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Magical Journey: Review of Starfell: Willow Moss and the Lost Day by Dominique Valente

May 7, 2019

Willow Moss is a finder-of-lost-things, a valuable skill to have but not quite so impressive when you come from a long line of witches. Her sisters are the real attraction, they can blow things up, move things with their mind and command respect. Willow thinks of her gift as ‘magical scrapyard rather than magical feast.’

Willow’s gift is invaluable to those who have lost their keys, socks or glasses but usually the real action is happening somewhere else. Granny Floss believes however, that Willow is special because she sees things that other people miss. It’s just that Willow can’t quite see why anyone would consider her to be special.

Yet all of this is about to change when she receives an unexpected visit from Moreg Vaine, the most feared witch in all of Starfell.  Moreg Vaine isn’t in the habit of making social visits and shortly after making herself at home in Willow’s house she gets right to the point – she’s in need of help locating something, something big, something unexpected. It appears that someone or something has hijacked last Tuesday, and no one can remember anything that took place that day.

Moreg Vaine has searched far and wide to find someone in Starfell who can remember anything about last Tuesday, but they are all drawing a blank – not even the all-powerful Moreg Vaine can dredge up a faint memory of the day.

Can Willow the finder-of-lost things find an entire day? It’s not a straightforward process by any means, especially when Moreg suspects that if they don’t locate and return Tuesday to its rightful place the results could be disastrous – end of the world disastrous.

Willow has little choice but to get on board with the plan, but they can’t do it on their own, first, they have to locate an oublier (someone who sees the past).

However, when Morag is arrested by the evil Brothers of Wol, Willlow isn’t sure that she can continue on and find Tuesday on her own – but if she doesn’t give it her best shot what will happen to Starfell? Aside from her mission she has a strange feeling that something bad happened to her last Tuesday and she won’t have peace of mind until she knows what it was.

Primary school readers who enjoyed Nevermoor and Once Were Magic will love this magical quest and journey of self-discovery. Along with witches there are dragons, trolls, secret portals, long lost spells and lots of intrigue.

Purchase a copy of Starfell: Willow Moss and the Lost Day | Read an extract | Read a Q&A with the author

This is the first in the series by South African author Dominique Valente and we predict that young readers will be impatiently waiting for the next instalment the moment they’ve devoured this enthralling tale.

Born in South Africa, Dominique Valente now lives in the Sussex countryside with her husband and their English Bulldog, Fudge. She writes bestselling women’s fiction under her pseudonym, Lily Graham, and is a former journalist for publications like Business Day and Woman & Home.


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