Better Reading Top 100

Better Reading Top 100

Our list of Australia’s top 100 books has just been unveiled. Which ones did you read – which ones did you miss?


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  1. Sue says:

    Is the list available in a PDF as it has been in past years?
    (I like to tick them off!)

  2. Robert Newman says:

    I for one, find it very strange that Jon Cleary is not among the authors of these Australian books on the list.
    The Sundowners, The High Commissioner, and any of the very popular Scobie Malone books. My greatest regret, having all of the Scobie Malone novels in Hardcover, is that the last Degrees of Connection, was only published in Softcover.
    The remaining books on the list, prove that some classics are timeless.

  3. malcolm says:

    obviously no one has read the ultimate aphrodisiac
    by Robert. G. Barrett a brilliantly written book
    really worth a read