type rom com which is an easy read, perfect for reading on the bus or, like the main characters, on the train! It was funny in parts and quite frustrating in others, but I think if a book brings out emotions like that, it’s a good read. – Jan, SA, 4 stars

Our Stop is a lighthearted, uplifting contemporary romance about a guy taking a chance on love by reaching out to his mystery lady through the newspaper classifieds. The book follows Daniel and Nadia’s lives alternating between perspectives so we can unwittingly see their many missed opportunities of meeting, while the characters themselves remain clueless. If you enjoy books such as One Day in December, You’ve Got Mail and movies such as Serendipity, Our Stop is the book for you. – Mel, NSW, 4 stars

What a sweet lovely book, such fun characters Nadia has the perfect girlfriends Emma and Gaby and Daniel is such a sweetie, a nice light romance novel that will make readers smile – Deborah, NSW, 4 stars

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          A wonderfully funny will-they-won’t-they romance, perfect for those who loved Sally Thorne’s 99% Mine and Helena Hunting’s Meet Cute.What if you almost missed the love of your life?Nadia gets the 7:30am train every morning without fail. Well, except if she oversleeps or wakes up at her friend Emma’s after too much wine.Daniel really does get the 7:30am train every morning, which is easy because he hasn’t been able to sleep properly since his dad died.One morning, Nadia’s eye catches sight of a post in the daily paper:To the cute girl with the coffee stains on her dress. I’m the guy who’s always standing near the doors… Drink sometime?So begins a not-quite-romance of near-misses, true love, and the power of the written word.
          Laura Jane Williams
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          Laura Jane Williams is a columnist for Red magazine and the author of two non-fiction books, including Becoming which was based on her experiences of romance and love.

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