September Reading Treasures

September Reading Treasures

This September lots of new books have hit the shelves, some for those who like adventure, others for mystery lovers, teens can indulge in a bit of armchair travel and everyone can satisfy their curiosity about the weird and wonderful world of animals.

These are our highlights and we think you’ll love them. Enjoy!

Atticus Van Tasticus by Andrew Daddo and Stephen Michael King

Why we love it: Andrew Daddo and Stephen Michael King have created a rollicking read that will appeal to many little adventurers. Vibrantly illustrated throughout, this new series is a lot of fun. Expect to hear some arrrrrs and some m’hearties around the house after they’ve devoured this.

What it’s about: On his tenth birthday Atticus gets a pirate ship from his wealthy grandmother. He gathers together a crew, finds a treasure map and sets sail. There is a lot to learn but he has a great first mate and there’s nothing better than living a piratin’ life. That is until things don’t go exactly to plan…

Super Sidekicks: Ocean’s Revenge by Gavin Aung Than

Why we love it: The creativity in all the characters, evil villain and super hero alike, knows no bounds and it’s action packed. There’s also a very clear message about what we are (and unfortunately aren’t) doing to our oceans

What it’s about: This fledgling group of superheroes are getting ready to take on whatever great danger the world faces. What they don’t realise is that trouble is brewing many miles away in the ocean and it’s headed their way.  But where are all the grown-up superheroes? Can the Super Sidekicks rise to the challenge and save the world?

The Lost Girls #1 Fish Out of Water by Jane Tara

Why we love it: The Lost Girls series is about five friends who go travelling together after completing the HSC. It shows that travel isn’t just about external geography, but that the journey is internal too. Each character experiences a profound inner journey as they discover who they are as young adults, free from school, and at the cusp of the rest of their lives.

What it’s about: 18-year-old Dina is an elite swimmer, but her dreams of Olympic Gold have recently been derailed so she accompanies her sister Mae, and Mae’s three best friends on an around-the-world trip – first stop Tokyo, where two weeks in the world’s most amazing megacity completely turns Dina’s life upside-down.

The Lost Girls #2 Off the Map by Jane Tara

Why we love it: The Lost Girls travel from Paris to Ljubljana and then to Lake Bled, and once again the destinations are vividly drawn. Teens will be transported, and absolutely relate to the characters in this wonderful series about friendship and self-discovery.

What it’s about: Hana has waited her whole life to visit the city of her dreams. Paris! But for Hana and her friends, everything goes wrong from the moment they arrive. Enter Drago, who invites them to stay in his family’s hotel in Slovenia, where Hana discovers that sometimes you need to travel off your map to find what you’re looking for.

The Girl, the Dog and the Writer in Lucerne by Katrina Nannestad

Why we love it: Charming characters, a picturesque setting and chocolate – what’s not to love? Add to the mix a wonderfully intriguing crime to solve and a family mystery to untangle and young readers will be captivated.

What it’s about: Freja and Tobias are on the way to see Clementine (Freja’s mother) who is unwell and being treated in a clinic in Lucerne. Freja is excited to be reunited with her mother but soon after they arrive there is a series of chocolate burglaries. When the local police have trouble solving the crime Freja and Tobias can’t resist helping…

The Wizards of Once: Knock Three Times by Cressida Cowell

 Why we love it: Filled with stunningly intricate drawings that also come from the imagination of talented Cowell, this series will captivate little imaginations (and big we have to admit). The rich worlds filled with magical details, the wide variety of creatures and a plot that will have you equally excited and terrified is bound to hook the little reader in your life.

What it’s about: In the third book in the series we find Wizard Xar and Warrior Wish, along with all manner of friends flying through the Wildwoods on an enchanted door. Their mission is to find the ingredients for a spell that will finally rid them of witches and also out run their parents who are onto them and following close behind.

The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Ugly Animals by Sami Bayly

Why we love it: These weird and wonderful animals may challenge our typical view of beauty but they are often very important to our eco system and Bayly in her work argues that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. By the time you reach the end of this book you will find these 60 very curious looking creatures beautiful too!

What it’s about: Each of the 60 entries ranging from the Amazon River Dolphin to the Wild Turkey includes an illustration, detailed description and details on habitat, diet etc but also covers conservation status and importantly a ‘fun facts’ section for little trivia buffs and budding biologists. Young readers will spend hours poring over the animals in this collection.


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