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Bookshop Treats

February 22, 2019

There are few things we love more than good books, food, and coffee – so you can imagine our excitement at having discovered Anna’s Shop Around The Corner, a Cronulla café-come-bookshop serving up addictive reads and delicious treats, all under the one roof.

Anna Loder is passionate about books, and loves to share her passion with her local community. We talked to her about why she opened Anna’s Shop Around The Corner:

‘Well, I love my shop, love it with all my heart. I started it in 2008 but it’s been a real work in progress, and I hope it always will be. I created it because I wanted it. We do breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee and cake, and the menus are in the Golden Books.’

Photos that Anna sent us of her café/bookshop feature shelves stacked with colourful books and table tops decorated with book pages. There is something for everyone at Anna’s Shop Around The Corner – adult booklovers can enjoy a good read and wholesome coffee (maybe even a cake or two), and little ones are guaranteed to have a great time also, with a range of kids books and toys on offer to keep them entertained.

If reading really gets your stomach grumbling, then you will love the delicious food on offer at the café (displayed inside a book, of course!). The shop really is a wonderland for book-lovers, a haven to relax and to connect with like-minded avid readers.

Books and brews aren’t all that Anna has on offer at her café. Committed to connecting her community with authors, Anna has established an after-hours event called ‘Anna’s Authors,’ where the public is invited to talk to writers about their books, ask questions, and generally just have a good time. She has hosted big names such as Belinda Alexandra, Lauren Chater, and John Purcell, and will likely be hosting other famous authors in the future, so be sure to keep an eye out for events on the shop’s Facebook page.

We love to share stories about bookshops that are dedicated to spreading the bookish love within their local community. If there is a bookshop that you really love, we want to hear about it! Email to nominate a bookshop for us to feature.

*All photos supplied by Cathy Murphy Photography


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