Rib-Tickling Reads

Rib-Tickling Reads


This year we have reviewed a lot of great books and as we head towards Christmas we’ll be looking back at them – just in case you need a reminder before putting your gift list together. We’re all a bit tired as we try to juggle school concerts, catch ups and end of year events so we thought you might like to get little readers laughing to chase away the end of year exhaustion. Below is a great list of funny, silly and giggly books we’ve enjoyed this year.

The Utterly Indescribable Thing that Happened at Huggabie Falls by Adam Cece

What it’s about:  Everyone appears to be leaving Huggabie Falls in a hurry, after a questionable looking man has been promoting the indescribable wonders of Near Huggabie Falls to residents. One thing they do know is that the Mayor of Near Huggabie Falls looks suspiciously like the previously evil now reformed Felonious Dark.

Why we love it:  This series is a lot of fun and successfully plays with kids’ expectations of how a plot should unfold. There’s action galore to keep them interested, but they’ll have to keep their minds sharp and their eyes wide open if they are going to immerse themselves in the surprising world of Huggabie Falls.

8+ readers

Elizabella and the Great Tuckshop Takeover by Zoe Norton Lodge, illustrated by Georgia Norton Lodge

What it’s about: This time Elizabella is faced with the depressing fact that her beloved Bilby Creek Primary is falling apart – literally and they don’t have the funds to get it up to scratch. When her school principal plans a corporate takeover of the tuckshop to save money, Elizabella must devise a plan to save her beloved tuckshop and the families that work in it.

Why we love it: Elizabella is a lot of fun, a bit quirky and very inventive. Underlying the drama of the corporatisation of the school are themes of identity, loyalty, community and the importance of family. Filled with lots of wonderful illustrations, songs and a re-write of Little Red Riding Hood by Elizabella and you have the perfect combination to captivate your little reader.

8+ readers

Funny Kid Slapstick by Matt Stanton

What it’s about: Max and his friends have been forced by their teacher Miss Sweet (the name is deceptive) to join a junior ice-hockey team and learn how to participate in a team sport. The only problem is that not many other kids are signing up and the ones that have come forward don’t know how to play hockey and even worse they don’t know how to skate either! Can Max and his team win the big game? More importantly, can they live to star in another instalment of the series or will the Redhill Rhinos crush them into an icy oblivion?

Why we love it: There are a lot of laughs to be had in this series – a pet duck who is always getting Max into trouble and a devoted best friend Hugo, who brings Max’s hair-raising ideas to life. If your little reader likes Wimpy Kid or Tom Gates, then this is the series for them. The Funny Kid books are filled with hilarious illustrations that make them very appealing. Written to entice reluctant readers, you can be sure that Funny Kid books won’t be left languishing on the bookshelf.

8 + readers

Toffle Towers: Fully Booked by Tim Harris and illustrated by James Foley

What it’s about: 10-year-old Chegwin Toffle, a daydreamer of the most advanced kind has inherited an entire hotel – out of the blue! If he declines to accept the hotel will be sold and all the employees will be out of a job. However, Toffle Towers isn’t your typical hotel and it hasn’t had a booking for two years… Can Chegwin save the day?

Why we love it: Fawlty Towers was the inspiration for this quirky story full of equally quirky characters.  This very funny and inventive book will stretch little imaginations to their limit. Aside from an engaging plot, there are funny conversations, pages filled with thought bubbles, lots of word play, lists and letters that will captivate young readers.

8+ readers

The Peski Kids: Stuck in the Mud by R.A.Spratt

What it’s about: The Peski Kids Stuck in the Mud is the hilarious third instalment in the series following the lives of three siblings April, Fin and Joe who after discovering their mother is an international spy have been banished to the Australian country town of Currawong to live the quiet life with their father. This time they’re taking part in a Mud Festival. But all is never as it seems when the Peski family is involved…

Why we love it: Spies, criminal masterminds, lots of laughs and mud – what more can an 8+ reader ask for?

8+ readers

Atticus Van Tasticus by Andrew Daddo and illustrated by Stephen Michael King

What it’s about: On his tenth birthday Atticus gets a pirate ship from his wealthy grandmother. He gathers together a crew, finds a treasure map and sets sail. There is a lot to learn but he has a great first mate and there’s nothing better than living a piratin’ life. That is until things don’t go exactly to plan…

Why we love it: Andrew Daddo and Stephen Michael King have created a rollicking read that will appeal to many little adventurers. Vibrantly illustrated throughout, this new series is a lot of fun. Expect to hear some arrrrrs and some m’hearties around the house after they’ve devoured this.

6-8 yrs readers

Super Sidekicks #2: Ocean’s Revenge by Gavin Aung Than

What it’s about: This fledgling group of superheroes are getting ready to take on whatever great danger the world faces. What they don’t realise is that trouble is brewing many miles away in the ocean and it’s headed their way.  But where are all the grown-up superheroes? Can the Super Sidekicks rise to the challenge and save the world?

Why we love it: The creativity in all the characters, evil villain and super hero alike, knows no bounds and it’s action packed. There’s also a very clear message about what we are (and unfortunately aren’t) doing to our oceans

9+ readers

Funny Bones edited by Kate and Jol Temple and Oliver Phommavanh

What it’s about: Filled with over 100 stories, jokes, cartoons and bits of silliness and written by a very long list of well-known children’s authors, cartoonists and illustrators Funny Bones is a must for the long summer holiday break! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better – all proceeds go to charity War Child that provides aid to children affected by war.

Why we love it: There are so many great things about this epic book, not least that it’s the perfect way for kids to sample new authors. It’s also hilarious and is bound to keep young readers captivated.

8-12y rs readers

Squidge Dibley Destroys the Galaxy by Mick Elliott

What it’s about: The whole school goes space crazy when Cosmonaut Cath arrives and tells them about a competition; if they design and make a prototype of an invention to help with space research, they could win a trip to space camp! What will they come up with? Will they make it to space camp or will it all end in disaster? As expected Squidge Dibley has something up his sleeve…

Why we love it: Filled with lots of great illustrations that are funny and particularly gross you can only imagine that Elliott had a great time writing this story. There’s destruction, bad smells, snakes, toilets and a hint of genius from the quirky character of Squidge Dibley.

7+ readers




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