Book-Lovers: The Top 100 Books Revealed

Book-Lovers: The Top 100 Books Revealed

We are thrilled to announce the Better Reading Top 100.

Each year, Better Reading asks Australian readers to vote for their favourite books. Now more than ever, our community of readers have been emailing and messaging and letting us know that they’re eagerly awaiting the release of the 2019 Better Reading Top 100 books.

The Better Reading Top 100 list is a great resource for libraries, teachers and gift-givers. But more than that, it’s the annual list readers love.

During these extraordinary times, people are turning to books for entertainment, escape and comfort. With this list of 100 great books, there’s something for everyone.

We hope you love this list as much as we do… In fact we know you do, because you voted for it.

Download the Top 100 list here…


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  1. Sandy Campbell says:

    I find any list that has To Kill a Mocking Bird, still on it, offensive! This Book is a white person’s apology for the atrocities committed by white people against Black People last Century! Any person who has seen the Movie ‘Burning Mississippi’, could never take it seriously!

  2. Jane Hutson says:

    Where can we get a printable version of this list? You’ve provided it in previous years and I like to keep it and tick off the books as I read them.

  3. Razel Navarro says:

    Would love to be able to print out the list.

  4. Liberty Smith says:

    Sandy Campbell … erasing our history is just censorship. Harper Lee told such an important story in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and I think you’ve missed the point entirely.

  5. Bianca says:

    Better Reading, I’m having issues with this continuous scroll to the right thing. Can you maybe list them one under the other, inc their ranks? Another idea, not sure if it’s doable, add check boxes so people can count how many they read.

  6. Madeleine Burchall says:

    Where can I get a printable version of the Top 100 books?

  7. JoJo Rabbit says:

    Could you please print the list rather than have the scroll?

  8. Raquel says:

    Would really appreciate a downloadable version. Also cannot scroll

  9. Min says:

    It says ‘download a PDF of the list here’ Gives you the whole list. I just screen shot it, then I can print it

  10. Wendi Nisbet says:

    41 out of the 100, clearly some catching up to do.

  11. Jeneen Summerhayes says:

    I have read 51. Some were long ago 🤣 Some really great books in this list.

  12. Susan Cram says:

    is it possible to post a printed list please?

  13. Annette says:

    Is there a printable version available? Thanks

  14. Olga Becroft says:

    Sorry but I can’t open the list (only lets me scroll through approx 40 books)? Would appreciate an A4 typed list.
    Many thanks

  15. Linda Mackie says:

    I have only read three of these books but have seen TV series versions of some others.

  16. Rachael Smith says:

    Hi, I printed a poster version (Book covers) of this list a couple of months ago, but now I can’t find it on here again. Is it still available?