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Amelia Chamelia’s Next Chapter: Review of Amelia Chamelia and the School Play and Amelia Chamelia and the Farm Adventure by Laura Sieveking

April 16, 2019

The hugely popular Amelia Chamelia is back with two new stories, one about her living in fear of being in the spotlight, the other about going off grid for a warm and fuzzy farm adventure.

The Amelia Chamelia series launched earlier this year, but if you missed it and you have a little reader in the house then you can find out more about this vibrant, new 8-year-old with a ‘colourful’ superpower here.

Amelia Chamelia and the School Play

Ferntree Grove primary is all abuzz as plans for the school play are taking shape. Willow, Amelia’s best friend, has her fingers crossed that she will play the lead in the school’s production of Snow White but Amelia isn’t sure she wants to take part at all. She finds drama fun and loves working on projects with her friends, but she has a secret – she gets nervous when she’s up in front of a crowd.

How will she face all those parents and students? Her face will turn red, she’ll start to stumble over words and if she’s really unlucky she might just start to change colour and disappear altogether…

On her 8thbirthday Amelia discovered that she has a special power: when she gets angry, scared or frustrated she starts to change colour and blend in with her surroundings (like a Chameleon). She’s not too sure how to control the power or even how to use it for the greater good, but it certainly has come in handy when one of her friends is in need.

Amelia Chamelia and the School Play is lots of fun to read, very accessible for new readers and relatable. The message that everyone has fears to deal with and that our family and friends will help us be brave and overcome them, comes across loud and clear.

Amelia Chamelia and the Farm Adventure

Willow and Amelia have just finished the school play and after facing her fears on the big stage, Amelia is in for a great escape with a farm visit. Amelia and her family are off to Hillsdale Farm and best friend, Willow, is coming along, too.

They are all very excited about being up close with the farm animals, riding horses and being in the country but Amelia is also hoping that this will be the perfect opportunity to share her secret superpower with her best friend. She is worried however about what she’ll do if Willow doesn’t believe her.

The girls both love horses and horse riding but they have to be careful around Mars, a new horse that Mr Appleby needs to settle in before anyone can ride him. After a quick trip to the stables and a play with the new litter of puppies, Amelia is keen to get on with the job of telling Willow about her secret, however things don’t always go to plan.

While strawberry picking alone, Amelia decides to take the opportunity to reveal her superpower but is Willow going to believe her and if she doesn’t will this drive a wedge between the two best friends?

This is a highly enjoyable series, the stories are simple, entertaining and will lead early readers on to thinking about friendships and what being a real friend is all about without being too serious. Both books are filled with great illustrations that not only help new readers with the story line but help break up the text – they’re also very sweet.

Purchase a copy of Amelia Chamelia and the School Play and Amelia Chamelia and the Farm Adventure by Laura Sieveking | Illustrated by Alyssa Bermudez.

Laura Sieveking

Ever since she learnt to hold a pen, Laura Sieveking has loved creating stories. She remembers hiding in her room as a six-year-old, writing a series of books about an unlikely friendship between a princess and a bear.

As an adult, Laura has spent the vast majority of her career working in publishing as an editor. After several years, she decided to put down her red pen and open up her laptop to create books of her own.

Laura’s books revolve around all the things she loved as a child – friendships, sport and a little bit of magic. Her series include The Royal Academy of Sport for Girls and Amelia Chamelia.

Laura lives in Sydney with her husband and two children.

Alyssa Bermudez – Illustrator

Alyssa is a born and bred New Yorker living in Tasmania. She studied illustration and animation at the Fashion Institute of Technology for undergraduate and graduate courses. As an illustrator and art teacher for students aged 5-75+, Alyssa strives to put the KA-POW into stories and learning. Her illustrations can be found in magazines and books including the Lucia The Luchadora series and fabulous Amelia Chamelia series. Alyssa currently resides in stunning Hobart where adventures await each day.




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