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December 19, 2018

  Words | Mary Ryan Yes, it’s real – I have taught Kindergarten and Year 1 consecutively and without a doubt my students return to school in January with significantly lower reading skills than when they left in December. The most vulnerable to the ‘slip’ are of course those who have just begun to grasp […] - Read more

My Christmas Memory by Jaclyn Moriarty

  Words| Jaclyn Moriarty The first time I got caught reading my sister’s diary was Christmas Day, the year that I was eight. My sister was ten and she had left her diary lying on her bed.  (So I mean, whose fault was this really?) I flicked to latest entry. It was for that day—Christmas.  I […] - Read more

A New Year’s Resolution For Parents

  Words | Mary Ryan Are you looking for a New Year’s resolution that could not only benefit you, but have a positive impact on others? Easy enough to do – just make a promise to your child that from the January 1 you will read with them every single day! A number of positives […] - Read more

Our Favourite Kids Books: Take a peek at our Christmas shopping list

December 17, 2018

It’s sometimes hard to know where to start when buying books for the little people in your life, especially when 2018 was such a bumper year for so many great titles. In case it helps, the team at Better Reading has decided to share the list of kids’ books that they’ll be putting under the […] - Read more

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Spreading The Word: Q&A with Australia’s Leading Indigenous Publisher Magabala Books

December 14, 2018

    A Magabala is a bush banana that spreads its seeds far and wide – likewise, indigenous publisher Magabala Books encourages us all to share Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander stories far and wide with other parents, children and teachers. We spoke to Projects Officer Kate Rendell, about this unique publishing house and the […] - Read more

Top Summer Reads For Littlies: Sue Whiting shares her favourite picture books for summer reading

December 11, 2018

Words |© Sue Whiting Ah, summer at last. My absolute favourite season. Not only is the weather warmer and the days longer, but life tends to wind down some and we have the time to laze about under a beach umbrella and lose ourselves in an indulgent summer read or three. But let’s not forget […] - Read more

All We Want For Christmas: Audio books for special family moments

December 4, 2018

One of the best ways to share a special Christmas moment with the family is to enjoy listening to a Christmas story together. The perfect accompaniment while decorating the tree, wrapping gifts, preparing food for guests or on a long drive to visit friends and family. Whatever way you are spending the season, listening to […] - Read more

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The Emotional Landscape of Childhood: Q&A with PM Literary Awards Shortlisted Author Lisa Shanahan

November 30, 2018

Congratulations on Hark it’s Me Ruby Lee being shortlisted for the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards. This book is beloved by many and is already award winning – can you share with us the story behind the story? Thank you so much! I’m so delighted to be on the PMLA shortlist and in such great company too. […] - Read more

Writing For The Young: Q&A with PM Literary Awards Shortlisted Author Zana Fraillon

November 27, 2018

Your books tackle big topics for young adult readers, and it has been commented in reviews that you tackle issues that other authors would think twice about taking on. Can you share with us your motivation for doing this?  I never set out to write books about issues. It is more that I saw stories […] - Read more