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Imagine, If You Can: Tiggy and the Magic Paintbrush by Zanni Louise & Gillian Flint

March 16, 2018


Author Zanni Louise has created a charming, bright and imaginative new junior fiction series perfect for young people who have recently started school.

Aimed at 5-8 year olds, Tiggy and The Magic Paintbrush follows young Tiggy, a friendly and bubbly young girl who is not always as brave as she would like to be. Perfect for either reading out loud, or encouraging new readers to try and read independently, the problems that Tiggy encounters will be immediately familiar to young people venturing into new terrain at school.

Tiggy and the Magic Paintbrush is a wonderful celebration of the power of children’s imagination – Tiggy is the lucky owner of a magical paintbrush, one that allows her to make real her fantastical imagination. While there are times in the story that she perhaps relies on it too much – learning an important lesson in the process – children will delight in imagining what they might do if they owned such a powerful object.

a-school-day-smile (1)a-pet-called-nibbles There is a real craft in capturing the world and voice of this age group, and Zanni Louise has real insight into the worries, triumphs and complexities of children. Like Sally Rippin before her, she shows great empathy in not reducing the big feelings that new experiences and unfamiliar places can bring.

Louise’s vibrant text is accompanied by Gillian Flint’s bright and energetic illustrations, simple black line drawings are interspersed with bold splashes of colour which shows the magic created by Tiggy’s special paintbrush.

Tiggy’s resilience and self-belief as she navigates life will buoy young readers and serve as an encouraging example of how they too can succeed in the face of doubt and worry.

This is a wonderful new series, and will no doubt quickly gather an enthusiastic following.

You can purchase your copy of both books in the Tiggy and the Magic Paintbrush series here. (1)About the Author:

Zanni Louise grew up in regional NSW, studied and worked in Melbourne and now lives on the north coast of NSW with her husband and two girls. Zanni is a freelance writer, and has created countless education and training resources. She runs blogging and writing courses, and blogs at My Little Sunshine House. Zanni’s first picture book Too Busy Sleeping, illustrated by Anna Pignataro, was released by Little Hare in 2015. Too Busy Sleeping was long-listed for the 2016 CBCA awards. Her second picture book Archie & The Bear, with David Mackintosh, will be released 2017.


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